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Mission name: Bar fight!
Mission rank: C
Objective: Keep the peace.
Location: The Bazaar
Reward: 200
Mission description: During the night individuals get pretty rowdy with the drinks served around the market. Keep them in line.
Mission details: A few drunks will get into a fight. About three in total. It's your job to end it. However if you cause too much damage to the surrounding market or to the drunks (Put them in the hospital) You fail the mission. The drunks themselves are weak and have no academy training whats over and the booze has made them slow to react.

In a calm cozy night, at the village hidden in the rocks, A Shinobi 5 ft tall, adorned with light olive skin and bright purple eyes, jugged his way down the lonely street of Iwagakure with a scroll at hand and his headband in the other. The look on his face showed signs of fatigue and dissatisfaction and not much expertise was needed to see he was clearly tired and beat from the days training. His usual brown knee length pants and black sandals had within it trace of dirt’s and scratch marks which could also be seen in his purple scarf and his white bandaged up hands, which was now all brown in color with a few torn parts extending all the way to his fist.

Nothing could paint a better picture on how intense the shinigami’s day was and with a glance, an onlooker could confidently tell the young Shinobi was headed home. However this was not the case for Takashi who was at the moment headed the opposite way from his apartment. His day which was indeed filled with bliss and pain, but that was the least of his worries as he paces down the scanty streets of Iwagakure with his hand attempting to tie up his headband. His motion would be that of a person late for an interview though considering the hour could be easily mistook for a person who left his doors open in a dangerous neighborhood. His motive was none other than a drive of pride and honor a quest to keep a promise made not long ago when the moon had no power over the day.

Earlier today when the sun was still high in the sky and the street filled with friendly faces. Takashi came across a Shinobi, clad in the standard Iwagakure’s outfit and a mask which shielded his identity from the young Shinobi. He appeared destroyed and battered up and was practically carried on a stretcher towards the Iwagakures hospital. The figure had on him a scroll which he unknowingly dropped as they passed the busy street of the village. Takashi and many others present saw this happen, but while most turned blind eyes and decided starre clear, Takashi moved forward and calmly picked up the scroll. He immediately handed it over to the Shinobi on his stretcher but the Shinobi still conscious enough to speak, uttered a few words to Takashi “This is an already approved C rank mission by the Kage which I was supposed to go keep in the mission board, please help me place it there, or do it if you can”. Takashi gave his word to do as instructed and with a wave of his hand he bid his goodbye to the Shinobi who was then taken into the hospital, for further treatment. The state and cause of the Anbus accident was not one to raise suspicions or cause panic among the villagers. It was only an allergic reaction which he was soon going to recover from. The young Shinobi carried on with his daily duty as he usually did and as such forgot all about the mission at hand.

Hours later, Right after the day was already exhausted, and the moon now high up in the sky, the beam of the heating sun thinned down to nothing but a soothing wind. Takashi arrived back at his apartment all beaten and tired. He had just finished a D rank mission, which required he chased down stray dogs, with some personal training section and now needed some rest.

He quickly pulled off his head band and carefully placed it on his desk after which he reached for his pockets to empty them. His shurikens and kunai where naturally the first thing he pulled out, but a second dip into his left pocket revealed the scroll which he had totally forgotten about. He felt a bit disappointed and angry at himself on seeing this and wonderd how much fun he had to forget something so important, a promise no matter how inconsistent it maybe always meant a lot to him. For a while Takashi stood and gazed upon the scroll wit utter confusion. He couldn't tell what next to do and wondered what was really written in it. He eventually opened up the scroll to take a look at its details. A small smile quickly crept up his face as it came to his realization that the mission was still yet to be over or done and as such could still be accomplished. After the slight glance he quickly heaved a sigh of relief, with his demeanor now a bit calmed and tamed. “It’s nothing more than a night patrol, nothing ever happens in night patrols” the young Shinobi silently concluded in a whisper while leaving his apartment with his headband and scroll. He closed off his apartment and now made his way down the streets.


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 Bar fight! [C-rank mission/ private] 6AvfVPF
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A few minutes into his journey Takashi found himself scaling through rooftops with his mission scroll at hand and his headband tightly fastened to his forehead. He would appear a bit confused and occasionally go through the mission scroll which would more or less act as a guide or map to the location he seeks. He would skillfully parry his eye between the road and the map as he jumps along each roof. “The Bazaar huh, why move it so far away from the Kage quarters?” The Shinobi silently mumbled as the calm soothing breeze drift by him. He would only hope he was headed to the right place because even though he was now a member of the village, it had not been that long ago when he moved down from his clan mountain. A place he once called home for the major part of his life.

