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1Ore Delivery! [D-Rank Mission] Empty Ore Delivery! [D-Rank Mission] on Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:00 am

Oki Kuma

Oki Kuma

The day was mistier, grizzlier, than the days prior. The sun wasn’t out, the clouds were covering the sky, and overall it just seemed drearily overcast and miserable. Yet despite this clearly miserable mise en scene, Oki of the Kuma clan, the recent bear ninja of Iwa, walked to his destination with a chipper spring in his step. In a nearly coal black, long sleeve, long flowing jacket, collar covering the sideburns and sides of his face, he strides forward, for once covering his bush of leg hair with a long, blue pair of trousers, more designed for practicality than comfort or ease of movement. His dirt covered boots caused deep boot prints into the ground as he stepped, and around his neck, a metal, dirty chain hung loose. The bear man’s pale skin contrasting with the black of his hair, eyes in a squint that was almost unneeded with the light level of his journey. Yet perhaps the queerest thing about his appearance of all of this, was the bear cub, sat on his shoulder like one can imagine a pirate would have a parrot. Debu, the bear in question, was simply asleep, taking the time as a good opportunity to nap.

After a brisk walk, he arrived at where he intended to go: The ore mines. Specifically for a mission. He waited at the entrance, calling out in a loud voice. “Hello! This is the genin requested by the workers here!” to no audible reply. Instead, a single, old looking man came out. The tiny old man, his short grey hair and dusty, coal stained skin making him seem quite odd, looked up to the giant of a genin. With a hum, he spoke up, voice rather shaky, either due to his age, or the workload he was used to. “I see… Well, they certainly responded well to the need for someone who could do manual labour… Well, ninja, my name is Yanagi, Junzo. That wheelbarrow there should help you, now go and take some ores to the ore depository. You won’t have to do any mining, but the heavy lifting will be your job.” Heavy lifting. The words caused a light to shine in the bear ninja’s eyes, a grin spreading across his face. Without waiting to find out more, Oki grabbed the wheelbarrow in his hands, and heaved it over his head. He was going to do this excessively. He was going to do this, Kuma style!

Taking it slowly, Oki walks into the mines, wheelbarrow overhead, Debu the bear dropping from his shoulder and plodding along next to him. With a panicked cry, Junzo runs after him, noticing that the hasty man had not waited to learn where he was going. “Wait! I’ll show you around, so you know what you’re doing at least!” he cried, exasperated at the shenanigans going on. First, he led the man to the warehouse where the ores were to be transported. An easy enough route to remember. Then, he showed him where the workers were, piles of ores and rocks scattered about, a weave of a path in between them laid out sporadically.

Of course, as soon as the bear man knew what he was doing, he didn’t waste another second, shovelling heaps of rocks and ores into the wheelbarrow, before hoisting it other his head once more. At a risky, but brisk pace, he runs back and forth, wheelbarrow full of ore overhead, going to and from the storage. The first was a quick pace. Then the second was an average one. Until the final load, the tenth load of ore, was done at a walk. He wasn’t exhausted. But he was without a doubt feeling the consequence of stupidity. Slightly tired, and very, very dirty and dusty, the bear man put the wheelbarrow down, exiting the mine. Seeing the man from before on the way out, Oki grins, giving him a thumbs up as the man just watches in surprise, Oki having moved the ore in an incredibly brief time. Waving, Oki and his bear companion who had simply been following, doing nothing, turn and leave, satisfied at a job well done. Of course, the money reward was going directly to the damages he had to pay off. Damages from what, you may ask? Well, the damages from his singing. Yes, singing. It’s a long story. So long in fact, that it was broken up into two threads. A great way to make an introduction, if the bear ninja says so himself.


Trading reward for a D rank jutsu


Words to use: 155

Speed trained to E-2 using 150 WC
5 words discarded


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