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"Give me your coin!"

Red eyes blinked slowly, head tilting to allow raven locks to fall in front of his face over the Hidden Leaf Village headband. Those eyes calmly watched as the speaker reached into his clothing and produced a tanto. The weapon was raised, brandished at the young male. Around him, several figures emerged from the darkened alleyways and doorways, moving to form a circle around him.

"I said give me your fucking wallet!"

Why was he here? He was bored; an enthusiastic walk through the woods might have helped. And it was, until he'd passed through the woods back into the market district. The male was dressed in his normal attire, he was clothed in a long-sleeved black trench coat with slit sleeves and red designs and a white symbol on the left side. His trench coat was red on the inside with red flame-like accents at the bottom and a large emblem on the back, with a white tulip design covered by a red rose design. His lower body was clothed in long black pants and black shoes that are red on the bottom, and black gloves with red emblems on their fore hand, appearing to be a variant of the Greek letter Ω (Omega), the last letter in the Greek alphabet. His headband was on, simply for Identification purposes. It was well known that a Hidden Leaf nin was within the village; word traveled fast when you tip generously at restaurants and arrive with the Hokage. Perhaps this is why the male was in the situation he was in now; surrounded on a dark side street in the Hidden Stone Village.

He was not much worried. The male appeared unarmed; his Jian was left in his hotel room, but that did not matter. Hidden somewhere on his form was a single lone kunai; more than enough for the young man to use if the situation called for it.

"You.. can't be serious."

The leader, if he could even be called that, sneered and spoke again.

"Look it that boys! He does not think we are serious!" Those words earned a chorus of jeers from the group. "Well then. Perhaps I should show you how serious we are." The male sneered again, taking a step closer to Tre. "Maybe when I shove this blade into your side, you'll see how serious I am."

The male winced. Not at the prospect of being harmed himself; the fact that someone wanted to fight him at this hour. It was at the very least three am. And judging by the smell of things, these gentlemen had been drinking. This would not end well. "I am going to have to politely decline again, good sir. You see, I have grown rather attached to my money, and I do not like parting with it unless I am receiving a service. So, unless you happen to have any cupcakes on you or are willing to get down on your knees and blow me, I shall be on my way. Thank you."

The young man turned on heel, exposing his back to the male. As he moved to walk off, the rest of the group closed ranks, blocking him from leaving. Those red eyes narrowed, turning back to the smiling ugly faced leader holding the short sword. "You are really pushing for my money, eh?"

"You damn right, we want your money. We have made that clear, yes?" The tanto wielder stepped closer once more, now five feet from Tre. Releasing a disgusted sound, Tre shook his head, and looked away off to the side. "If you are expecting to leave here with my money, you're going to be upset. So I offer you this trade: You leave now, and you can leave with your lives. This is your only warning."

"frick you!" Rage brimmed within the male's words as moved closer, swinging the tanto at Tre. "I will teach you to frick with me, boy!"

"You are about to have a very bad night." There were no words for what happened next, simply flashes of bright, white light. His mind knew what he wanted; the rest was simply mind over matter. He wanted to strike fear into these people, to cause them to back down. He had no wish to kill them, but they seemed adamant about robbing him. And he was about to show them why this was a bad choice.

From the back of his coat, the light would spread, wrapping itself around his body and solidifying before spreading outward in a grand sweeping gesture. Electricity, pure white electricity, manifested from the male's chakra. As the electricity spread into the air around the young konoha ninja opened, the crackling aura would catch hold of the attaching male and intercept the male's swing as Tre stepped toward him. The young male was only a genin, but with the effects of Raiton: Kai active, his defense consumed his entire body on all sides, preventing the rest of the group from attempting a sneak attack from behind.

As he closed the distance, Tre raised his hands, a simple two fingered poke aimed at a precise pressure point on the attacking male's wrist. His intent was to cause the male to drop the tanto, and in the confusion, Tre would grab it before it could fall to the ground. Would the thief be able to stop him? Quite possibly not; more than likely, he would be blinded for several seconds by the sudden flashing light of the electricity manifesting, as well as convulsing from the electricity surging through him from being in such close proximity to the aura of Raiton: Kai. The situation flashed in the male's mind, a split second before he went into action. And just like he envisioned it, it played out, ending with the Tanto grasped in Tre's right hand, the blade pressed against the group leader's (Or, at least Tre assumed he was) throat. "I did warn you, did I not?" The male pressed the blade harder, enough that a small pearl of red appeared where flesh kissed steel.