He wouldn’t bother much about totally getting lost though cause he knew he would always find his way back, but he would only hope he makes it in time to have a free period of rest for himself before he resumes his night duty. The young Shinobi would quickly get the answers to his prayer by the outburst of some sets of event. A flicker of light would rise to the sky in about 50 meters away from him, the dying flames would also be followed up by indistinguishable chants from various people. Takashi could already tell he was there and would quickly wrap up his scroll into his bag before dashing forward towards the crowd of people at great speed.

With every step he makes the scope and layout of the place would become more clear, same with the amount of emitting noise which would only grow louder and louder. Takashi would eventually dive into the market place like a silhouette or shadow before totally stopping on his track to consider his next options. “Hmm,,, What to do first?” The young shinobi would quickly glance around the market place in search of a food or snack stand, but to his disappointment, he would not find one at first glance. However he would see lots of interesting goods and commodities on sale, some of which would attract his interest like the blankets and weapons and some which would totally creep him out like the skulls of animals and men on sale. Takashi would decide to head in deeper into the market for a more solid overview of the place while he still keeps an eye out for the unknown.

The young Shinobi would pear, peep, tilt and wave his head from side to side as he calmly walks into the market. His actions would only stand to show how attentive he was to his job as a patrol officer, but that would quickly change as soon as a familiar aroma lashes on to his senses.


Takashi would deviate his purple eyes towards the direction of the shop where he perceived such wonderful aroma and quickly head over. He would move past a total of ten shops, most of which are bars and bakeries. He would approach the shop and immediately request a bowl of ramen. The chef in charge would reply with a slight bow before pointing him a free seat situated outside, where he could wait while he brings up his order. Takashi would immediately walk over and take his seat in silence. Other individuals would also join him at the table most of which only came for a bottle of wine.

The air around the Shinobi would quickly take on a murky feeling as he would soon find himself to be the only teenager his age that was at the market at such ungodly hour. But not minding he would only concentrate his thoughts on the food which would seem like its taking forever to appear.  

“Excuse me,,, excuse me!” A young maiden would utter immediately after taking her seat directly in front of Takashi, she would seem to be referring to Takashi who was a bit lost in thoughts. Takashi would lift up his head to meet her eyes and would raise an eyebrow as soon as it hits his attention that she was referring to him.

“Yes, you called?”

“Yah, you’re a Shinobi right, could you please help me out with some stuff after you’re done here?”

Takashi would consider his options for a while before giving her the “sure” reply. He really didn’t have anything he would do other than pacing around after he was done with his meal and as such would like something to keep him occupied after the food. The young maiden would be glad with his reply and would immediately utter the words “thank you” with a smile over her face. Takashi would wonder what she really needed from him and would attempt to query her further but the timely intervention of the shop keeper with three bowls of ramen and a bottle of wine which he would drop over at the table one plate at a time would quench his thought or action. He would immediately say his thanks before he starts off eating. He would finish up his first plate in no time and request another, the inn keeper would quickly supply him another and would continue this for a total of four more times after Takashi had had his full. The olive skin Shinobi would feel alive and energetic after his 5th plate and would quickly rise to his feet after he had paid of his dept. His attitude with his food and how many he had, would attract the eye of some admirers who would wonder what he had gone through to have taken that much. The young lady before him would seem most surprised with this but would only watch and giggle as he ate. Now he was done she would ask him for his help.

Takashi would take back his seat at the table and now pay more attention to her. “What do you need my help with? He would ask in an energetic tone. “I would like you to help me Identify a certain treasure" she would say bringing out a picture to show him. "It’s been one of the family’s heirlooms and it was stolen about a month ago". Takashi would attempt to take a look at the picture but a drunk would quickly snatch it out from the ladies hand. She would quickly stand up and request for it back but she would be pushed back to her seat. Cheers and laughter would fill up the shops premises as other drunks join into the laughter.

"Give it back" the girl would scream while she attempts to stand up again. Takashi would hold her by the hands in an attempt to stop her from moving further.

"Hahahahaha, what do we have here a golden cup?"
A second drunk would immediately snatch the picture from him “let me see that you fool.” “Hahahaha it is a golden cup and it resembles my cat” more cheers will fill the air as the two drunk fumble around on their feet’s with each attempting to take the picture from the other.

Takashi would have seen enough to know they were drunk and would calmly approach them in an attempt to make them hand over the picture. “Excuse me sir, if you don’t mind can I have that picture back” The first Drunk would look down at the Shinobi and return his question in a serious tone, “who are you, and why should we do that”. Takashi would attempt to reply only to be interrupted by a third drunk “He,,, He is the gurls, gluton boyfriend.” As if staring on a comedy show the crowd would immediately burst out in laughter, which would cause the girl to feel a little embarrassed and sad. Takashi however will be un-phased by this but would instead pay more attention in the sudden convergence of numerous more drunks around their immediate vicinity. He would also observe how the picture moved from one hand to another and the struggle that would quickly commence from it.

