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Claire Lightning

Claire Lightning

Mission name: Drill Instructor.
Mission rank: C-Rank.
Objective: Run a class for some recruits at the Army Training Compound.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: The army wants a Shinobi from the village to run a training course on basic ninja formations and tactics at the training camp, so they want anyone to come as much as possible, they'll book you in for as many sessions as you want.
Mission Details: You should teach the samurai about basic ninja weapons, jutsu, styles and formations. They want to learn some tips from the warriors who rely on skill and finesse to hone their own martial strength.
Waking up in an average hotel may not have been most people’s cup of tea, it was perfectly fine for Claire, whose disciplined made her a morning person based on need and need alone. Eyes blinked open groggily as the sleep drained from her features just seconds after her waking, allowing her to proceed with washing up in the hotel’s services from the pension she received from the Land of Lightning’s government.

The girl walked out of the hotel with her belongings left in her locked room, her blade kept in the sheathe hanging down her hip and an air of cool and freshness around her as she stepped out of the door at seven a.m in the morning. She walked across the idle street to the building on the opposite, also property of the hotel but serving as a do-it-yourself cafeteria for their three meals a day. She made herself some tea and heated up a cup of ramen, not particularly nutritious but sufficient to keep one fueled for a short while if eaten only once in awhile. The young pinkette ignored the weird stares she got from the others, knowing that pink hair was uncommon, and having learned to live with it since long ago.

She didn’t have an agenda for today, as she was still waiting for her few sources in the village to confirm whether her parents’ murderers – not that she was any more bitter about the fact – were still in the village, and if they were, where they currently lodged at, or if they weren’t, then where their destinations were most likely to be. That was to be her hunt, searching for them until another lead came up as to the location of her foster mother, who’d disappeared after who knows how long since she’d been away, lost from contact from even the ninjas who once used to hire her in the form of Kumogakure’s ninja corps.

Claire left her cutlery on the table along with the bowl and drained cup of tea, letting the cleaners do the dishwashing pick up after herself. Probably not the best habit, but it was one tolerable in the army where they needed to be accountable at all times and kept on the field, not in the kitchen, so her morales weren’t compromised despite the glares that said people shot her for not even bothering to throw it into the wash basin.

At the entrance, she looked at the piece of paper she’d received from the mission reception. She didn’t feel comfortable training the army from another country, but of all the missions it was the one that fit her best. Having served in the Daimyo court’s royal guard, the girl knew how to handle herself in a commanding officer’s position, especially when the extent of her job was simply to whoop some individuals into shape, as was requried of her by the mission given to her the day before. ‘Basic ninja formations’, it had requested. Claire scoffed. There was nothing they needed to do regarding basic ninja formation that she couldn’t teach them, but it was all in all a better plan to ensure that the basic ninja formation wasn’t permitted to form in the first place, that is they stopped ninja from infiltrating their ranks and sowing discord.

Arriving at the spot, Claire was greeted by an army officer, and a rather gruff one at that, who told her that the recruits had already learned their basic sets of skills that would enable them to last in brief combat against a ninja, though in a drawn out fight, though it was unsaid, both parties knew that samurai had little chance of beating ninja unless they had a significant numbers advantage, and even then only in the chance that their adversary wasn’t well-versed in anti-group tactics. There always was an exception with ninja, which was likely why they had to hire one to teach them how to combat one.

So, Claire began explaining the basics of what she was required to teach, hoping to cover and refresh their memories from their time at the samurai Academy, or whatever equivalent that the samurais had for training as the ninjas did in their blooming days. She didn’t really have much expertise in the ways of ninja, having already mainly abandoned that lifestyle a long, long time ago, but having worked in the Daimyo’s forces had taught her the few ways that ninja could strike without warning. Example after example was run through and she drilled each one into their head, finding some solace in the harsh training regiments placed upon her now being enacted upon other people. It truly was a blessing and a curse to live in the army, for power always came with sadistic tendencies.

Nevertheless, that was besides the point. Quickly running through the drills that she’d been taught, altering them slightly so as to not give away the Land of Lightning’s treasured army practices, but still teaching them what was necessary should they ever face ninja in small groups, though that mostly constituted methods of escaping as quickly and with as few casualties as possible. Ninja were not to be trifled with, whether in small or large quantities, and the samurai were best sticking to their strengths in numbers and formation, not striking honour against ninja who weren’t bound by such.

When she’d done with the explanations, Claire began truly going in depth into the basic tactics that were required of her, stressing again and again that they were to prioritise fleeing against ninja unless they had an appropriately-sized backup. All in all, it was a quick day’s work following which she was thanked by the army recruits and by the army officer as well for having imparted upon them valuable lessons, while she was welcomed to return anytime she wanted with the mission to help further them along. Claire merely bid them goodbye, instead returning back to her apartment after a day of yet again no information about her true targets.

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