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Yuuto Inuzuka

@Shogo Misao

Yuuto crashed out of the wall, landing in a heap on the street. The moonlight beamed down on him, almost brighter than the sun. Coughing, and groaning, Yuuto dragged himself back up into a seated position.

"God... damn... summoning..." he got out between coughs, climbing to his feet unsteadily. Then out through the gaping hole came... another Yuuto. Colliding with the first, both were knocked off their feet and left lying in the dust.

Their opponent, a tall individual, entered the gap in the building. Laughing, he hefted the bag of stolen jewels. "Stupid child, trying to best me!" he laughed, as the hulking mass of a bear joined the man. Yuuto snarled at the man, his teeth bared. "You can't get away, we have your exit covered!"

"That's what you think... Bear! Attack!"
The Bear turned and looked at the man. "Bear?" it said.
"BEAR!? I am Mundus, Lord of the Bears! You can get yourself out of this situation!" And with a burst of smoke, it vanished. Yuuto chuckled.
"Bears... So temperamental..." he said with a sly grin.

The man turned and bolted, so Yuuto and Yuuto-Yuki gave chase. At least, until they crested a corner and collided with...


Personal Theme: Yuuto's Theme

Battle Theme: Yuuto and Yuki attack!

Happy Theme: Yuuto and Yuki running free

Grief and Sorrow: The Passing

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