He would calmly try to head back towards the girl to warn her to leave the vicinity for a while, but he would be cut off by the second drunk who would pull out his staff to block his paths, “what’s the matter young boy don’t you have any respect for your elders. Did your drunken dad not teach you well” he would immediately attempt to laugh over the silly statement like usual but Takashi would take more offence from this statement than he had imagined and as such would not allow that. In a bid of reflex he would pick up one loaf of bread from the table and plunge it into the drunk’s mouth, pushing him over in the process and slamming him to the ground with him on-top of the drunk. A sudden silence would befall the area for a split second and like a bull free of its leash, the other two drunks would quickly pickup sticks and bench’s and attempt to hit Takashi, others would quickly follow suit but their aim would be at each other and not the Shinobi. Takashi would bounce off the first drunk and make his way towards the girl. He would receive a bump to his back from a cup flung by one random character among the chaotic atmosphere.

Takashi would shrug the pain off and give the girl signals to go down below a table, after which he would return his attention to the chaos at hand. A big log of wood would immediately swing by him, but Takashi reflex would cover him in time to bend. He would dive the drunk by the waist and slam him to the ground after which he would turn him over and tie his hand and feet’s with the drunks shirt. He would continue this for a total of ten minutes before eventually getting a bump to his head by the 4th standing drunk. Takashi would immediately fall to the floor and shriek in pain. The drunk would laugh for a bit before he tries another swing at him. The Shinobi would kick the incoming log of wood off before it hits him again. He would then attempt to kick him at is legs at the same time but would be surprised to see him slump towards him instead.

Takashi would quickly role over at the floor to avoid that before gazing back at the figure behind the man. The fair lady would stand tall with a bench on her hand and would smile at Takashi, Takashi would naturally smile back but the ringing in his head wouldn’t give him such luxury. The remaining three drunk, being the first three to start off the commotion would immediately take to their heels and attempt to run deep into the market, but Takashi would not allow this. He would quickly wave a hand seal which would create a mudslide under their feet’s. The three would collide with each other and fall over each other like a pile of feed. Takashi would approach them and just like other he would tie them all up to a wooden pole. He would then pry the picture out from the first Drunks hand and have a good look at it.

Takashi would immediately feel amused and try to suppress his laughter, but he would end up letting out a giggle or two. “What’s so funny?” the young lady would ask Takashi as his source of joy remains a mystery to her. “Why are you happy?”

Takashi would face her now a bit in control of his attempted outburst. “Well I am not happy, just glad I was able to subdue this many people.” Off course this wasn’t totally the truth but instead only a statement made to satisfy the ladies curiosity. Takashi had other reasons for his suppressed and this was because he had previously caught the criminal who stole such treasure and if his memory served him right that was the same treasure he used to smack the criminal on the face. Takashi would then return his attention to the lady and with a sile he would reply her “I do know where you can find your Family heirloom though. Head over to Iwagakure’s treasury depot. They should have it in a safe for you.”

The lady would be so happy about the news and quickly give Takashi a hug and some words of thanks before eventually leaving for the mentioned place. Takashi would return his attention to the tied individual and the damage done, though not as much as it could have been, the pale shinigami would feel a bit depressed and unsatisfied. “I really need to improve myself more, or maybe get a team”. Takashi would then wait out the night in the chef’s shop and only leave as soon as the first cock crow. The chef would be happy at the level of loss Takashi had managed to avoid for his sake and would gladly host him through the night. Takashi would also appreciate his hospitality and would make sure to take down the drunks details and also make them pay as soon as they become sober.


[2245 + 825 = 3070]

chakra 140/150:
Name: Earth Release: Earth Flow River {土遁・土流大河 ~ Doton: Doryū Taiga}
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Element: Doton
Range: 10 metres
Speciality: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant, mud lasts two turns.
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Description: The user forms the related hand seal, turning the ground beneath the target's feet within the jutsu's range into a massive river of mud (3 meters wide) that throws them off balance and drags them 5 meters away from the user. This costs 10 chakra.


Strength: D-> D1 [325 WC] [25 Ryo]


Speed: D-> D2 [725 WC] [75 Ryo]

Endurance: D-> D1 [325 WC] [25 Ryo]

Perception: E3-> D [300 WC]


Reaction time: D-> D1 [325 WC] [25 Ryo]



 Bar fight! [C-rank mission/ private] 6AvfVPF
MISSION> D::3 C::2 B:: 0 A::0 S:: 0

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