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1 Safety inspection|Solo|C rank mission|Done on Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:30 pm

Akugaranwa Itachi


Mission name: Safety Inspections.
Mission rank: C-Rank.
Objective: Test some new gadgets for military research and development before they get mass produced for field testing.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 200 Ryo.
Mission description: Research and development for the military has invented some things, and they're not sure whether or not they want to spend the time mass producing them for field testing. They want you to take an invention or two and test it for them yourself and report back with your findings.
Mission Details: You get one or two inventions, they'll often be crazy and impractical, but some are brilliant, test them and report your findings.
It was unnatural that he would be summoned by the Hokage, He had spent his whole night pondering on the meaning of the dream he had last night, and the fear of it left him in awe. Claude was not one to be seen in fear of anything let alone a simple dream, but this was different, this was something that he knew the very implication of. While he sat over at his bed just staring outside of his window, he didn't sense his father walking into his room, Apparently he had stood there for a while, just watching his son mope into empty space, he was shocked to find Claude deeply lost in thought as he hadn't seen his son like that before.

"a penny for your thought?"

he said, trying to gain his attention and to make him face his direction for he was really interested in what the young boy had to say about his current countenance. His voice was not enough to bring Claude back to reality as he waited for about another minute before going ahead to tap him gently on the shoulder. With that, the young Hyuuga attention was gained as he would slowly turn over his head in the direction of where the tap had come from.

"Good morning Father"

His voice ever so calm as though nothing was affecting him, when in fact his face and appearance at that moment show that indeed there was something going on up in his head. His father let it slid as his reason for visiting was to give him his new mission. Apparently, Frost had dropped by earlier, but was unable to say hello the young Hyuuga before taking his leave, the Jounin had a mission of his own that would take days to complete. Hyuuga Tenshin tossed the mission scroll on his bed and then took his leave.

Today Claude had, as it was described to him, the privilege of testing out new machines invented by the R&D department of the Konoha military. While he objected to the idea of having a sixteen year old test state of the art equipment he also realized he was going to be a part of that army sometime soon. So he accepted the mission without any sort of grumbling, and instead kind of looked forward to the new information he would gather from testing out things which few had seen before. The quest and hunger for knowledge was a powerful fire that built inside the young genin and with it he could justify doing many actions he normally would have dragged his feet upon. That was Claude's main objective after all, it influenced all his actions. The young genin had joined with Konoha to gain more information and knowledge on becoming a ninja and now each mission gave him more of those vital pieces. Hopefully some day before his final day Claude would be able to piece together a theory on what it meant to be a ninja, currently he had no idea what it meant and he had just began to learn about the powers he could uncap within himself.

Claude was to receive two devices to test OUTSIDE THE VILLAGE that part was made utterly clear by Frost when they discussed the mission. It made sense but also set Claude on edge for if something was potentially dangerous enough to damage the village why would a lowly genin be sent to test it if not for being expendable? Those thoughts were pushed quickly out of his mind however; Claude did not need more fuel for that fire. Besides it was not like the worst case scenario would happen, if anything it would be destructive away from the user. It was not like the military had made devices to kill their own troops after all. Still he would pick that option rather than spend one more second wasting in front of the his door step that was regaling the tortured youth with yet another tale from his own childhood. Thankfully it only went on for a quarter of an hour, any longer and Claude would have found a kunai to shove inside his skull via the ear cannel. Now all that was left was to actually do the mission.

Claude was to meet one of the military personnel within the village near a specific restaurant to pick the device up. Luckily the boy knew exactly where the establishment was and thus the jaunt there would not be too bad in the least. Still when he got there he had no idea what would be waiting for him. What would the devices do? How big would they be? would they be made out of? There was only one way to find out and in another quarter of an hour Claude would find out as he arrived at the restaurant ready to get this mission done with.

Arriving at the restaurant he had a quick talk with the only man in military garb there, it did not take long for Claude to deduce that this was in fact the man he had to meet. The man in question was shorter than Claude but much, much wider and it seemed that the man’s eating habit had him consume the hair from the top of his head. Thinking of that, Hyuuga Claude chuckled as he imagined that the man was saving the hair on the side of his head for a snack for a later date. The conversation did not take long and before they parted the man gave Claude an odd parcel and told the young ninja not to open it before he left the village.

Sighing but nodding and obeying Claude left the small shop with the box encased inside of his hands the box was the size of a small child and thus it was held to his side with his lower hand in the front and bottom and his upper hand in the back and top. This caused the box to be secure solidly between the forearms of the sixteen year old genin as he made his way through the streets, he would have to get out of the village before opening the box much less using the thing inside. Luckily Claude would not have to wait long as the outskirts of the village quickly rushed up to meet him. Stepping outside the walls the thought of opening the box right then and there danced through his head, his inner psyche battling the curiosity he had as he made his way deeper into the forest with a giant smile on his face. He was like a kid at Christmas and was tempted to shake the package before thinking better of it.

