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1 Making up Lost time [training] (Ninjutsu C-B) on Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:32 am

Lucario Yamada

Lucario Yamada

Day 1-

The sky was still black as the moon in the sky was setting in the horizon. Lucario walked into the fissure training grounds wearing a different set of clothing for his training session. He wore a sleeveless black shirt, and some loose fitting shinobi pants. Lucario needed to train to become stronger, his current strength was nothing and it felt like everyone around him was surpassing him. He felt useless compared to everyone so he’d try out a new training method that he had been working on developing to help his ninjutsu become more effective.

He bent down grabbing a rock that fit perfectly into his palm, and starred at it for a few seconds. He was going to try a new form of training instead of just blasting one jutsu after another. He sat down crossing his legs still holding onto the rock. Lucario moved his hand holding the rock in front of him and then placed his other hand over it. His goal was to shatter the rock; only using his chakra. Something that seemed simple enough in his mind but he would find out difficult it would be. He took a deep breath slowly letting it out and began to focus his chakra to his hands. That was the simple part since he was a medical ninja but now the training began.

He began to shift his chakra on to the rock. He goal was to have his chakra surround the surface of the rock and then in one disperse send his chakra in all directions thus causing the rock to rip into little pieces. Several minutes passed and he opened his eyes looking down as the chakra around the rock fired in all directions causing a small breeze to emerge from inside his two palms. He removed his hand from over the rock and saw that not even a scratch had been formed on the rock. Lucario rolled his shoulders then moved his hand back over the rock attempting to shatter the rock once again. He quickly surrounded the rock with his chakra like last time and dispersed into all directions, and just like last time it was the result. The rock hadn't even chipped. He kept repeating this over and over throughout the day. Till finally he finally collapsed from the fatigue of using his chakra so much. His breathing had become heavy and his shirt was drenched in sweat. Even after a whole day of practicing he hadn't made any progress.

"Why is this so hard to do?"

He said a loud as he tried to move to sit up. In his mind Lucario was a bit puzzled why the method wasn't working. He figured that if a shinobis chakra could stick to things like a magnet, and he only came to this conclusion by how shinobi are able to walk up the sides of walls. That made him believe if he could force his chakra to stick to the rock and then force it in all directions then it would shatter the rock. Still that wasn't the case as he clearly saw with each attempt he made. He would have to approach this differently than he had originally planned. He sat up and looked at the rock thinking of ways that rocks shatter. He knew if you through a rock hard at another rock one had the possibility of breaking. Then there were powerful jutsus that could shatter rocks like glass, and finally there were explosions that miner’s user to dig into the ground. Lucario put each thought he had realizing that each one had powerful forces behind them. So he guessed that if he was able to generate enough chakra and release all at once then the rock should shatter. In theory anyways. He slowly sat up looking at the sky realizing that it was all ready night time and the moon had begun to rise in the sky. He thought he was only laying there for a thirty minutes but it was several hours. He wondered if he should keep training or lay down and take nap to further regain his strength. He looked at the rock deciding that he was just going to keep training.

"I'm going to complete this training in five days or less."

Lucario stood up and began to stretch his body limbs starting with his arms. He moved his arms across his body stretching the shoulder, followed by the stretching of the rest of his upper body. Then he moved down to his legs stretching his hamstrings, then his calves. He only stretched because his body was feeling tense and that would have been a hindrance to his training. Once he finished training he raised the rock so that it was in front of him once again. He moved his other hand in front of his face so that only his middle and index finger were pointing up toward the sky. His hand that held the rock began to slowly began to glow a dark blue color as Lucario built up his chakra. "Here we go." He thought in his own mind while he released all the chakra in his hand at once. His chakra released all at once causing the rock to fly high into the sky to where it couldn't be seen by the human eye. He waited a few seconds but didn't see it coming back down so he guessed that it had landed somewhere. Lucario titled his downward to look for another rock when suddenly the rock fell back down landing on his head. His facial expression changed to that of a annoyed person when he saw that it was the rock from earlier.

"Out of all the rock I could have picked up I picked up the one with attitude."

