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Oki Kuma

Oki Kuma

Wet rocks. That was what was everywhere, the sky clouded from the recent rainfall that had showered over the land of stone. Treelines and grass was covered with a wet line, dew from what could be deemed the morning shower glistening from what little rays of sunshine there were. The village was slowly building up in business, people getting back to their daily routine after having slept, or avoided the rain. Yet here, among the slowly building crowd, a large man and his pet bear stood, a piece of paper in his hand.

Standing at a colossal height, this man was covered from head to toe in a thick, black hair, even at the back of his hands. His pale skin was contrasted by this, and further emphasises the small black goatee he has, his hair looking as if he was just struck by lightning. He wore a long white jacket, a chain wrapped around his neck like one could expect a scarf. His legs were protected by little more than combat shorts, his clawed feet, protected by combat sandals. His fingers, where should be nails, were sharp, pointed talons, like the claws of a wild animal. On the back of his jacket, a large bear paw, the symbol of the Kuma clan, was in a stark black. The Iwagakure forehead protector was situated on the man’s neck, the metal plate facing outwards from his throat. The bear at his side mimicked this placement of forehead protector. To anyone looking from a distance, the only way to distinguish this man from the bear would be two things. His hair was darker than the caramel of the bear, and he was in fact a larger bulk. And this duo of bears was the Yogi and Booboo of Iwagakure. Oki Kuma and Debu the bear.

Oki looked to the piece of paper in his hand, nodding resolutely to himself. His mission today was to stop a group of academy students who were clearly having too much time on their hands. Were it just graffiti, the band would probably be a non-issue. After all, according to reports, they were only children. But it was more than such a minute crime. Theft, and bullying of other children. Shaking his head in shame at the actions of these academy students, Oki walked off to go deal with the problem, the rather chubby bear that was Debu plodding behind him. Cracking his knuckles, he decided the best matter of approach was the simple one.

The first step, was to find the gang. According to rumours, a beloved haunt of the group was towards the west side of the village. Oki couldn’t quite figure out why, but he didn’t care for the specifics on why a place like that is their favourite place to cause havoc. He didn’t even understand why they were causing havoc. But regardless of the why, they couldn’t continue to cause such troubles. Luckily, while he wasn’t smarter than the average bear, Oki was physically intimidating enough to be respected and not messed with too often. He was, after all, tremendous in size. 6’5 wasn’t something to scoff at, especially if you’re someone as young as these gang members.

Deciding the best place to look for a ninja gang would be the shadows, the shadows were Oki’s first place to search. Well, ninja student, but being ninja students, they’d be edgy and obvious, right? Like a historical figure from the hidden leaf village, and probably the entire Uchiha clan. Of course, Oki knew none of this, but fourth wall breaks are always amusing. So, with the line of thought of where to search in mind, the large man began his search, ready to apprehend and disband the fiendish kids. So, bear at his side, he made his way through the alleys and streets of the western side of Iwagakure, looking specifically for signs of the children being nearby. Graffiti.

Having an idea of brilliance, Oki came up with a plan to lure the gang out of hiding. Taking off his jacket, he proceeded to dress Debu up to appear somewhat like him, instructing Debu to stand on his back two legs and lean against the wall. Debu was okay with this idea and did as instructed, after all, doing so generally meant a good treat. As was planned, and somehow successful, Oki watched from the rooftop as the group emerged from around the corner and surrounded his bear, mistaking Debu for a fat tourist they could rob. Oki counted a total of five, all rather small. Of course, they were probably average for their age in terms of height, but Oki was not the best judge of that. Everyone was small to the bear man.

Before the group of five could realise they had fallen for a trap, Oki struck, substituting himself with Debu in an instant and appearing before the academy students. Laughing slightly, the bear man gestured his arms wide in an almost taunting fashion. The middle most student and gang member, drawing a kunai, charged at the bear man, shouting out as if doing a battle cry. Oki of course, decided to go for the subtle approach. Waiting for the child to draw close, Oki suddenly moved his hand to intercept the bladed weapon, allowing the kid to stab him in the hand before clasping his hand around the child’s, trapping him in place. Leaning his arm back as if to go in for a massive punch, Oki swung directly towards the child’s face, and at the last second… Stopped, and gently bapped the kid on the forehead. “You are academy students, no? That means you must do what you can to protect the village, not terrorise it! You’ll be let off with a warning this time, but please children, think about what you’ve done.” The bear man announced, releasing his grip and plucking the kunai out of his flesh as if it were just a splinter. With a satisfied nod, he gave the child his knife back, and sent them on their way, the five each apologising as they fled.

Laughing heartily at the job completed, Oki moved on to the next task at hand. How to get a fat bear down from a roof.

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