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Mission name: Defend the Builders (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Defend the builders from the saboteurs.
Location: Kiri
Reward: 180 Ryo
Mission description: “Builders of an outpost on a western island have run into some trouble. Being raided in the night, they’ve requested aid. Defend them!”
Mission details: Ninja will travel to a defensive fort as a relief defence team. During the night they will be attacked by seven masked saboteurs with Molotov cocktails. Repel them and prevent them from burning down the fort.

Another day, another dollar. Or at least, that is what Kairyu hoped as he finally got another mission. It was definitely something a bit harder this time, as it was a C rank mission. Generally, the genin of Kirigakure would be given the easier, low ranked missions. This was so they are easily acclimated into being shinobi- the genin are generally younger and have just graduated. They do not really know how to be real shinobi yet, and they do not have much experience yet as shinobi to even begin to fight others. Kairyu, however, was a bit older. He started being a shinobi a bit older then most, as he walked and talked later then most. His chakra control was also developed later, but when it finally developed, he was clearly a generational talent in his family. Most of them were just farmers, using their skills and talents to cultivate the farms for Kirigakure, in the harshest conditions, like being constantly rained on. They were quite talented. Some of them developed chakra control, but they weren't able to cultivate it as well as Kairyu could. He was the rising star in his family. It was a lot to live up to, especially with the legends his grandfather tells him every day of members in the Natake clan, of figures achieving godlike strength and status within his clan.

Kairyu looked at the mission scroll given to him. It was interesting to say the least. Keep the builders safe. Defend them from saboteurs who are trying to destroy both the builders and the bridge. Of course, this took place a bit further then he thought. He would have to go to an island, and stay awake for many hours, and then defend everything he could. Of course, this also got to the point that Kairyu wondered where they got the information. He shook his head a bit as he kept walking, as he knew he would be on his game for this one. He was going to be fighting, and he needed to figure out how to fight by himself versus these saboteurs.

Kairyu made sure he had his weapon on him. Although it was ornamental, it was a family weapon passed down through the generations. Although the weapon was not as good as it used to be, it was still quite good for fighting. It was cleaned everyday, and sharpened as well. It was ready for anything to occur. And Kairyu was too. Although his ninjutsu was not the greatest, Kairyu knew he was a great swordfighter. He was also strong enough to deal with anything, or at least he felt like he was.

Kairyu was finally near the destination. It was closer to the evening, almost time for these people to come attack the island. The mission details were very clear- defend the builders so that there won't be another attack on them, as well as to be able to make sure the builders were still alive. It was a difficult mission, and almost out of Kairyu's reach. But if the Kirigakure government felt he could do it, Kairyu also felt that he could as well. Kairyu, of course, was mentally preparing himself. He might have to kill if needed tonight. It was something he has thought about before, but he has never done. It was definitely something he would need to be used too, as a weapon for the village. Sometimes, he put that thought out of his head. Yet, right now, the fact that he was a weapon for the village was brought to the forefront of his mind. He was about to fight, and he needed to act like a shinobi at this moment.

Kairyu noticed a boat the government left for him, allowing him to travel across the sea. He nodded towards the helms head, the person who was driving the boat towards the builders' outpost. He knew that this person was probably waiting to get home, as it was getting pretty late. But Kairyu put him out of his head almost immediately. They arrived at the outpost, and he walked into the entrance. He noticed all the builders there, exhausted after a hard day of work. They also seemed frightened, constantly shaking now that they were nearing the night. They all looked up at the tall shinobi with hope in their eyes. They hoped they wouldn't have to be scared for one more night, and they hoped that this man was the answer to all their issues.

Kairyu walked up to what appeared to be the leader of these builders, their manager. He thought it was him because he was carrying a notepad, and seemed to be ordering people around before the night time came. They were preparing to defend their outpost from the invaders, and whoever was able-bodied and not painfully hurt would be the ones assisting on tidying the place up for defense.

"Hey. I'm Kairyu. I'm going to be assisting you tonight.", Kairyu said to the large man. The large man instantly judged Kairyu, looking him up and down, as if to ascertain whether he was fit for the job. Kairyu seemed that he was fine, because the man nodded before speaking to him.

"I hope you got some experience, kiddo. We need a good fighter tonight.", the large man said, before pointing to the roof.

"You'll find a better area to search up there. It's getting late- we are expecting our enemies to come anytime now", the man said before heading off. It looked like they were relying completely on Kairyu on this one. But Kairyu did not mind- he would be able to fight better without the distraction of having to save more lives around him.

Kairyu traveled quickly up the stairs to the rooftop, and sat there with his katana in hand, waiting for the action. As it was already late, the moon light shined bright on the island. It was a beautiful night. The serenity, however, ended almost instantly when Kairyu noticed movement on the island before the entrance. Looks like the perpetrators were here already, ready and waiting to begin their attack. Kairyu jumped down in front of them, seeing four of them clad in cloaks in front of him with bottles in hand. He did not know what the bottles were, but he knew they were up to no good. However, he thought that the outpost would have trouble with more then just four people, so he was still on his guard with everything.