Reaching a grove in which there was just grass and no animals were to be seen or heard Claude eagerly pulled open the package. His face was alight with glee that soon dissipated as he got a good look at what was inside. Not only was there only one device, but it was a small tracking device. Utterly boring, the scanner next to it was extremely plain and they both came in a dull grey that hurt the sixteen year old eyes. Still he had to at least try the blasted thing out to fulfill his mission and thus he switched both devices on and took the scanner before sprinting through the forest. While he would easily remember where the tracker was, the goal was to get there with only the scanner to help. However it seemed like that would be rather impossible as the first time he glanced down at the scanner it told him to continue forward by fifty meters. Once he had gone that far he checked it again to ensure that the beacon claimed to be there, it had. After that he returned to the grove where he found the box and the beacon which confirmed this device was utterly useless. In a grouchy mood the young Hyuuga headed back to his village in order to tell the military about their waste of time that he had just tested for them.

After he had returned back to the military base and reported to them that the device sucked and was a waste of time, he was handed another device to test up for them. Having been reassured that this time, the device worked better than the last one he was given.

Claude returned home first for he still had to change his out fit, this was because earlier, his cloths had been soiled by sweat and dirt....making him smell and look dirty. it was still early and it was likely that his father and younger brother were still asleep, for his father had returned back to sleep after he had dropped by his room.

Rays of light peaked through blinds hitting the face of the room’s occupant, Claude causing him close down the Windows. A hand went up in an attempt to block the rays, a futile action, trying to get more comfortable and return back to get his cloths on Claude twisted and turned the bed as earlier he had been in to much hurry that he hadn't dressed his bed. He was tired, incredibly so. The activities he had done this early morning had  been more draining than he previously thought. With a frustrating sigh, covers and blankets were tossed to the floor as he decided to Complete his day. An involuntary shiver couldn’t be stopped from running down his spine when his bare feet touched the wooden floor. Having lived in the house for the entirety of his life, one would think he would’ve gotten used to the coldness of the floors, nope. He still, and probably never will, get used to their coldness.

Like any major village, Konohagakure no Sato has a dress code for their military force, however, it wasn’t force much on the grunts, genins, allowing them to have their ‘individuality’ for the time being, before easing them into the dress code. Claude didn’t have any problem with his new dress code, and only took the ‘individual’ route because he felt like it. A White mesh shirt is worn underneath the short sleeve, dark maroon shirt. Black pants covered his lower half with matching blue western shoes on his feet. His headband, the sign of becoming a shinobi, once on the table was now wrapped around his right bicep. Overall, he looked decent all the time as a shinobi of Konohagakure no sato.

Military Research and Development, thanks to a helpful Genin, Claude had taken the second device as the  management had found a way to convince him on testing another of there time wasting devices. to find the building that he was directed to by mission he received only moments prior. Walking into the building, he took note of the amount of people walking about, some having papers in hand and others, oddly shaped instruments. Not knowing who to speak to, Claude asked the first person, who he could get the attention of, and was escorted to the necessary area. He would be helping the Research and Development department in testing some of their newer inventions; inventions that would, hopefully, be mass produced for field testing.

Using a firm grip, Claude shook the hand of the man in charge in overseeing the area that the gadgets he would be tested was created in. A quick overview of protocol were mentioned before Claude was directed to the first item being a black glove with five gems around the wrist part, each gem corresponding with an element; katon, doton, suiton, raiton, and fuuton. In theory, the glove was able to convert any chakra into one of the five given nature with the user willing it to do so. Placing the glove on and testing it, Claude had to quickly remove it or risk serious injury, the glove having started smoking and exploded seconds after it was taking off.

Not been scared or shaken from having his hand almost blown off, Claude calmed his nerves before testing the next item - a sealing scroll meant to freeze anything sealed inside of it. The scroll being big enough to fit a human inside if such occasion arose. To test out the scroll, Claude founded a gelatin human torso lying about. Placing the human torso in the center of the seal, Shinichi went through the necessary hand-signs needed to seal an item. Poof! Just like that the torso disappear but reappear soon after, Claude unsealing it, frozen. The seal worked.  

Having tested out both gadgets, Claude began writing his report, the first of many in a Shinobi’s career, directing everything he did and the results of said actions. It took him an hour to finish the reports that were handed into the man from early. After being thank for his services, Claude left the building, having completed his mission.

Word count:

To trade 200Ryo for C rank Justu.

Training Speed from

E2(+2)(Agile)(Taijustu) -> D =1173/525

Training strength from

E3-> D= 648/300

Training Reaction Time from

E2-->E3 = 348/225

Remaining Word count 123.

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