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1 Drunken Disorder (C-rank Mission) on Sat Sep 24, 2016 8:04 am


Mission name: Drunken Disorder
Mission rank: C
Objective: Remove the unruly patrons.
Location: Kirigakure - Kiri Bar
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The owner of the Kiri Bar has contacted us because of unruly patrons. Unruly patrons at Kiri Bar aren't a rare sight, but recently they have been getting out of hand and are causing his other patrons to not return. He is loosing revenue. You are asked to make sure that unruly patrons are removed from the premises so that they do not disturb others and that they do not destroy items in the bar or get into fights outside.
Mission details: For one night you are to remove the unruly patrons with force and make sure that they do not hang around outside waiting until you leave. You may not kill the unruly patrons. Killing a patron will result in and auto fail. You must deal with at least 4 people. Two of them must be civilians but this does not make them weak. They will be loud and will fight back. And you will also have to deal with at least 1 who is at least a genin in rank. The fourth is up to you.

The Kiri Bar… It was a competing business to her own bar, but with the atmosphere greeting her eyes, Akira was relieved. The patrons weren’t as rowdy as in her bar, and weren’t as overbearing in quantity. Despite that, it seemed the owner needed some rude customers thrown out, and Akira was more than happy to oblige. While at first conflicted about helping someone else in the industry, the green light from her employers apart from Kirigakure no Sato had convinced her to take up the mantle of loyal ninja and perform the C-rank mission to the best of her ability, fulfilling what was required of it without any attempt at sabotage.

It was strange. One would think they wanted this place trashed. Few would miss it, and the owner’s connections to the underground would stop him from seeking a full legal inquiry into the state of his business. He had his hands tied, but yet her employers wanted her to clean up his mess. Perhaps they had become wrapped up in one of his scandals?

A job was a job, she supposed. She sat at the bar, leaning against the counter on the rotating stool with a drink in hand, vest unzipped to invite any man brave enough to take a peek at her cleavage. So far, no one had been brave enough to venture a meter towards her, leaving an awkward sensation around the room as she was seated in the smack middle of the bar. The bartender seemed to have a nice time appreciating the soft locks draped over her shoulder, and her suppression of the normal violence that had plagued this bar the past few nights was a welcome change of pace to the customers he’d had to personally throw out. Akira was familiar that it was bad for reputation, but her looks had always reigned in more patrons than she threw out.

It was a real pity this place wasn’t one with hers. She could see the vintage photographs that hung slanted on the walls adding a romantic atmosphere to the place that only drew in customers desperate for a night of release. She folded her legs, long thighs inviting to any man daring enough to intrude, while her elbows rested bravely on the counter, beer glass dangling from her right, half-finished.

Was tonight going to be calm?

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2 Re: Drunken Disorder (C-rank Mission) on Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:27 am


Several hours had flew by since she’d stepped foot in the bar. She’d retreated to one of the booths when the bartender in charge had shooed her. Apparently her bravado was losing him customers. Foolishness, she was helping him keep the peace! So what if she killed some business? She was doing her duty of keeping the bar safe. No one mentioned she couldn’t have some personal gain for her own business. Despite what her employers said, she doubted they wanted this bar to thrive more than their own.

A man dropped down into the booth, sitting beside her and slamming his glass of beer down with a generous spillage. He wrapped one meaty hand around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him, but she drowned out his compliments as his two friends settled in the seats opposite their own. An internal sigh. These men were enjoying themselves far too much, but it wasn’t until she noticed that large, burly men such as themselves had filled the bar that she began to grow suspicious. Perhaps these were the men in question?

The bartender was serving them as was his job, and there was no indication he wanted them gone. Whatever. She would play along for now. With that, she faked her smile and leaned into his touch, keeping a small coating of chakra at the ready for in case she was expected to pound these people into the ground, as they were already roughing up some spots, but not in a manner uncharacteristic of drunks at this hour.

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