"Well, hello there..", Kairyu said. Without a second to waste, he charged the four, bringing his sword upwards, and striking downwards almost immediately on the one closest to him. The other three immediately swung down their swords as well, hitting Kairyu, when they realized he actually substituted himself with one of the bottles they were holding. The bottle smashed to pieces, pouring gas all over the group of people. Kairyu figured this would happen, and knew this was practically his only chance to do anything he could about this group immediately. They immediately backed off, hoping to gang up on him again before he could do anything bad, as he merely just switched behind one of the perpetrator's backs. However, he quickly jumped away, hoping to get some distance between them. However, one of the perpetrators slashed at him before he could, striking his back. His cloak and his back tore, bleeding bright red. It was painful, but a very shallow cut. It was here who realized he was in a real battle. Seriousness overtook him, and his mind starting running quickly. He knew that they are drenched with gas, and that these bottles were molotov cocktails. He needed to be careful himself, since he was doused with some.

Kairyu blocked a couple more strikes before realizing that these people were stronger and faster then him. However, Kairyu had something over all of them. He had technique. Their swords may be stronger and faster, but they had no substance, and Kairyu blocked them with ease. As they were a bit more amateurish then he was, Kairyu started stringing together intricate and complicated sword sequences, aiming at vulnerable areas around the body for these people. Here and there cuts started appearing on all four, with the gas sometimes seeping into the wounds, making them hurt even more. As seconds gone by, they started slowing down more and more, the pain starting to get to them. Of course, this was when a loud sound could be heard on the other side of the island. Kairyu looked up, before he was slashed rather viciously on his chest. The cut was a bit deeper this time, but he was able to dodge most of the attack. The blood started seeping through his wound, the cut happening across his chest. Kairyu shook his head, and knew he needed to do something quick. He took his sword and threw it at the perpetrators, who quickly dodged it, before realizing what his true purpose was. He pointed his finger at the men, and used a very easy Raiton jutsu- Shock Bullets. The electricity built up in his hand, and he shot out the chakra at the perpetrators who were in no position to distort their bodies. They were hit point blank, and each one instantly became covered in flames. Coupled with their wounds, and the damage done to them by Kairyu, they could not move very well, so the flames quickly traveled to their entire bodies, burning them alive.

However, Kairyu did not stick around to see the end of their burning. He was already running to the other side of the island- where he heard the explosion from before. However, he started feeling the effects of his losing blood. He was getting weaker by the second, but he knew he needed to hold on for a bit more. He was going to finish this battle. As Kairyu ran by the burning people, he picked up his weapon, and shook it a bit, tossing some of the blood on the ground. He was ready for the next phase of this fight.

As Kairyu arrived at the other side, he saw some of the outpost burning already. However, the perps were still there, trying to fan the flames so that it spread more. He saw the builders hiding, unwilling to help the burning post. But, he did not care for that. He immediately attacked the three cloaked figures. They seemed to be just as gifted as the others with weapons, meaning Kairyu knew that he would be able to overcome them with his superior sword play. Back and forth he went, weaving in and out of the swords swinging at him. Once again, although they were faster then he was, his technique was much better, so he was able to predict where the swings will go. Over and over again he parried, but he was getting weaker, and the cuts were getting deeper and deeper. His arms were starting to bleed more, as the parries were not as strong as before. He would parry the strike, and it would graze his arm, cutting him. He was starting to bleed rapidly, but it wasn't as if he was just defending. Every now and then he found opportunities to attack, and used these to cut the enemies as well.

But he was getting tired, and they had all the energy in the world. He would need to do something to help himself out, or he would die young. Kairyu pushed the three back with an intricate movement of swords, and saw space finally. He looked around for anything, when he saw what he needed. He recognized that some of the bottles were put down before, and he knew he could use them again. Kairyu formulated his plan quickly, and put it to action. He once again charged the three, this time with one of the bottles in his hand. Right before he came into their faces, he threw the bottle and jumped backwards. Once again, he used Raiton - Shock Bullets, aiming at the bottle. At this point, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The bullets charged towards the 3, and they seemed to want to back up. While Kairyu jumped backwards, bracing himself for the blast. The bullets lodged themselves into the bottle, creating a surge and exploding outwards. Although the explosion was not as large as he wanted, it accomplished exactly what he needed- a distraction. As the three became burned, he charged in again, and delivered the fatal blow. He crouched downwards, slicing the three enemies necks with one swing.

Kairyu then collapsed. He was exhausted. He knew he couldn't do much about the fire now, but he hoped with the perpetrators out of the way, the builders would be able to douse the flames. For now, he collapsed, exhausted. He fell unconscious.

Later, he woke up with the builders over him. He was covered with bandages, and it seemed that he was taken care of. Although some of the outpost was burned, and there was a massive hole in the wall, Kairyu took care of the enemies. The outpost wouldn't be bothered anymore. Kairyu was exhausted, but he had to get home. He needed a good rest after this mission. After thanking the builders for taking care of him while he was out, he started walking towards the boat again. He was ready to go home, and he was ready to eat a good meal.

"Now... time to go eat.", Kairyu said to no one as he got back onto the boat. His stomach was growling, his weapon was bloody and more blunt then before due to the constant use, and he was exhausted. He was looking forward to going home, but the trip was much larger and more arduous then he could ever imagine. With the recent blood loss, he was feeling a lot weaker then usual. But he was ready to get home and eat, to regain some of his lost energy. As he walked home, he looked up into the daylight. He was alive, he was well, and he finished his first C rank mission.

WC: 2384 - 1000 WC (C rank mission) = 1384 words left
Rewards: 180 Ryo
Speed: E-0 -> E-3 (-450 words) = 934 words left
Reaction Time: E-0 -> E-3 (-450 words) = 484 words left
Perception: E-0 -> E-3 (-450 words) = 34 words left



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