He said out loud while he reached for the rock. "Maybe I didn't put enough force behind it." He thought to him-self. He examined the rock and still there was no damage done to it. He tried it again this time using more chakra than last time but the rock only flew higher into the air. "Wait a minute... maybe I'm trying to run before I can crawl." the thought ran through his mind and he knew that he should first practice exerting his chakra. He leaned over grabbing anther rock so that he had one in each hand and began to send them into the sky using his chakra. His goal was to use the least amount of chakra to get them further into the air each time. This continued until the moon hung at its highest point in the sky and stopped not because he wanted to but because his limit had been reached. His body trembled from all the chakra he used and his vision had become blurry. Lucario closed his eyes trying to must up more chakra but it proved futile. He fell back landing with a loud thud on the ground. Before he had even hit the ground Lucario had lost conscience from exalting too much chakra.

Day 2-

Lucario laid there sleeping until it was high noon in the day. The sun was giving off an intense heat more so than the other day. The intense heat was the only reason that Lucario had even woken up in the first place. He tossed and turned then when he finally opened his eyes the light blinded him causing him to sit up quickly and cover his eyes. All the light instantly entering his eyes had caused them pain. Finally after his eyes adjusted to the light he stood up walking over to the sack of food he brought from the village and pulled out a rice ball that had some cooked fish in the center. He took a bite looking around the fissure grounds. It was pretty empty and that was something that Lucario needed right now. He didn’t want to be distracted from his training by anything. He quickly finished eating the rice ball and walked back to where he was training.

Lucario picked up another pair of rocks and went back to launching them into the air. This time though he didn’t waste hours on in. He only did it for about thirty minutes and figured that it was time to go on to something more challenging. Lucario dropped both rocks in his hands thinking that since he had practiced launching the rock into the air he increased his chakra control over how he efficiently he could release chakra from his arms now it was time to work on the rest of his body. He moved his feet so that he stood on top of the rocks. He focused his chakra to his feet so that the rocks stuck to him. He fell forward moving his arms up so that he caught him-self and used the momentum from his fall to do a handstand. Lucario was going to do the same exact thing that he did when he used his hands to launch the rocks into the air.

He was all ready sweating from the heat of the sun then to top it off it felt like his hands were on fire due to the stone absorbing all the heat from the sun. “I should have put on gloves so that the heat wouldn’t have been this much of a bother… oh well.” He thought. Slowly he began to launch he rocks in the air making them go up about five inches. This was a bit harder than his arms because with his arms he could just launch the rocks into the air and catch them as they fell back down. Now Lucario had to careful on how much power he put behind the chakra he released from his feet, because if he just released as much as he wanted the rock would fly up and land somewhere else and that wasn’t the point of this training he was making up. The goal was to release chakra from his feet and make the rock fly into the air then come back to where it landed on his feet.

Lucario slowly began to increase the height with each time he successfully completed on launching the rock up and making land back on his feet. Several hours’ later Lucarios arms were trembling and his vision had become fuzzy. He had been doing this chakra release training for so long that his body sort of fell into a rhythm until finally he fell backwards landing with a loud thump. The rocks fell landed right next to his face one on the left and one on the right side. He didn’t have time to even think as he was passed out sleeping like the day before.

Day 3-

Lightning danced around the sky followed by a loud thunderous boom, dark clouds loomed over the fissure grounds then suddenly the rain began to fall. It started off slow, but then almost instantly began to pour down. The rain beat against Lucario waking him up from his sleep. He sat up looking down at the ground so that the rain didn’t get into his eyes. His body was sore and still hadn’t recovered from the last two days of his training. Lucario closed his eyes feeling weak compared to everyone around him. If he couldn’t keep pushing him-self then how was he supposed to stop his own clan? He stood up grabbing one of the rocks knowing that he couldn’t stop training.

He would be able to shatter this rock with his chakra alone before he would stop training. In the past two days he had practice releasing his chakra from his feet and hands now all he needed to do was release it powerful enough to shatter the rock. From all his training in the past two days Lucario knew that releasing all the chakra from his hands at once would make the force to weak and thus lift up the rock, but if he was able to make his chakra come out in one specific area of his palm then the strength of his chakra release should increase. Lucario gathered his chakra in the center of his palm then released it. A cloud of dust fired up in the air. He looked down to see that the rock had shattered into two pieces. He gave a smile knowing that he was almost there. He continued to practice till finally two hours later the rock completely turned to dust.

“Now time to train the other hand.”

Lucario quickly began to start on his other hand and had shattered the rock even quicker than with his other hand. Before he knew it he was all ready working on shattering the rocks with his feet. As night began to fall the rain had stopped and Lucario laid there on the ground drenched breathing heavily. Bits of shattered rock laid everywhere around him. He had a smile on his face knowing that he had done it. Lucario sat up using the last bit of his strength to get up and head home to shower, rest and eat some decent food.

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