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1 Doctor Yasuo Ch. 1 [Mission/P] on Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:03 pm



Special Jounin
Mission name: In Case of Emergency [Repeatable]
Mission rank: B
Objective: Handle the ER for the day
Location: Kiri Hospital
Reward: 300
Mission description: You have been assigned to the Emergency Room. Help out any patients that come in.
Mission details: May only be taken by a shinobi with Medical Ninjutsu as a specialty. Now that you are farther along in your medical training, you have been entrusted with the ER. Anything and everything or nothing at all [you decide!] could come through those doors, and you are expected to deal with it as best as you can. NPCs may be invented as needed, or this mission may be taken as a group [all members must have Medical Ninjutsu as a specialty].

The hospital was quiet, peaceful even on this summer day. A warm sun and cool air. The smell of sea salt and flowers in the air. Patients awaited treatment and were given such as their families waited patiently in the lobby fearing nothing. Few deaths had been announced in the past week and fewer occurred at the hospital. Newborn babies were born as bright and healthy as ever and not a single mother lost. Children came in went for their shots with minimal crying, leaving feeling happy that despite their sore arms as they enjoyed their ice cold popsicles on their way out with concerned parents who made sure they won't get a cavity later. The patients enjoyed new amenities to further aid their recovery as the hospital received extra funding.

An elder old man who lost his vision stood outside with his nurse and grand kids. He smiled as the sun ray warmed his face and the joyful squeals of his grand kids. Even though they could've been out with their friends playing in the park, building sand castles and such they decided to spend their time with him; a warm fuzzy feeling erupted in his heart. This peace he knew was fragile but he strives to keep it. He was one of the luckier ones to have made it to old age and survived through many wars. If only, he hoped, that the conflict between Kumo and Kiri could been solved peacefully. He wished to see no more suffering. But alas those were the plights of a disabled old man.

A sound of alarm rose as a squadron of shinobi were carried in gurneys inside. Orders were given out they needed immediate attention however because it were a lax day and medics were needed on the front lines for the excursion, the hospital per usual were understaff. Tensions rose in the lobby room as a nurse tried to calm down a fiery red hair woman who was barking out order, demanding attention. But before it could escalate, a certain kurohebi walked inside the room creating an immediate chill in the air. The woman and some of her companions feel as if death loomed in the air and in sudden frenzy of fear, launched at few kunai at a person who thankfully had enough timing to have them lodged in a book they were reading.

Yasuo put the book down and sighed at the loss of reading material, ignoring how a nurse cried from them as another yelled the shinobi for attacking a doctor, even if they were afraid them too. However as soon as Yasuo was identified as a doctor, the woman and her team gave them a look over. Yasuo stood there wearing a pair of glasses and in typical doctor grab with a bright white happi with medic inscribed on the back and a pure black yutaka. Seeing Yasuo odd demeanor of their demonic looking eyes, piercing and tattoos, the woman screamed back at nurse to stop playing around and get her a real doctor. However Yasuo’s voice as monotone as it was boomed, silencing all in the lobby “Madame. I suggest you quiet down. We are in a hospital and you are disturbing the patients” their voice held a power too them even though it grew no louder in volume nor held any malice.

The medic was much younger than the team yet they felt wiser, and respectable. And that power that radiated, that aura of death sent chills down their spine. They froze as Yasuo glided across the floor and gave the men on the gurneys a look over, only one in particular stood out who was losing a startling amount of blood and was groaning in pain at probably worsened due to the yelling but by then, somehow one way or the other, the redhead woman had gathered enough courage to talk back to Yasuo who sensed her and put their fingers to her lips “Unless you wish to see your friend pass on to the next life you will be silent”

The sudden put down shut the woman right up as her face turned white yet her knuckles clenched as she was reminded of her failure to protect him, to protect her friend. In her anger, she had forgotten the purpose of coming her as being high on adrenaline she didn’t think about the consequences and ignored the aid her friends so desperately needed. And now one of them may lose their life because she couldn't even keep a level head. Their leader failed them and she felt worse than she did before as the thought about her mistakes. Her teammates too froze up seeing her shut up and they felt a sudden chill in their hearts, but despite everything the ominous aura around Yasuo paled in comparison to what could happen to their friend.

Now with total peace, Yasuo began to bark out some order to nurses who began preparing for surgery. One of the patients required immediate aid if he was going to see the next sun rise while the others had minor injuries and could wait. So he was catered off to prepared for surgery as best as possible whilst Yasuo followed, giving order to the nurses and putting on a surgical robe and mask. The woman and her team tried to follow but were held back by a pair of nurses who escorted them to a waiting room. Yasuo could not be disturbed. They needed silence.

Assistants filed into the room and gave Yasuo a run down of intel from the diagnosis jutsu. The patient was Uchiha Rune who was on a mission with his team to eliminate one of the various pirate gangs and take their goods. Unfortunately their scout had not returned and they moved forward anyway on their leader’s commands but they grossly underestimated their enemies numbers and were overwhelmed. The squadron sustained heavy injuries but managed to retreat as back up arrived to deal with the threat. Rune for their affiliation with the Uchiha was targeted for his eyes and was dealt heavy injuries that required open heart surgery. The clock was ticking and they had even less time than usual as no one on the squad was a medic and could alleviate some of the burden. No matter, Yasuo would not let their patient die.

Yasuo nodded at the information before they gave the run down to their assistants. Medic A began giving a blood transfusion as medics B and C used their chakra to put the patient under anesthesia. Medic D began to sanitize the area as a nurse stripped their patients of their clothes leaving only their undergarments. Once the prep was done Yasuo exchanged their glasses for a pair more suited for surgery and began. Yasuo took their medical kit and used their scalpel to cut a 10 in cut into their chest. Afterwards, the medics padded down the blood and handed Yasuo another tool as they peeled away the skin and muscles, exposing part of the patient's’ breastbone. Yasuo was then handed a surgical saw as they cut away parts of the patients breast bone to expose the heart. Medic A hooked the patient up to a heart-lung bypass machine which would move blood away from the heart so Yasuo can perform surgery.

Their main task at hand was draining blood and preventing blood clots from forming. A few shots here and there helped to minimize possible infection and extra asthenia was given to keep the patient under. The heart monitor beeped along, as the patient struggled to keep going. It seems that their was an issue with some arteries so Yasuo used a healthy artery to make a new path around the blocked arteries. Their skill careful hands did it record time and now the blood was flowing were it needed to be. Once the main task was done, Yasuo closed the breastbone with wire, leaving the wire in the blood before stitching up the original cut and cleaning the area. The medical assistants watch with bated breath for a moment until the heart began bumping as needed. Yasuo declared the surgery a success and had the patient moved into the Intensive Care Unit where they will spend the next few days in recovery.

The patient was provided with IV tubes to provide fuilds and a catheter tube in their bladder to remove urine. Other tubes were implemented to drain the fluids around the heart and the uchiha was hooked up to a heart monitor. Of course as soon as the surgery was over the red head and her team demanded to see how their teammate was doing but Yasuo scolded them they the patient could not have visitors at this time but they did not move. Instead the waited by the door until they could. Shaking their head, Yasuo moved on as they were called to go help other patients.

1501/1500 Mission Complete




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SC Stat: +1 SPD +1 REA +1 PER -1 END
Missions Completed: D [2] C [2] B [3] A [0] S [0]
Medical Ninjutsu [S] Ninjutsu [A] Suiton [S] Fūton [C]

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