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Akugaranwa Itachi

Akugaranwa Itachi

Mission name: Protection Mission: Escort the Ninja
Mission rank: C
Objective: Escort a ninja from a small border village home.
Location: Hi no Kuni
Reward: 200
Mission description: You have been hired to protect a famed ninja, a young ninja leader of a small village, as he is returning to his home village. The village mainly wishes to send someone to guard the ninja to better the relations with his village and give him someone to talk too. Keep on your toes, not everything is as peaceful as it seems.
Mission details: Upon reaching the village entrance, you will soon after come under attack from missing-nins. Make sure to protect your charge and get him inside his village gates safely. No one will be there to help you so you have the choice of either getting him inside where he will be safe or kill the enemy ninja to end the threat yourself. Each missing-nin is Genin in power, and carry nothing larger than kunai for weapons. They use basic non-elemental ninjutsu out of the library (2 each). They will scare and run off with a sufficient show of force, there are 3 of them, with D1 stats.

This time Claude was up so early, he had a pleasant night as he was able to read to his heart content and even prepare breakfast for both him and his baby brother. Knowing that his father Tenshin was well aware of his activities and would usually keep tabs on him by sending some of his bodyguards to watch over his movements keeping track on the young Hyuuga, Claude fully aware of his, would still pretend like he was still ignorant of it.

Once the breakfast was done, he would quickly drop by Hyuuga Landam's room to kiss his brother goodbye before heading out to meet the Hokage. The latter had arrived late last night as he was asked to visit the Hokage first thing in the morning, and that he intended doing. He dashed out as quickly as he could hoping he would make it on time not to have to keep the Kage waiting long.

He got there on time, as the Hokage was busy with the pilled up paper works which was stocked up on his desk. The Kage motioned for the Genin to come closer as he quickly approved some long over due requests.

"Step closer young man"

He called out to the Genin, still facing what he was doing, it was when Claude was almost upon him that he stopped what he was doing to give the young boy his attention.

"Yes, You are to go to escort a certain young man to a village known as the Sky village. they are of small race and not very friendly." The Kage paused as if he didn't want to reveal the other part of the mission detail. He had figured that the mission would probably be too dangerous to for a Genin to handle, but he was put in a tight position as all the jounin where currently on a mission.

"Listen carefully, it is most likely you get attacked by missing ninjas that are hell bent on stopping his return. I would advice to avoid confrontation as much as possible but I know that wouldn't be the case. oh well, you would meet the young lad on your way out"

With that he quickly dismissed Claude to return to his paper work. Claude made a slight bow before taking his leave. As he walked through the hall way which in turn would lead to him to the exist, he met a young man in his mid 20s standing 5ft tall, almost the same height as the young Hyuuga. He was clad in brown sleeveless shirt and a black pants. He wasn't entirely looking like a leader as his Kage had mentioned in his debrief, but it was enough for him to know that he wouldn't be baby sitting anyone.

He walked up to the young man with both hands placed in his pockets showing an emotionless face which he was sure to put a little bit of fear in his guest, before stretching out his hand to make a friendly greeting.

"Hyuuga Claude. I am to be your guide and escot you back to your home town." He said in a voice that would indicate his lack of interest to form a bond.

"Oh, so this is the best Konoha has to offer? Sending Genin as my escort!' The young man ever so rude and filled with pride made his remark on the village and Claude as a whole. Claude faulted himself for even trying in the first place with an introduction, he felt it would make his guest feel more at ease knowing is identity, but that wasn't the case. Instead for his effort, he got a resounding insult.

Without the need for further words, they began the journey to the land of the Sky people. The journey was expected to be days journey should day avoid taking breaks, but should a break be taken then the trip was sure to be a day and a half. They travelled without so much as a conversation as neither of them was inclined to indulge in an exchange of words.

During the course of the travel, Claude felt as if they were been watched and followed, the thought of been tracked and monitored scaled through his mind, cause it would be of great trouble to fight off rebels while protecting his guest. He needed to be sure, he needed to be certain that there were not walking into an ambush.

"Byakugan!" He said as series of vains would converge in both eyes. With this Claude was granted a near 360° vision and could see through things along with the chakra flow those around him. He scanned the area in hopes to put his mind at ease that he was just imaging things when suddenly he saw the chakra flow of several unidentified ninjas who secured there position about 50meters away from there current position. The possibility of an ambush was high. The Genin would make a judgment call as not to reveal there current predicament to his guest, but to skillfully handle the situation if need be.

