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Akugaranwa Itachi

Akugaranwa Itachi

It was a pleasant morning. Claude tried his best not to give in to the light of the sun that blinded his eyes. There was no escaping from this. He got up and sat on his bed. He looked around his room and everything still looked a bit blurry. He walked up to the hand basin and splashed water on his face looking straight at the mirror before him. He splashed water on his face once more and had a more clearer vision of his surroundings now. Once again, he sat on his bed still tired. Last night had been hectic for him. He spent the night doing mission and he remembered that he was yet to complete them. He loved doing missions but this morning was totally out of it. His back fell on the soft bed and he dozed off.

At about 9:30am which was one hour away from when he dozed off, he woke up. He wished he could take a day off and sleep through out but on a second thought, he did not want to spoil his reputation before the hokage. He did not want to be the least shinobi to prove his worth in the village by failing to complete his assigned mission. With sheer determination, he got up from his bed and stumbled to the bath. He spent another hour in the bath tub washing himself, dozing off, washing himself. His eyes were still sleepy as he stepped out of the bath tub and slipped on a towel that was lieing on the floor. He fell and hit his butt hard on the floor. He was pissed and cursed the towel that caused him much pain.

Anyway, it was for his own good since that fall kept his eyes wide open and erased any thought or trace of sleep from his mind and body. He put on his clothes and wore his green leather boots. He cleaned his swords and put them in their scabbard. Finally, he walked up to the mirror and added finishing touches to hair strands on his head that had lost their direction due to the way he slept.

He walked in his room table's direction watching closely for anything that could be lying around the room and may be harzadeous to him since he didn't have time to re-arrange his room last night. He got to the table and looked at the mission scroll that was lying there. He had gotten the scroll from the hokage's office the previous day but had not opened it. He reached for the scroll and opened wondering what the mission could be. He opened the scroll and first saw the heading... He went on and saw that it was a C- rank mission. He was relieved. Another C- rank mission to add to his accomplishments. He read the details of the missions and the objectives.....moles eh... he picked up a matchbox, put it in his ninja pouch and smirked. He walked through the village quietly, kicking the stones that were lying in his path.

He continued walking until he got out of the main village. Ahead of him were the farm lands of konohagakure no sato. He kept on walking increasing his walking speed. Finally, he got close enough to the farm and saw two elderly couples sitting at the entrance to the farm with their hands supporting their chins. The expressions on their faces showed that they were fed up Claude hated this. Seeing the people around him troubled or in pain was a very great burden for him.

He moved closer and comforted the couples with his words. He told them to go home and come back the next morning to resume work on their farm. Claude walked into the thread and was amazed at how much destruction the moles had caused. He had no idea how many moles were in the farm but by looking at their tunnels, they were more than four moles. By creating tunnels, the moles had dug out soil on newly planted seeds making it difficult for the seeds to germinate.

Their holes were a bit wide and it made it difficult for water to circulate round the farm and for this reason, water did not reach most area of the farm and that led to the death of some plants. He couldn't bear it any more. He moved to the area where the tunnels were made. He moved around them quietly and surveyed the area. There were about twenty holes and he wondered how many moles could have made that. The time was exactly eleven o' clock. He moved round the farm and gathered up some sticks. He was a forest boy and he still well remembered how to make a trap. With the sticks he gathered and thin twines from around the farm vegetations, he made petty traps and set them at about fifteen random tunnels. These took him almost an hour and half to complete. He went to the vegetables section of the farm and plucked a handful.

He placed them at the mouth of the traps. He jumped atop a tree and had quite a good view at the tunnels and traps. He waited and watched keenly at what he had done. Some minutes later, a mole popped up, looked around and maneuvered brilliantly around the trap.

It took the vegateble and down the hole it went. Some minutes later, another mole popped up, followed by another mole, followed by another mole, followed by another mole till there were six moles popping their heads out of their tunnels and planning to take the vegetables in total. With a swift, down the tunnels they went with they vegetable gone with them. Claude marvelled at such intelligence and got down from the tree.

He didn't want to hurt the animals since they were part of nature. They only wanted a home full of food but they chose the wrong place. He felt that it was his duty to direct them into the forest unhurt. Without wasting much time, Claude moved round the farm and blocked all the exits leaving just one big and visible exit opposite to the tunnels which also went out of the farms and into the forests. It was time for action.

Claude performed a hand seal and create five identical bushin's. He directed the bushin's to stay around the tunnels so that when they moles came out, they would be left with no choice but to run in the only open direction. The bushin's took their place and finally, Claude brought out the matchbox from his pockets. He gathered some dried leaves and set them on fire. He dropped them into random holes knowing that upon touching the depths of the tunnel, the fire would go out and the moles wouldn't be burned.

In less than seconds, the smokes from the dried leaves filled the tunnels and just as Claude had predicted, out came the moles. They were panicking and didn't know where else to go. They scurried around but could not go back into the tunnels. Any where they turned, Claude clones were there. Claude watched with satisfaction. He stamped his foot behind the moles and sent them running in the direction of the opening and out of the farm the went.
He moved quickly and blocked the opening. He knew that the moles would never dare come back. Claude's mission was accomplished.

However, he felt sorry for the old couples. He helped them fill the. Holes caused by the moles and since it was almost evening, he helped them water the newly planted seed that were germinating in areas that the moles did not infest. Having felt satisfied, he left the farm and went home.

Having completed his mission, Claude made his way back into the Village market, he had grown tired and hungry and needed to refill himself with whatever food that was sold. He found a restaurant just close to where he had encountered Frost on his way to the Hokage mountain. As he entered the place, he noted that inside the restaurant was more pleasing to the eyes than the view from the outside, Almost all the sits where taken save for the one at the rear with its window giving a clear view of what was happening on the outside.

Once he settled on his sit, he motioned for the Waiter to attained to him. The young boy craved for just ramen and would have it so. While he sat he reminiscened on the previous event that had just taken place, how the Jounin just sat there waiting for there ice cream to be delivered to them on a plater. Well, he wouldn't blame them cause they were there not because they wanted to, but because they where assigned to protect there village from the future threats. Finally his food came in, just went he had grown bored from waiting. He cautiously ate the food even though he had wanted to gulp it down in one go...for that was how hungry he was. Tossing his plate aside, Claude would pay for his food before stepping out of the shop to make his way back to Tenshin manor that was recently built on the land allocated to the Hyuuga clan.

He got home to meet almost everyone awake, apparently they had chosen to stay up to watch the evening news together. Claude walked over to his father's side to pay him a greeting before moving over to have a cold glass of water, he needed it because the walk from the restaurant was enough to stress one up not to talk about all the stress he had been through. He could only hope that his efforts where worth it. Landam was already asleep and so he just walked to his room to begin his night reading.

Word Count:

160 Ryo please

Training Perception from

D1-->D3 =2669/850

Training Endurance from

D1-->D3 =1819/850

Training Reaction Time from


Remaining Word count 244.

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