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1 Don't Leave Part 1 [KentaxNaota Fanfiction] on Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:36 pm



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Disclaimer: I have permission to write this

It was a troubling time in the Village Hidden in The Leaves. Change was in the village and roots have been upheaval. A man long since thought to be dead had returned: Kenta Inzuka. Kage. Ally. Father. Husband. Friend. For years, Naota could never let it go; his best friend's disappearance. It felt as if a hole was left inside him but the man moved on for he was an alpha and could not let his pack fall. But unfortunately not everyone shared the same sentiment. Whilst Michi along with many in the village grieved for the Inuzuka, others celebrated. The same bastards were the one to lock him away, for now that the Inuzuka could protect him, he was left to fend for himself and despite his immeasurable strength, the beast fell and was caged; thrown away in a dark pit and forgotten.

It was only until recently had he managed to get out as a free man. But he was no longer the same man he once was. The confines of his small cell had broken him inside even though he assured everyone he was alright. He was not easily broken he told himself. He kept telling himself that so he could believe it too. After all, he had to be strong, for his himself, for the village, and his daughter...a daughter he never knew he had. Him! A father! Or least one he tried to be. He was never good with things like that  but the man could try. He could fell villages in one swoop. His enemies fled in the sight of him. He was Naota. He was HANZO!

But at the end of the day, he was only a man who barely knew how to carry himself...

Sometimes, he still went to the grave erected in Kenta's honor for those who had not forgotten him. He liked to go there and sit down, sipping on some sake, Kenta's favor kind, and pour him a drink. He reminisced and told 'Kenta' stories about the things he went through, how Jinx was doing, how Michi and the kids were, and how he missed him. In the end, even in death, Kenta was always Naota's confidant.

So why...why was he not told of his return! Why was everyone fed the lie he was dead! Gone from the world! Does the bastard think himself over them! Above Naota! He used all his willpower not to storm out of the village to find him. Screw the council he said! A bunch of cowards all in it for their own self interests. But when he was at the village gate, looking over his home, something stopped him. Kenta's memory stopped him. No, he thought, this wasn't what Kenta would've wanted. He loved his village with all his heart. Kenta's place he would protect it...for him.

And yet what did it all amount to.


Nothing at all.

The man he thought dead returned. The same man he mourned. The man he aimed to be. The man whose memory he lived for.

...the man he loved

He was gone all this time and hadn't bothering sending word. Not a single letter. What could've been so urgent that he didn't called for Naota. Naota was no weakling. He could've easily helped him! He could stood by him! He could've fought by him. SO WHY WAS HE FUCKING ABANDONED!?

Enraged, the Uchiha stormed past the guards into the tower, ignoring the surprised calls. One even dared to stop him but was blocked by a wall of amateratsu. No one would stop him on his war path. And when he reached his office, he ripped the door off its hinges roaring "Kenta!"

And in a shine of light, as if his vision cleared, a familiar Inuzuka, stood there in his desk, looking up from his paperwork and stopped conversing with the assistant by his side. He turned his head, looking at who interrupted his meeting and when he saw Naota, his eyes soften greeting his old friend "It's been a long time hasn't it....Naota"

Just like that, the Uchiha felt his anger wither away and with a heavy sigh he smiled back and nodded "Understatement of a lifetime"

It was silent until the pair laughed at the awkward exchanged. Kenta chuckled and something warm inside Naota grew back. A feeling he forgotten for many years. Kenta offered Naota a seat and dismissed his assistant before putting his hand on his shoulder "We have a lot to discuss"....

[Later that day. 12:34 AM. Naota's House]

A pair of drunk friends' laughs were booming in the night as they sang along the path and went inside Naota house. Naota barked in laughter before gasping for air as they settled down onto his couch. He turned towards Kenta "And what of the princess' fanboy?" he asked to Kenta who fell beside him onto the couch who grinned, smirking at the question; a devious look in his eye before he answering "He swore to forever uphold the way and became a devoted worshiper. He travels the nations spreading the Way of the Log in hopes of one day to be rewarded with the princess' hand in marriage" That statement sent the pair both into thundering laughs...

Naota felt great. Sure he was a little anger earlier but at the end of the day, his best friend was back and that was all that matter. And he has never felt so alive in years. When Naota grew silent, Kenta turned towards his fear to catch him staring "Naota are you okay? Are you still mad at me?" The Inuzuka felt concerned. He thought after their discussion Naota would understand his reasons for leaving but perhaps it was a bit earlier to expect such a thing. After all, everyone thought he was dead for the last few years so its bound to be disorientating for some. However Naota smiled carelessly as his face grew red from the alcohol "No, no I'm not mad" Naota chuckled and leaned over the couch falling onto Kenta's shoulder for support and spoke in a low somber voice "I'm glad you're back. We all missed you.....I...miss you"

Heartbroken at seeing his friend so distressed, Kenta felt ashamed for all he put his best friend through. Holding Naota by the shoulders he looked him in the eye "Naota, I'm sorry for putting you through this" and in a sudden swiped, pulled the Uchiha into a hug "I'm sorry"

...Naota mumbled at a frequency too low for even Kenta too hear. "What was that?" he asked facing the Uchiha once again who looked down. A dark looked across his face and he mumbled once more. "Naota?" Kenta squeaked out before suddenly he was forcibly put beneath Naota who loomed over him "If you're so fucking sorry then why did you leave!" he roared.

Kenta tried to speak "I told you I had to protect the villag"

"Bullshit!" Naota face burned with fury and his sharigan spun widely.

For the first time in his life, Kenta was genuinely afraid of his friend. Sure he had gotten him mad before but it was nothing like this. "Naota! I'm sorry okay! But you need to calm do-" He was interrupted as Naota's lips crashed against his in a deep chaste kiss. His tongue twirled in a messy fashion yet he still felt it. Kenta's head spun and his hips bucked beneath Naota who growled in satisfaction. When it broke, Kenta was left sputtering, gasping for air and looked towards Naota with wide eyes.

He only smirked deviously as some sort of thing inside him broke "No" he spoke in a deep husky voice "I'm make sure to can never leave me again" And he descended

Perhaps it was the alcohol. The lack of sleep. Or pent up frustration. All Naota knew he would make sure Kenta never left his side again. Even if he things would never be the same again.

You'll never leave me again

Part 1 is done (mainly cause battery dying).

Naota no longer feels the restraints of his sober mind. No instead tonight he will let Kenta know how he feels. Even if it tears him apart inside.

Tune in next time for Don't Leave Part 2 lemon edition coming soon!



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