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Kisaragi Yuki

Symbol:Kisaragi Clan Flying_star_by_luk3v

Clan: Kisaragi

Kekkei Genkai: Golden Eyes

Elements: Raiton

Specialization: Ninjutsu & Kenjutsu

Location: Konoha

Clan History: Kisaragi Rente and Kisaragi Obou just had moved to Konoha a few years back, their last location is unknown like the rest of the clan members, Kisaragi are known for being travellers and for their respect with other clans or any type of life form. Kisaragi Clan members have dreadlocks representing their connection with God.

Kekkei Genkai Description: Golden Eyes
Allows the user see chakra.
Improves chakra control affecting the user's Raiton speed and damage.
Allows the user to read movements while fighting affecting the user's Sword Skills.

Drawbacks: Are known for having a slightly thin body than an average Ninja.
Are known for not being good with Genjutsu. [Can't learn any Genjutsu.

Members: Yuki

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Lightning Style - Golden Chance
Rank B
From their sword the user launches a thin vibrated chakra line towards a vital spot on the opponent.
Short\Medium Range

Golden Eyes - God's Body
Rank A
Using their eyes the user refreshes his body healing any wounds on their body.

Lightning Style - Sword of the Light
Rank S
Transforms the sword in a giant raiton reaper's sword.

Golden Eyes - God Judgement
Using their eyes and Sword of the Light the user can launch 1000 raiton needles from their sword.

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