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1 Retrieving the Swords(A-Rank/Plotline) on Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:01 pm

Yuzu Ren

Yuzu Ren

Mission name: Retrieving the Swords
Mission rank: A
Objective: Regain the legendary dual swords
Location: Kirigakure Border
Reward: 500 and the regaining of swords(plot)
Mission description: After having to send his twin swords for appraisal, they were stolen during the transfer by some rogue missing nin hoping to take the twin swords to another country. A genin scout spotted the swords and relayed the information which due to its nature received utmost importance. The smugglers are seven swordsman who all failed to achieve the blades and while they were all former S-ranks due to the injuries they received when failing the Mizukage's tests they all ended up at best as beginner A-rank shinobi with A-rank bukijutsu. Five of them are armed with A-rank swords and are rather unskilled while two brothers knowing the strength of the blades split it up so they could both each wield one in order to make use of its ability.

These two possess all Suiton from the suiton library and are all A-2 in stats, while the other five are all A in stats.


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2 Re: Retrieving the Swords(A-Rank/Plotline) on Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:27 pm



Currently Denied, talk to Ayakashi about it and get his permission on it first.

Due to your extended absence, I'm not certain if you're still the owner of the Twin Blades or not, and I'm not sure whether Aya would agree to this mission or not. I'll await your linkage of the approval if you get it.


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3 Re: Retrieving the Swords(A-Rank/Plotline) on Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:52 am



Thank you Nozo

Sorry, but due to inactivity on Yuzu Ren, I've had to take the weapons back so that they can be available for other ninja. I hope you understand, if you become active at a later date, you may reapply as a seven swordsman at no ryo cost.

For IC purposes, Yuzu Ren would simply have awoken with the weapons no longer in his possession, likely by a thief or mysterious circumstance while travelling. Weeks later, they would have been recovered from a missing ninja within kirigakure or sold by a merchant and replaced in the country treasury.

The Twin Swords Kukan and Sozo are both now back in Kiri, Yuzu Ren will have to go through the process of regaining them. Though, as he has paid for them once, he does not need to pay for them again. That message was sent on the 20th of August.

He'll have to do a thread with myself. But, he can do a mission to hunt down the people who took them from him, they won't have the swords anymore, but it would still be a fun mission.


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