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Mission name: Academy Gang
Mission rank: C
Objective: Catch and stop a gang of academy brats that are committing petty crimes around Iwagakure.
Location: Iwagakure
Reward: 140
Mission description: Some academy students formed a gang and are involved in criminal light actions. They paint graffiti, steal from citizens and they have even been found beating up other kids for not joining them. Your mission is to catch and stop the gang by any means, force not recommended.
Mission details: The gang consists of five academy students, of which none is over ten years old. They have basic knowledge of the clone jutsu and each one of them has one kunai. The rest is entirely up to you. 1000 Wordcount.
It was a scene plucked from a movie. A bulky academy student holding a smaller peer by the scruff of his collar. His right hand was cocked back, threatening a punch. Deafening chants rose into the air in the less visited parts of the sprawling village. Among the crowds stood a cloaked woman, hooded in black, leaning against a building on the opposite side of the road, while the two stars of attention were centered in the alleyway within her sights. Amber eyes watched sharply through the crowd, reading the instigator’s lips. There was mention of lunch money, before shaking of the boy continued. The entire crowd bellowed in laughter at the meek kid’s misfortune; his tearing up only enthused them further.

Volume of cheers skyrocketed as the small frame was lifted up, and the punch was thrown. Everyone present expected to hear the crack of the boy’s nose, but what they received were the bully’s anguished screams. A glowing, red liquid had caught his assault midway, and it took no genius to figure out that it was lava. He tried to pull his hand out, crying as he did so; the pain wasn’t intense, but the fear very much so. The little victim scrambled to his feet, joining the majority of the crowd who dispersed at the very clear sign of ninjutsu. Other, more central members of this illegal gathering rushed to their boss’ side, trying to help but with absolutely no clue how. One did not simply touch lava and find oneself stuck.

“So it looks like you boys are playing again today,” Cinderella spoke up. The deserted streets carried the message to the five boys across the street.

“It’s her!” they quivered.

“Oh, do I know you?” she taunted, squinting her eyes and bending down condescendingly to get a better look. “Oh, I remember now.” The words flowed from her lips in a drawl. “I gave you a good workout two weeks ago, didn’t I? And to think you’re already back at this.”


The five foolishly ran off in one direction, and Cinderella tsked as an earth wall rose in front of them, cutting off their escape, fully blocking off the street. Had they known the Supernatural Walking Practice, it would’ve been easy to climb over the obstacle. However, their pause was more than enough proof to cement Cinderella’s suspicion that they lacked the very choice of jutsu that could’ve saved their asses… not that Cinderella didn’t have a contingency plan for if they did. Had they climbed over, they’d have been met with a vat of cool lava, not dangerous enough to incapacitate them but wide, deep and viscous enough to trap them.

The leader turned back to her, looking at his searing right hand. They seemed conflicted, before rushing to her as a unit. Cinderella scoffed at the arrogance that must’ve sat in their brains. It would seem that a fight, no, a lesson was in order. And here she didn’t want to get her hands dirty.



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It's not about overpowering an enemy, Guest.
It's about taking away what power they have.

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