"Sir!" He said as he began to bring out his Kunai before going on "I'll advice that you stay beside me no matter what. things are about to get sporty." The young Hyuuga said with so much confidence in his ability to ensure the safety of his guest. The unusual duo had walked for about half an hour Claude looked behind him at the guest a few times to make sure he kept up, all he did though was mutter to himself. Unknowingly to them a couple of ninja with the rank of a Genin were hiding nearby, it wasn't until Claude passed a couple of trees did they leap out and attack the merchant.

"What the?-" He swirled around two black robed ninjas were leaping at His Guest with their daggers raised Claude leaped over to his Guest and performed a whirlwind kick at the ninja's who were sent flying into a tree, they both disappeared in a poof of white smoke. Hmm Shadow clones thought Claude and he was right one of the ninja's had a hold on his guest while the other ran towards him ready to punch a Kunai to the heart of the man he was sent to protect. Claude calmed himself to think of a plan he had to stop the running Ninja first, what a time to not have any kunai but with his Body Flicker technique he vanished and appeared in front of the running ninja, then he delivered a strong kick from the ground to send him upwards swirled around and punched the ninja holding his Guest in the face sending him flying back, the Guest took the opportunity to get into cover.

Claude focused on the ninja he had sent in the air, he concentrated lightning chakra into his palms and then as the ninja fell closer he rapidly thrust both arms releasing several bullets made out of lightning at the ninja, firing it in rapid succession. He ended the shot by raising his legs high to plant a vertical kick to the midsection of the ninja the final kick would managed to send the ninja flying into the distance as he put more chakra into his finger tips, leaving one ninja left. The ninja panicked as he threw a dozen star shuriken at Claude who easily deflected them back by simply side stepping and would rush towards the ninja. The ninja jumped upwards to cut Claude off, but Claude was already one step ahead he performed the hand seals and sent several small fireballs at the opponent. Who was trying to guard them but didn't realize that the fireballs were scattered around him, he landed about to charge at Claude who reacted by clapping his hands together and all the fireballs closed in on the ninja who now only just noticed them, but was too late as they had already made contact with him and exploded his clothes severed and he would receive severe burns when the fire went out.

The ninja fell to the floor dead Claude then turned to the man he was sent to protect who was amazed by his combat skills and mastery over his jutsu, Claude smiled and beckoned him to follow but this time at a faster pace. It was nearly nightfall by the time they made it to the village, the young man thanked Claude and wished him good luck in future missions.

Claude was pleased with the way the mission turned out sure those ninja were a surprise but that's the life of a Shinobi, it's full of surprises "All in a days work." Claude said while making his way to the Hokage's room eager to receive his Ryo.

But he would make a quick stop as Having completed his mission, Claude made his way back into the Village market, he had grown tired and hungry and needed to refill himself with whatever food that was sold. He found a restaurant just close to where he had encountered Frost on his way to the Hokage mountain. As he entered the place, he noted that inside the restaurant was more pleasing to the eyes than the view from the outside, Almost all the sits where taken save for the one at the rear with its window giving a clear view of what was happening on the outside.

Once he settled on his sit, he motioned for the Waiter to attained to him. The young boy craved for just ramen and would have it so. While he sat he reminiscened on the previous event that had just taken place, how the Jounin just sat there waiting for there ice cream to be delivered to them on a plater. Well, he wouldn't blame them cause they were there not because they wanted to, but because they where assigned to protect there village from the future threats. Finally his food came in, just went he had grown bored from waiting. He cautiously ate the food even though he had wanted to gulp it down in one go...for that was how hungry he was. Tossing his plate aside, Claude would pay for his food before stepping out of the shop to make his way back to Tenshin manor that was recently built on the land allocated to the Hyuuga clan.

This one was one he was reluctant to do on his way back home. An old woman had been a victim of a fire out break as her home was damaged in a fire weeks prior, and it had been the same woman he had helped on his mission to inspect the supplies. Finding out that it was an accidental electrical fire, and she planned on rebuilding it from the scratch but first she needed help in cleaning it first, worked to soothe the anger of having to do such manual labour. The moment the owner Saw him heading back home she called out for help, out of respect for her he decided to help out not wanting to see a helpless old woman and ignore her; the sooner he finished the sooner he could get himself a home to his loving baby brother.

"Alright Old woman, I'll do this just once okay? it should be cleaned up and ready in no time."

"Thank you so much for helping, My son". I've got you set up in the house. Supplies are already there. You'll need to move the burnt furnitures out of there before you can start; just move them to the back room were the rest are at, the painters are on there way"

"Understood. I'll finish up quick as I can." He made his way inside the house, boxes and Furnitures, matrasses where stacked high and covered in protective cloth while people worked to clean up the damage and get the place back in order. The Room was a special room that was normally used during the morning and lunch rush, it faced south-east so it always got plenty of early and mid-day sun, making it a popular place to sit and read the paper over coffee or tea. The windows would be replaced before the shop opened, the heat had partially melted and warped the glass so there was little choice in the matter. He could ignore those, and just focus on what needed to be done: moving the mixers, then cleaning up the smoke and water damage. Small holes had been cut into the walls to check the supports and such, and the room had been ruled safe, so all he needed to do was scrub down and move on.

