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Clan: Fyuri.

Kekkei Genkai: 'Divy Haath' (दिव्य हाथ ~ Divine Hands).

Elements: None.

Specialization: Kugutsu (Puppetry).

Location: Sunagakure.

Clan History: 'Puppetry is done in the shadows, failing to conceal yourself will lead to your death.'

  • Calico the Founder ~ Throughout the shinobi world, puppetry was a specialised skill that was barely used across the world. Techniques of controlling puppets were a mere scrapped strategy, with the rare case of its use being overwhelming. With it being such an intricate yet flawed way of combat, or so it was thought by one of the founding clansmen of Sunagakure, 'Calico Fyuri' would decide to shape and manipulate puppetry into a new form of speciality. The village was all for increasing this idea as increasing strengths and developing new techniques were the key to their success in future wars to come, and thus Calico began his research with the village backing him with funds. Gathering numerous shinobi from across the village hidden in the sand, Calico began gaining knowledge from many different shinobi and it was to look like his research was a success... If only.

    As sand began to erode the stone relics that lay scattered across the baron wastelands surrounding the village, Calico had still not developed a new technique and it had already been 5 years. With no fruit from his studies the leaders of Sunagakure had no choice but to stop funds and issue mandatory cease to his studies as his skills were needed for the battlefield. Infuriated due to his belief of being close to his answer he had been longing to reach, Calico pleaded with elders with both tears and rage, as he truly believed he had not wasted his last five years. However the village thought otherwise and he was instantly dismissed, however Calico was free at heart, and without the support of his village, took venture to an abandoned oasis far off from the village and alongside the border of the land of wind. It wasn't long till the village caught wind of his disappearance and thus sent their specialist hunting unit at the time to track him down and return him to the village where dire consequences awaited him.

    It would take only a few months until Calico was found, which was quite remarkable considering the vast expanse the desert spread across. Finally confronting Calico and now completely surrounding him, the revealed a new order they had received from the village elders. If Calico refused to return he was to be silenced, as he knew too much and was way too valuable to other villages. However Calico smiled and spread his arms out saying one line, and one line only. "Silence me, if you dare." Baffled at his response as the unit had him surrounded with a total of 6 people, they all kept their cool as they prepared for attack, but nothing would surprise them more than would befall them next. As their eyes peered upon Calico, they would notice that his finger tips would begin to excrete chakra slowly until shaping and growing into thin chakra strings. And within a few seconds, their bodies would be laying across the oasis, however the were just unconscious. Carrying his recent pursuers back to Sunagakure, Calico would be greeted by the village anbu and was escorted to the village elders for questioning. After unveiling his new technique to the elders and showing the fruits of his studies, he was to now reveal his secrets to the village for the upcoming wars.

  • Bloodline ~ As tragedies of destruction spread across the world, Sunagakure was in dire need of its new found technique developed by Calico and his students, however Calico had reached a problem with his teachings. It seemed his abilities could not be taught, which was the ability to manipulate the chakra strings with an immense amount of versatility. You see his bloodline carried the ability to immensely control chakra from outside their body, or more specifically chakra strings. So much in fact that they could materialise into a weapons that could lash out strike foes. But it didn't stop there, as each day a new use would come to fruit, from attaching to clouds to glide across the sky, to sticking to people as a use of web, the usage and versatility of this skill was unheard off. It was simply a shame he couldn't teach his students this new ability. And thus he would be sent out to battle, returning to the village every month and so with new scars across his body and burns across his soul. It would take many years until he came back in a body bag. His actions in the war had been a strong factor to Sunagakure's success, as now land was gained by his efforts and the rest of the militia, and just as this seemed the end of the Fyuri bloodline, it was simply just the beginning. Being the ladies man he was, Calico bore many kids and taught them the ways of 'Divy Haath.'

    As years would pass the remnants of Calicos legacy began to fruit as each child with the inherited power utilised their bloodlines power and as their age began to fruit into young adults, so would their abilities. However once again becoming tools of war, their lives were decided how they were to be used before their own choices. It was a classic act of modern war times, which lead to a slow fear to stem within the villagers, as their power could now be easily used to destroy the village if they chose too. And this eventually happened, as civil wars broke out across the village and the 'Fyuri's' had to choose sides. With their sway leading to a surge of influence over the outcome, the only way to restore peace throughout the village was to in fact cull the clan. With outrage of how humane this decision was, the elders decided to keep in secret, and to only keep the mission information toward the elders and anbu. It was then that the ANBU had started their mission, assassinating any Fyuri clansmen that could be found, however the clansman would eventually put two and two together and decide on what to do, their only problem was that they weren't truly a clan, but simply loner individuals who had excelled in their separate fields. It was then when one man stood and rose from the Fyuri clan, and decided to end the senseless killing of his fellow clansman. He chose to bring the clan together and make a decision to help the civil war cease. After making the decision and confronting the Kazekage at the time, it was there the decision was made to cease all actions and have the Fyuri clan stop the war, which after a single week would surprisingly happen.

