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Akugaranwa Itachi

Akugaranwa Itachi

Mission name: Supply Run.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Bring the supplies to the army training camp in Konohagakure.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: The army training camp located on the western side of Konohagakure is running war games and needs somebody to do a supply run for them. Pick up the supplies from the administration building and take them to the Army Training Camp as quickly as possible.
Mission Details: There is fresh ice cream (a treat for one of the officers) in the order, if you don't hurry, the ice cream will melt and you'll have a very sad officer on your hands. If you make it with the ice cream, you may even get to eat a scoop.

Today was rather cloudy, and a slight trace of fog was settled down in the village. Humidity was never kind to those who lurked outside, or honestly...inside. It was just nasty all together. Today's mission was to gather the supplies specified which was in the storage room of the Kage Building. It was detailed there was an order of supplies for the war games to the west of the village, along with a nice little treat for the captain, but it was all based on speed. Claude took on the mission having no other way to pass the time, this time he did not have the luxury of going late as a time limit was already fixed and so he did not want to irk the captain on his first D rank mission.

He needed a way to get there on time, going on foot was out of the question. And so all that would remain was for him to secure a means of transport. Outside there was a cart parked with no possible owner nearby, and so a thought came to mind as he made his way to it, he checked out the wheels of the cart to make sure that it was well in order and was not affected by any external effect or affected by old age. So far so good the cart appeared to be sound enough for transport. The Young Hyuuga placed the supplies he had secured earlier for the camp, the ice cream was placed in a box to prevent it from melting quick. He then wondered how he intends to move such heavy. load to the far end of the westside of the village.

The Genin moved forward to the front of the cart, stepping over the large wooden bar which was hooked to two more which connected to the cart. A large sigh was let out, exhaling, and then inhaling. A few standard stretches were done beforehand, and then he bent over to lift the bar. It was easier than expected, considering most of the weight would be pulled based on his leg muscles. The most tasking part, however, was the long distance to the war games. Nonetheless he was excited considering he hadn't participated in them for quite some time, and it'd be neat to be involved in some manner.

The travel was started by taking a northern route into the streets of the village, seeing lack of people today, and obviously they were crowding inside. Like it was mentioned earlier...not many people really enjoyed the mist. Thoughts started to flow through his mind as he continued to walk forward, trying to pass the time, and subside the little pain he had until later. This weather made him curious of Sanokagure, and how they dealt with it all the time. Those ninja must be very prepared, and capable of fighting in some of the shittiest situations.

"I wonder just how strong they are"

He thought as he had secretly longed to face off with a Shinobi strong enough to pose a threat to him. The young boy had trained for the sole purpose of been among the best, but out there it would seem that there were others who were more than prepared than he was. That's when he reached the main crossroads of the village before the bridge leading across the main river. A quick turn right, and he was now headed west of the village. Luckily for him he understood north was the way he came from, or else he would have headed in the complete opposite direction. It wasn't much longer now, clouds of smoke could be made out, and obviously one of the simulations had started.

It caused Claude to start to rush, trotting now, and obviously feeling the burn. Sweat was accumulating on the brows, bridge of his nose, and chin. It was nothing though, and he ignored it for the most part. It was astonishing to be able to witness such a thing again.....

"Yo! Are you the supply?"

A firm, hardened voice bellowed from the fog.


Claude replied as he started to slow up, and was now able to see the obvious jounin clearly.

"Awesome! My ice cream It didn't get ruined did it!?"

the superiors concerned were mostly fixated on his treat, and it made the Genin question the authority presented before him.

"No, I made sure it was separated."

the Hyuuga answered in return. The boy pulled the ice cream bag from the cart, and handed it off. It was a moment of suspense as the jounin inspected the package, giving some unusual looks...just before he gave an approving nod.

"Good work, Kid! I'llt give a good word of your mission to the Kage, thank you"

the Jounin noted to Claude before waving him off, heading back into the field, and chowing down on some prepackaged ice cream cones.

Having completed his mission, Claude made his way back into the Village market, he had grown tired and hungry and needed to refill himself with whatever food that was sold. He found a restaurant just close to where he had encountered Frost on his way to the Hokage mountain. As he entered the place, he noted that inside the restaurant was more pleasing to the eyes than the view from the outside, Almost all the sits where taken save for the one at the rear with its window giving a clear view of what was happening on the outside.

Once he settled on his sit, he motioned for the Waiter to attained to him. The young boy craved for just ramen and would have it so. While he sat he reminiscened on the previous event that had just taken place, how the Jounin just sat there waiting for there ice cream to be delivered to them on a plater. Well, he wouldn't blame them cause they were there not because they wanted to, but because they where assigned to protect there village from the future threats. Finally his food came in, just went he had grown bored from waiting. He cautiously ate the food even though he had wanted to gulp it down in one go...for that was how hungry he was. Tossing his plate aside, Claude would pay for his food before stepping out of the shop to make his way back to Tenshin manor that was recently built on the land allocated to the Hyuuga clan.

Word Count:

100ryo please.

Training Reaction Time from

E3-->D = 488/300

Training perception from

E1-->E2 = 188/150

Remaining Word count 38

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