First though, the giant mixers. Without the bowls, they where still fairly heavy, but manageable. They didn't really have any handles or anything to grab to lift with, but he did have a dolly, and that made moving the a breeze. One after the other, loaded and moved across the shop and to the store room, lined up against the wall near the service door for pick up. Easy.

Once that was done, he grabbed the large buckets provided and unpacked the supplies given. Various rags, sponges, cleaning solutions, and a paint scraper if needed. Two of the three buckets where carried outside to the water spigot, where they where filled three quarters full and brought inside. To one he added the cleaning solution, it had to be diluted or it could damage both the walls and sicken anyone that used it; the second was left pure to use as a rinse bucket, and the third would be used when he needed to ring out dirty water from the rags and sponges. His work was simple, wipe and scrub away the soot and dust that had been caked to the wall with heat and water; nothing difficult or complex about it. The room was large enough that it took him a solid 6 hours of work, and several trips for fresh water, before the room was as spotless as it was going to get at the moment. Once the crews where done cleaning, they where going to come in and paint anyway, so it didn't need to be shiny. Just properly clean.

The morning met Claude as usual on his reading table, still unable to spend the night on his king size bed for the fear of having a nightmare about his mother's demise. This particular morning was different cause instead of being lively as he usually was, he felt more tired than usual, his eyes were saggy for the lack of sleep, he lazily pushed back his chair, and staggered his way to the bathroom, cause if there was anything that would rid him off this awkwardness would be that of a warm bath.

The Young man stepped out of the bathroom with a towel rapped around his head, his both hands shaking it to get at least most of the water out. He placed the white now wet towel on the hanger, and walked straight to his mirror, looking at his reflection it was almost as if he was looking right at a stranger for his lower eyelids were all swollen up, a sign of lack of slip.

"today is not just my day"

The young man said while taking a huge breath. Just as he was about moving away from his mirror stand, Landam came running in, pushing his way through the door while screaming on top of his voice his brother's name.

"You know I can hear you loud and clear right?"

He voice as calm as a sea, while selecting his choice of dress, all the while focusing his attention on his baby brother, for the kid if left alone was prone to breaking this, especially his mirror. He had changed the mirror that was placed at the rear end of his room a fourth time now.

"Wow! You look a mess, what happened?"

Landam said, he had grown to master the act of sarcasm, one which Claude found all too amusing cause he looked cute each time he did that.

"Yeah, you can say that again."

Taking a pause to look at young Landam's choice of cloths, he was pleased to see that the boy had not over dressed himself, if there was one thing his father had thought of them was how to dress like a proper gentlemen and Ladies, although both his sister's where all away on vacation but it still felt like they were around.

"I see your ready?"

Claude said as he removed his gaze from his baby brother to attend to his hair, he just had to get it right. He motioned to his Landam to go on.

"Ni San, Where are we going?"

He said while walking closer to Claude with both hands placed behind his head, his White eyes staring right at him as if he wanted to get the answer right out of him.

"The Hokage Mountain"

Claude place the piece of rubber that held his hair together backward, but still allowing few to fall right in front his face and thus giving him his normal look, before stepping out with his kid brother tagged along behind him.

Bidding their father goodbye and heading towards the hokage mountain, they brushed through passers by, meeting people buying and selling there goods, shops owners calling and attracting the commoners to come and view the new items they had got from the neighbouring villages, all this where all new to the young Landam as he rarely got the opportunity to go anywhere.

The Sun was just about to set as he walked himself out of the gate, the weapons he had bought earlier was placed in a backpack that was placed just behind his waist as he began his journey back home hopefully he would meet his baby brother before going to bed.

Claude wasn't disappointed as he got home when he saw Landam sitting by the door waiting patiently for his return, the kid always had a way of making his elder brother smile in a way that nobody could, it was almost as if he could see the image of there late mother in him.

"Oh, your still awake? Come lets get you to bed"

[spoiler="word count]

200 Ryo please.

Training speed from

D(+2)(Agile)(Taijustu)-->D3 =4086/1175

Training Strength from

D-->D3 = 2911/1175

Training Endurance from

E2-->D-->= 1736/525

Training perception from

E2-->D =1211/525.

Training Endurance from

D--->D3 = 1211/1175

Remaining words 36

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