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Mission name: Explore the Mountain City.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Explore Iwagakure's old districts and map old tunnels and structures for the city planning commission.
Location: Iwagakure.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: The city planning commission in Iwagakure is always looking for volunteers to help map old districts, tunnels and structures in the mountains. Some of these caverns haven't been explored in decades, so cartographers should be careful of cave-ins and dead ends.

Takamura woke up late in the afternoon, the day before having spent it climbing a mountain and saving a goat. The Night’s shift hit him hard and he barely made it through. That also meant that breakfast was long past and he had to settle with a cold plate of Takoyaki and cold ramen. His Mother was cleaning the Tavern Tables and even though he really wanted to help, He had training to do. No news of him being put in a squad meant putting off the idea of doing another mission yet that 100 ryo really brought a smile to his mother’s face. “Just another D-Rank. That’s all” he said to himself, as if to convince himself that he was doing the right thing. Takamura took a good long hot bath, to sooth his aching body. The effects of yesterday’s climb still resonated throughout it. He lazily got dressed in his usual floral shirt and knee length Bermuda pants, slow stretching his limbs as he got dressed. The Weather was pretty good for a Iwagakure day and even the mist was pretty light. Taking in a deep breath, He thought it would be best to start with some basic roadwork.  His fighting style depended on him heavily being faster than his opponent and managing to close the gap with a good punch or kick. Even though he could pack a really good punch, it didn’t matter if he could hit hard if his opponent could simply dodge out of the work.  Putting his mind to it, “Two laps around all the perimeter of Iwagakure should be a good way to start the day and get my limbs a bit limber.” Takamura told himself as he strapped some mid-weight training weights to his feet before he started his roadwork. It was basic training, usually done for someone who was new to Taijutsu and needed to develop his body for it, but Takamura knew that his dashing speed was a bit off and Taijutsu needed a good body to be effective.

A few hours later Takamura made it to back to his starting point, his clothes all wet trough with sweat. Yet, He knew that this was just the start and he somewhat felt energized. Feeling that he was ready to take on a mission, he made his way towards the mission board, with the same pace as his roadwork jog. He made his way to it at a good pace and he gave a good look at the D-Rank Mission side. There were still goats missing in the mountain area, yet he wanted to avoid going mountain climbing any time soon. A new mission had popped up that had was also offering a 100 ryo as a reward. “Mapping the old distracts? Man, the Tsuchikage must have too much money on his hands to be offering this kind of money for such a simple service.” He thought to himself as he took a mission brief and gave it a good read. He still had the training weights on, so he practically could do some road work and complete a mission in one go. Seems like it was his day. He made his way to the area marked in the mission brief, arriving in the outskirts of the town. He found himself in a dusty road, obviously having been stopped being swept a long time ago. Even the road itself was misshapen with rampant potholes and rocks. He began tracing the route he followed on a blank paper he was given, which came with a complementary clipboard to make mapping on the move easier. Seeing as the road led directly ahead into the mountain side, he kept following it until he came at an intersection. He stopped again to map it out and decided to follow the right path first. As he turned the corner, he found himself faced with an impasse caused by what seemed to be collapsed buildings. Taking note of it onto his map, he turned back and decided to try the left path. This path slithered trough what seemed to be a cave system and Takamura ended up with what seemed to be a dead end. Doing the same as he did for the collapsed buildings, he took note of it and resumed the main road towards what he assumed to be the center of this abandoned distract. He was making good progress on his road work, using the time to map as breaks for his legs. He was trying to keep a pretty low pace as not to over work his muscles considering the strong workout they endured at yesterday’s mission. