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Clan: Hoshikira Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Ryuchiō (Dragon King Blood)
Elements: Fire, Lightning, and Wind
Specialization: Senjutsu
Location: Kirigakure
Clan History:

It all starts with the worshippers, the fanatics who prayed to their god Bahamut. In the beginning of the clan's history, there was an island very far removed from the rest of the ninja society.  The people on it were not those who originally came from it- rather, they were there as migrants running from their own lands, in search of greener pastures. There, they encountered the mystical island, controlled by a benevolent deity who gave them the option of protection, in exchange of keeping the island pristine and as it was.

On this island lived their group of people who lived as nomads do, eating, farming, and treating their island with the utmost care. If the island were to change at all, this deity would unleash havoc in the form of massive meteors dropping from the skies. However, even in its maleficence, it seemed to be benevolent. The creature was the Dragon King Bahamut, a dragon in control of the skies above the island. The people of the island revered this creature, as even though they feared for their lives in the case of failure, the creature also gave them many things. It gave the island people knowledge, strength, and power. It was a society built on a mutual agreement, and it worked for many years. Of course, as all great things end, this one did as well.

The end of the island started with the last massacre the Dragon King committed before the end of the island. The island was in awful shape, as the knowledge granted by the Dragon King gave the island villagers the power to create more formidable system, which in the end used more of the natural resources. The island could not regenerate as much needed as the population of the island expanded, and as such, left the island in a very sorry state, caused by the inverse relation due to the population size. The Dragon King Bahamut saw this and grew angry. Thus, he unleashed his fury.

However, there were some who truly did not enjoy the relationship shared between the two entities. After many years of being bathed in knowledge and power, there were some rebels who truly thought that they could fight against this mortal being. They knew he was mortal, and they planned an attack to take advantage of that fact. The moment the Dragon King came down from the heavens, the rebels used everything they learned against the Dragon King, including the jutsu he taught them. And then, the Dragon King got even angrier, and unleashed his true strength, destroying the island in a single blow.

However, in Bahamut’s benevolence, he saw the need for some of his teachings and his way reach out into the world. He had warned some of the villagers who he had taken to heart, and gave them something that would benefit them forever and the rest of time. He was also smart enough to create just enough genetic diversity in the immigrants  so that their children would not encounter issues. It was less than 10% of the population, but still enough to have some sort of genetic diversity.

However, the end of this battle completely depleted the chakra and life energy of Bahamut. As the island was crumbling behind them, the dragon used his last bit of strength and flew after the floating villagers. Before he completely vanquished and died, to the extreme sadness of the remaining villagers, he came and granted them the ultimate sacrifice- the source of his powers, his majestic blood. Through the villagers the chakra went, changing their genetics to that of the Dragon King, allowing them the same strengths and abilities the Dragon King shown them, albeit at a much smaller level. They weren't exactly dragons, and as they were full grown, the villagers did not exactly get the benefits of what was given to them. However, the next generation started appearing different. From scales, to horns, the villagers were changing. Sadly, the wings never appeared, but it did not matter- the powers and change granted was enough.

Fast forward many years, and the villagers have found themselves secluded once again. They knew about the world around them, as they have successfully joined the Hidden Mist Village. However, they worked in secrecy, gaining a reputation as excellent messengers due to their enhanced physical prowess, as well as their ability to work at night, as they did not want their clan to be more popular then it was. They wanted to keep the clan as secret as possible, and preferred the mysticism that their name brought with them. Not only that, the figure that they carried, as half-dragons, was something that still struck fear in the elder’s eyes, as their children were the ones who were out there. They did not want bad luck to befall them, even with the powers granted to them.

This clan worked many years as messengers for Kirigakure, in exchange for the village educating the members of the clan within the clan village. Although the clan did not receive a traditional education, through their treaty with the village, they were able to teach their young how to control their strength and Kekkai Genkai granted to them. This continued for many years, creating a hospitable situation for the members of the clan. Of course, as the backbone of messaging throughout the years for Kirigakure, the clan's skill as shinobi grew. They developed techniques in support of their power, and finally also developed the name of their clan. Hoshikira, which means Star killer, is in commemoration to their god Bahamut, and their supposed curse because the members of their clan killed him.

