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Yuuma Amano

Yuuma Amano

Mission name: Academy Gang
Mission rank: C
Objective: Catch and stop a gang of academy brats that are committing petty crimes around Iwagakure.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 140
Mission description: Some academy students formed a gang and are involved in criminal light actions. They paint graffiti, steal from citizens and they have even been found beating up other kids for not joining them. Your mission is to catch and stop the gang by any means, force not recommended.
Mission details: The gang consists of five academy students, of which none is over ten years old. They have basic knowledge of the clone jutsu and each one of them has one kunai. The rest is entirely up to you. 1000 Wordcount.
Half-lidded eyes scanned the crime scene in front of her. The black streets lined with broken white lines were home to large puddles of water, some taking over the entire road. A lone frog  leapt from the hard, gravel road into one of the ponds, vocal sacs expanding once, before hopping into the drain. Yuuma’s eyes left the small rectangular road drain to look at the murals of skulls spray painted on walls, noisy white against faded, crumbling gray concrete. Two empty spray cans lay on the floor, abandoned by their owners after the juvenilistic pair or individual fled the scene of vandalism.

She was supposed to take these people in?

They were nothing more than vandals who clearly didn’t have better things to do that paint graffiti on walls, when they should’ve been doing whatever the frick Academy students did in Iwagakure. To send Genin to arrest them was a really stupid thing by her books, since it really essentially meant that they literally had nothing better for their Genin – their fucking military – to do than babysit the children who weren’t even weeded out from the rest of the group yet. Yuuma kicked one of the empty graffiti cans and watched it roll aimlessly on the ground. Tch, aimlessly walking around was exactly what she was doing, and a tree grew out of the ground, crushing the can with it before growing to encompass a small corner of the wall, just for the fun of it before she continued walking down the road.

The children were definitely down this road. No one passed through here, the stench of unwashed clothing was growing stronger with each step she took down the streets, and the graffiti was growing more prominent and less appropriate. Yuuma spotted several anti-Iwagakure sentiments, but given their young age she didn’t think they actually understood what a ‘revolution’ was, other than it being a cool word. She heard small chitter at the side and saw two girls scurry off into the alleyway, and she didn’t bother to give chase. She’d eventually bump into them if she continued down this path; no need to go running after two little girls who were probably scouts for the small Iwagakure gang.

Even so, she approached the alleyway to look ominously into it. It was dark, along with the darkening skies of the evenings in Iwagakure, accompanied by the chill of dusk. The red brick was crumbling, but she could see several smooth marks at about waist level, just about the height of these children, meaning they used it often when they were trying to hide around corners and peep on anyone looking into their affairs. A quick scurry behind her, but it died almost as quickly, passing from left to right in the alley behind her, and she allowed it to pass, not feeling too in danger in the hands of these Academy students.

A whistle sounded above her, and she saw a kunai soaring towards her. It wasn’t going to hit her, rather landing in front of her, and she supposed it was some sort of weird attempt at warning her to back off. A branch shot out from the alley corners, catching the kunai in its grip. A small boy’s head peeked out from the shadows, and he moved to retreat, only for a tree to grow behind him, one of its branches catching him in the collar and dangling him precariously over the edge as the tree grew outwards, hanging him by his shirt like a makeshift noose.

“Alright, play time’s over,” she said, turning her back to the alley, where a tree grew for the moment to block off anyone trying to pull a surprise attack on her. “Come on out or he falls, simple as that.”

The boy above her cried out as she made that claim, not really believing that she would let him drop, but as the tree reached further outwards and upwards, the height seemed to scare him even more, causing him to start jerking around until he realised that to be dropped from such a height wouldn’t be too happy, paralysing him into stillness, a statue of nothing but tears as they started flowing.

“I’m going to count to three, and if none of you are out, he’ll be out,” she announced. She could likely make some sort of moss cushion to soften his fall, but the pointless mission didn’t really have much she had a stake in. Force was only ‘not recommended’, and since she wasn’t here on account of Konoha, there was no way they could pin anything on the other village. Nothing international, nothing to worry about. Besides, a few lives would make an example of what they should and shouldn’t do as Academy students, so if she accidentally traumatised them, it would be for Iwagakure’s own good.

Although, she might get called in for some nonsensical meeting with the Tsuchikage on a code of conduct to adhere to more safety protocols… but she’d cross that bridge if the old geezer ever bothered to look her up. She didn’t even think she was all that high up on their priority list, except for being a Senju in Iwagakure territory.

A large boy came out of one of the rundown stores, staring her bravely in the eye despite the shaking in his body. So he was the ringleader of this small illegal group of misfits that had cost her a good afternoon.

“L-let him go,” he demanded pitifully.

Yuuma’s only response was to shrug, before the branch holding him purposefully broke, sending him careening to the ground. Multiple cries could be heard, and the big bad boy screamed as well as he saw his friend plummeting the several dozen feet to his death, with several other children running out but clearly not going to make it in time. The boy shot down towards the ground, though instead of the hard concrete he’d been expecting, he fell into a soft bush that had seemingly come from nowhere.

“You know what to do,” Yuuma instructed, and they meekly nodded as they dragged themselves to the Academy.

1049 words


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