"I asked you nicely to leave me be, did I not?" No answer, save for the convulsing from the male as the surges of raiton passed from the blade into his throat. Behind them, the rest of the group was yelling, scrambling and attempting to find a way to separate Tre from their leader. Quickly, Tre pressed the blade harder against the leader's throat, causing him to back up against a wall.

How would this situation play out?

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Type: Defensively
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Range: 1m | 5m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: [Maintainable]
Cooldown: Duration + 2
Description: Similar in function to Lightning Release: Lightning Rod, this jutsu releases Raiton from the body of the user to form an aura, covering their entire body and anything they may happen to be holding with an electrical current. This aura is potent enough to spread one meter into the air around the user, providing a wonderful defense. The strength of this aura is dependent upon the amount of chakra used to form it.
C Rank: The aura is fairly weak at this ranking, able to cause major external bruising or major 1st/minor 2nd degree electrical burn damage at points of contact or the side of the opponent closest to the user.
B Rank: The aura is moderately strong at this ranking, able to cause major 2nd/minor 3rd Degree tissue damage via electrical burns at the points of contact or the side closest to the user. Contact with the electricity formed with this aura will cause death in five posts if contact is not broken for at least one full post.
A Rank: The aura is vastly stronger at this ranking, able to cause major 3rd-degree and 4th-degree tissue damage via electrical burns at the points of contact or the side closest to the user. Contact with the electricity formed by this aura will cause death in three posts if contact is not broken for at least one full post.
Alternatively, this jutsu can channeled into the ground beneath the user to negate and nullify any doton techniques of one rank higher than the jutsu used that would affect the ground within five meters of the user. Using this version of the technique does not grant the user the normal aura so long as they channel into the ground.
Using this technique on water or wet/muddy earth doubles the respective ranges.


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Screams of pain and agony and filling the air around him as he held this man against a wall with a knife and his fury of chakra converted into electricity. As the second ticked by, stretched into eternity, Tre almost wondered why no one came along to investigate the sounds. Sure this was a hidden village? Did they not have ninja patrolling the streets to prevent the very thing that was happening here right now?

What the frick, Iwa?

A small sigh was released from betwixt his lips.

Fine. If Iwa could not police thier own people, then he would do it. He was not happy about it, but he would fucking do it, just to make sure this same thing did not happen again. In a swift movement, his hands were shifted; fist was launched and slammed into the temple of he man he had pressed against the wall, knocking him unconcious with the blow and singing his hair in the process. Given the proximity that Tre had kept the man and for how long, this man would need serious medical attention soon if he wanted to heal properly from those electrical burns that were covering his body. But that did not matter to Tre. What mattered to him was the rest of this pathetic gang, whom he was now turning towards with those glowing red eyes of his.

With the aura of raiton covering his body and the menacing red glow of his eyes, Tre was sure that he was a terrible sight to these men; an electric demon, perhaps? Not that he cared for thier opinions of him at that exact moment. He had given these men a chance to leave him alone, and everyone would have walked away.

"Bother no one."

With a step, the young man vanished from sight, leaving nothing but a streak of light as he moved to slam his body into that of the closest thug. A yell was released into the air as the crackling aura made contact with this man, burning his flesh and causing him intense pain as he was thrown backwards from the force of impact. The final two of the group stood slack jawed and frozen as yet another of them was dispacted with seeming ease. What the hell was going on!? They did not sign up for this; this was supposed to be a quick snatch and grab. Just who was this kid? They did not have long to wonder, Tre was not done with them just yet. Each one would feel his wrath before he was done.

"If someone bothers you, ask him to stop."

Yet again, the young man vanished only to appear and slam into another thug. This time, a knee was driven into the stomach of his target to double him over before an elbow was delivered into his spine to put him down.

Finally, the remaining thug snapped out of daze and tried to run. Rolling his sight into the direction of the male, Tre began to move, chasing him down. It would not take him long to catch this runner but for the running man, it would prove to be a very bad mistake. As Tre came up this man, he dove, rolling past him and striking out with the tanto that he held to slice this running man's achillies tendon. As flesh kissed steel, the surges of elctricity from Tre's Raiton: Kai passed into the man's body, burning the flesh and ensuring the wound would require more than a simple surgery to correct.

But Tre did not care. as the young man stood up, he dusted himself off, that red glow leaving his eyes after a moment.

"If he does not stop, destroy him."

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