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1 Secret Supply Lines [C-Rank Mission] on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:04 am

Alwen Sangotatsu


A miserable day. That’s what anyone who doesn’t like rain would think of the weather today. Of course, it was normal in this land. And contrasting that sense of normality, was a girl completely abnormal. Her hair was long, with highlights scattered throughout. Purple and blue blocks in her fringe contrast completely with the black of most of her hair. Her clothing was completely unprepared for the weather, this young woman being completely clad in light clothing. Her shirt was loose and purple, with one sleeve over her left shoulder. Meanwhile this person’s right arm was covered by a silk sleeve of blue, the shoulder covered with her Kirigakure forehead protector. Legs covered by combat training tights and a blue skirt, she wears basic combat boots that are a dark grey. Pale skin highlights the amber of her eyes, but perhaps what’s most peculiar of this girl, is that atop her head, are a pair of short, nub like horns. This odd looking character, is Alwen Sangotatsu. Although to her, the nickname of Siren, or Sea Witch, works as well.

Alwen looks to a man in front of her, his rather formal gear reminding her that he’s a jounin. It was a pretty important task she had to do today, or at least that’s what she believed. The man, who appeared in his mid-thirties, holds out a stone, a small stone, with the symbol of Kirigakure carved into its surface. Alwen nodded, taking said rock into her hands. She knew this was an important stone. Especially with the war going on. From what Alwen understood of her mission, this stone is used as a way of safely transporting Kirigakure people, marking safe locations, and detecting Kirigakure’s enemies. All things that were especially important in a time of war. It would probably be a long trek to her destination, where she was to put the stone, but missions like this require stuff like that. Yes, that was a coherent thought. Like this and like that. Perfectly logical.

She puts the rock in her weapons pouch, jumping away from her previous position to get on with her mission. She wasn’t terribly slow, so she felt quite fortunate in the fact that this could hopefully be a quick objective. Deploy the rock at the designated place, then leave. Surely the majority of that would just be spent getting there, right? She decides to think of what she’d do on her way there, or perhaps afterwards, as she runs. Perhaps she could practise and refine her mastery over water. Or try to learn a new technique, using the principles of Suiton that she was so familiar with. Honestly, either of those were plans she could enjoy doing. However, this thought process was cut short as a kunai flew past her head, landing in a tree nearby.

Grinding to a halt, Alwen turns to face the direction the weapon came from. Low and behold, standing on the branch of a tree, crouched and prepared to strike, was a lone man. He was short, or at least looked short from within the tree, and judging from his posture he hadn’t fought much before. With a grin, Alwen jumped back, grabbing the Kunai out of the tree. She avoids making any hasty moves, wanting this stranger to attack her. Or perhaps she could break the ice. “You there! What’s your purpose, throwing a kunai so wildly? If you were a worse aim, you could have hit someone!” this was a pretty uncalled for taunt, but he did throw a knife at her, so, she didn’t care. Wanting to disprove her taunts, the stranger leapt towards her, fists looking as if they are about to go for a specific stance and strike. Alwen meanwhile, didn’t care, and instead did the pleasure of returning the poor kid’s kunai to him. The knife flew through the air, before thudding in his hand, sticking out of it rather painfully. Sighing, Alwen shook her head, gesturing to the tree he jumped from. “Go back where you came, stranger, and make sure you properly treat your hand. As a medical nin, I can tell you, in this weather, your hand might get infected if you leave it too long.” She wasn’t lying of course. Damp conditions tended to not be good for cut wounds. And so, at that, the ninja retreated.

Half an hour passed as Alwen continues to run. While the rain continues to fall. The leaves rustle in the wind and time just seems to fly. She had underestimated how long this mission would take. It was not hard. But it was time consuming. With a sigh, her mind stopped thinking about what training she could do, and instead went to what she was going to have for dinner. Some ramen could be nice for a change. Or perhaps a seaweed roll. Oh, maybe even have some nice herbal tea on the side. A grin spreads across her face as the thought of food enters her mind. However, just as before, this thought is cut short. Not by a kunai flying past her face, but by a kick to the leg sending her tumbling forwards. With a roll she barely regains footing, clapping her hands together to use her clan’s water whip technique. Green water formed in her hand into the shape of the whip, Alwen exerting her mastery over Suiton to use Jade Suiton to make her whip more ranged than it should perhaps be. Quickly turning, thorn covered whip in hand, Alwen scanned the area for who inflicted the kick. It was fortunate she turned when she did, for in the corner of her eye she watches as a couple of genin stand there, one doing the replication technique, while the other takes three shuriken from their satchel. The replication technique was slow, the seals seemingly almost methodically made, while the shuriken were taken out in a fluid motion. To Alwen, this showed which of the two the priority target was. She lashes her water whip to the one holding the shuriken, the dragon head of the whip sinking its teeth deep into their arm.  The rain splashes harder, as if the sky itself noticed the action was picking up, and the one that did the replication technique begins to charge at Alwen.

Deciding to use her whip, specifically the spiked water rope, as a shield, Alwen starts spinning in a circle. The whip begins to spin around with her, dragging the poor person with the shuriken towards her as a consequence. The replication runs at Alwen, trying to get a punch in the section not covered by the whip, but the instant he is about to make contact, she cracks the whip slightly, causing a spike wave up and down, the barbs of the whip entering the skin of the replication and causing it to disappear. From there, Alwen ducked, dispersing the green water whip into nothing more than a puddle before raising a hand in front of her, activating her clan’s hydrokinesis. The rain around her seems to gather into a single orb that she sends towards the one uninjured enemy, who clearly seems startled by the growing mass of the orb. At first it begins as nothing more than perhaps, a golf ball size, however as it moves, more and more water gathers, until the orb grows to a tremendous five cubic metres. From there, Alwen moulded Yin chakra into the orb, the normal bluey-grey of the water fading and being replaced by a crystalline red. Both of the assailants freak out at such a sight, turning tail and fleeing while they can. With a light sigh, she drops the water, turning and continuing on her way to the objective.

Shaking. Her hand was shaking. She’d used too much chakra in such a short amount of time. It was a stupid thing to do, but it was something she had to work on. She knew that. However, as Kirigakure is too busy with the war effort to organise squads, it was unlikely she’d ever have a sensei to teach her how to properly use chakra without waste. With a disappointed sigh to herself, she continues to run, doing her best to make up for lost time. Minutes passed. Soon an hour. An hour and a half. And then she reaches her objective. Her hair dishevelled, tired from the long journey and the chakra expenditure, she carefully places the rock in the intended spot. She didn’t bother to check if it worked, too tired from the journey to. After the effort she went to, if it didn’t work, she’d be far too disheartened to do missions for a while. So instead, she climbed up into a nearby tree, one that overlooked some water. And, resting gently against the girth of the tree, she let out a large exhale. Her mind went back to thoughts of imagination. Her stomach rumbled, thoughts of various foods crossing her mind. With a content nod, she concludes that using some of the ryo from today’s mission, she would without a doubt go out and treat herself. Surely, at some part of Kirigakure, there was going to be an all you can eat area. The idea of a place where you can eat as much as you want… The sea witch looked up happily, a gluttony filled grin spread across her face.

She rested there, for a good half an hour, before hopping down from the tree. It was about time she went back, since it wouldn’t exactly do to be away for too long. Her mother might worry, and that’d be terrible. Not to mention it was going to be a long trek back. With a nod, she started running. About three hours of running, and she was home. Tired, exhausted, and just wanting to sleep. So, sleep she did, passing out to have a nap on the floor. Her intentions were still for all you can eat food. Just, after she’s slept. So, likely the next day.

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