The first ninja war is when progress was first seen in the clan to expose themselves to the world. Although they did not actively participate within the war itself, they did help with the movement of forces through the environment, as they were especially useful with their capabilities in nature. As such, they were present in the danger itself. The clan's size dwindled a bit due to the death of war, but at times, they were more exposed to the outside world. Their reputation grew, and finally, more of the village knew about the hidden messengers of Mist.

Through the opportunities granted to them, the clan has also start incorporating more of the worldly jutsu they saw, finally learning jutsu that benefited the elemental types of their clan. However, they realized that the only way for them to learn this jutsu was to customize the handseals, otherwise the special chakra their body holds would not be able to handle the outpouring of the jutsu. The messengers starting becoming warriors, and some of their Kekkai Genkai jutsu started becoming more offensive. They also named their Kekkai Genkai, naming it the King Dragon Blood jutsu.

However, after the clan felt like it learned a sufficient amount about the world, they once again went into hiding, becoming nomads. Although the village wanted them as valuable soldiers, the clan hid to preserve their strength. The clan did not want to be used as mere tools of war. They did come out sometimes, to preserve genetic diversity within the clan. They did not steal the men and women of other clans, but they did send out those who did not get the genetic abilities of the clan (due to bad genetics) to lure people into hiding with them. However, after many years, the clan became large enough that after thousands of years of life they could build a genetically diverse society on the outskirts of Kirigakure. The reason they went into solitude was because the clan leaders thought, at least after the first ninja war, that their clan needed to preserve itself and its abilities. So instead of coming out and dying, they decided to watch, wait, and learn more until comes a sufficient time for them to come back into the world.

The many ninja wars came and left, only leaving the heralds of the Dragon King. They were a mainstay on the outskirts of the village, and now, 300 years after the latest ninja war, in which they have kept solitude to build their strength, they finally emerge.
Kekkei Genkai Description:
Members of the Hoshikira clan, due to the blood of the Dragon King that flows through their veins, have a natural affinity for nature chakra. Their Kekkai Genkai has transformed the members, granting them the abilities of an "always-on" senjutsu form.

-All members gain Senjutsu as a tertiary specialization at application.

-All abilities abide by the Senjutsu Guidelines.

-Grants the ability to sense and feel everything within 15 meters of the user through the nature energy.

-All members receive a +20 to their chakra pool. At C rank and above, they are able to regain chakra as per the Senjutsu Guidelines.

-All the Kekkai Genkai abilities require the Senjutsu specialization

-The KKG grants the members of the Hoshikira clan enhanced physical abilities, granting +1 tier stat increase to Speed, Strength, and Perception.

-All members get the positive Special Characteristics Reflexes, Stamina, and Mighty.

Due to their KKG granting them senjutsu from birth, there are certain cosmetic features that incur, usually in the form of dragon traits. The members are born with reptilian eyes, usually the same color as their horns. At the genin rank, their horns are mere knobs on their foreheads. At C rank, the horns grow bigger, and their forearms start getting harder and grow scales. They also start growing a small dragon's tail. At B rank, the tail grows larger and longer, while their horns start taking shape. At S rank the dragon blood takes its final form, with the color of the scales on their forearms reaching fruition, and the horns and tail finally growing to their full size. The members also grow scales that cover the lower part of the back to the base of their tail, wrapping around their glutes as well as wrapping around their lower abdomen. The ends of the Hoshikira's hands grow the sharp claws reminiscent of a dragon. Every person within the clan sports a different color scale and horn set, as well as different looking tails, depending on their genetics. There is a myriad of colors within the clan.