    With peace now restored and now a brighter, stronger future for not only the Fyuri clan, but the entire village, the clansman couldn't help but still feel hurt by the decision to cull them, with or without reason of if the participated in the war. Blood had already spilt and it was a memory that would stick to them till the ends of their lives.

Kekkei Genkai Description: 'Divy Hath' is a versatile form of Kugutsu (puppetry) which is used to manipulate the chakra strings differently to the traditional way, and thus not be used for puppets and more for actual combat. With several techniques into doing so, the main techniques would be refining and condensing chakra into the strings, creating whips that could slice through flesh, let alone rocks and wood. But by transmuting its resistance and thinning its density; the user could create barely visible elastic chakra strings which could attach to objects to divert mobile objects or even pull his body across a battlefield (who's spidey senses are tingling?).

Drawbacks: Whilst the kekkai genkai of the clan is indeed powerful and versatile, there are some drawbacks. The techniques on their own have no elemental advantage over other jutsu. Whilst the user also suffers from the 'Hesitant (Element)' draw back due to the specific need of concentration through their life on the Divy Hath. This special characteristic cannot be balanced with a positive. In addition; the chakra strings can only emit from the users hands and feet.

Members: TBA.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Kundee (Latch | कुंडी)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: C-A.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: N/A.
Range: 15m.
Specialty: Kugutsu. (Puppetry)
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description: A technique utilising the 'Divy Hath' kekkai genkai in which the user swiftly concentrates chakra to their fingers tips in both hands, transmuting the chakra into a lighter, thin and elastic coiled chakra strings. The user may then surge the chakra outward; firing five strings from each finger (10 in total) which can extend 15m away from the user and latch onto anything solid. Utilising their immense chakra control the user can manipulate how strong the elasticity is, and thus can pull their bodies to an object, or manipulate an object within reason. The use of this jutsu is proportionate to how strong the user is, as he can only pull his body toward heavier objects than himself. However manipulating objects can be achieved differently. At C level strength; two strings are needed to manipulate a basic ninja tool, five strings are needed to manipulate fuma shuriken/logs/stones, and ten strings are needed to manipulate a boulder (100kg max)/objects of this weight class. At each rank above C level strength, the user needs half the amount of strings to manipulate those objects, with odd numbers rounding up to the higher number. The strings are barely visible such as chakra strings, but can be seen normally with a rank of perception equal to the rank of the jutsu.  

Name: Dhaar (Edge | धार)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: B.
Type: Offensive.
Element: None.
Range: 10m.
Specialty: Kugutsu. (Puppetry)
Duration: Instant.
Cooldown: 6 posts.
Description:  A technique utilising the 'Divy Hath' kekkai genkai in which the user swiftly concentrates chakra to their fingers tips in one hand, transmuting the chakra into a denser, potent coiled chakra string. The user than swipes their arm outward, unleashing 5 chakra strings 10m's long outward and pulls them across their body unleashing five chakra strings upon the opponent. Each string can slice 4 inches into skin and flesh. The chakra string dissipate into thin air after the full motion of the swipe has ended. The speed of the strings are 35m/s.

Name: Beendhana (Pierce | बींधना)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: S.
Type: Offensive.
Element: None.
Range: 100m.
Specialty: Kugutsu. (Puppetry)
Duration: 2 posts.
Cooldown: 10 posts.
Description: A technique utilising the 'Divy Hath' kekkai genkai in which the user swiftly concentrates chakra to their fingers tips in one hand whilst transmuting the chakra into a denser, potent coiled chakra string. The user than channels their chakra to emit a constant amount of condensed chakra string forming a spear of constantly moving chakra extending a total of 2 meters. Being light for the user as the spear is pure chakra the user than may throw the spear. The radiating white spear is capable of plunging through flesh and piercing bone due its condensed power and sheer speed of 70m/s, as contact with vital organs would leave one to a swift death. Capable of piercing through A rank steel.

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So.... they do different things with chakra strings? Wanna go into more detail? Cos chakra string jutsu are kinda something 'most' puppet users can do. ATM it doens't seem like you're doing anything. :)


Look fine.


1/ Seems fine.

2/ Lower cuts by an inch (2-3 inches for B rank) and 35mp/s is max speed, one of these will need to not be at maximum value.

3/ also fine.


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