  • Must take the Hesitant (element) negative characteristic without a positive characteristic to balance it out.
  • At application, every specialization starts off at D rank but Senjutsu. Senjutsu starts off at B rank.
  • Cannot take Genjutsu, Kyujutsu, or Fuuinjutsu. all have a +1 tier advantage over them.
  • Cannot learn Sage Mode.
  • All the Kekkai Genkai jutsu must be complemented by another appropriate specialization as per the Senjutsu rules.
  • All Water and Earth jutsu have a +1 tier advantage on them.
  • Due to the nature of both the chakra and the blood, all members must take Pharmacophobia
  • Due to the unique chakra within the Hoshikira members, all non-Senjutsu techniques take a +50% word count to learn.

Members: None yet
Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Dragon King Jutsu:

Name: Dragon King Jutsu: Exaflare
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Element: Fire, Lightning, Wind
Range: 70 m
Specialty: Senjutsu, Ninjutsu
Duration: instant
Cooldown: 4 posts
This is the penultimate blast the Dragon King Bahamut used in his final destruction of the island. As the legend lived on with the clan, they finally began to realize the potential to do blasts much like it. This is a massive blast that comes out of the hands of the Hoshikira members.

After throwing out the Dragon handseal, the members take one half of it out, and start doing half seals to create this jutsu. After the seals are finished, three orbs of three different colors appear. These orbs are the elements that the clan specialized in. These orbs shoot out a massive beam that deals A rank damage towards the opponent, at 40 m/s.

The beam itself is a yellow column surrounded by electrical currents, a fire storm, and visible wind currents. It costs 25 chakra to use.

Avatar of the Dragon King Chakra Mode:

Name: Avatar of the Dragon King: Chakra Mode
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-S
Type: Offensive, Supplementary
Element: None
Range: Personal
Specialty: Senjutsu, Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable.
Cooldown: Twice the number of posts used.
In lore, it is said that those that achieve the perfect balance between the nature chakra and the chakra within allow the user to gain immortal power. While this is exaggerated, what happens during Chakra Mode is that the Hoshikira members portray the full strength of the powers granted to them by their god, Bahamut. They are able to dip into the power well that is available, and combine the chakras from both within them, as well as the nature around them to create a perfect unity of man and chakra, just like Bahamut had always intended. This power is depicted by a powerful cloak of chakra that surrounds the user, its color depending on the color chakra of the user. The cloak has the Hoshikira clan symbol on the back of the cloak, as well as black lines that are in a parallel 3 formation on the shoulders that goes across the back. The user's dragon features stay the same, but glow with a brighter color.

The power this enables is different from regular sage mode. In this form, the user gains a stat increase to all stats based on the rank of the user. At C and B rank the user gets +1 tier stat increase to every stat. At A and above it is +2 to all stats. All jutsu used in this form gain a yin/yang dual type. Meaning that every type of jutsu used while in this form gains the senjutsu trait that allows them to be treated as one level higher.

They also gain 6 tri-elemental orbs that surround their back in a circular formation. These are capable of being altered to shape a variety of purposes. They are able to be used to block rank attacks equal to the rank of the user. They are also able to be used to attack, but attack at a -1 tier rank damage. The orbs count as a ninjutsu, and are treated as such. The orbs can also be used to form any type of throw-able ranged weapon, like kunai or throwing stars.

It costs 30 to activate, and a maintainable cost depending on rank. At C rank it is 5, at B rank it is 10, at A rank it is 15, and at S rank it is 20.

After this jutsu is used up, the person takes a -2 tier stat decrease on all stats, and all jutsu now costs 20% more. All jutsu now do a rank higher damage to them.

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"Their Kekkai Genkai has transformed the members, granting them the abilities of an "always-on" senjutsu form. "

no, you don't get to have senjutsu form as a passive ability. Sorry, that's really powerful. Also, dragon sages are something that's been done by the Sangotatsu clan as well as it being Canon with Kabuto's Dragon Sage form. So, there's a canon element here that can't really be ignored.

So, unless this clan differs considerbly from both of those things, then it's not going to be approved. And as of right now, it doesn't seem to be.


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Thats fine :) I actually just found out about the other dragon clan like yesterday (really). I honestly had a point where I was going to take this, and now I do not know. Thanks. I dunno if you can close this or not.


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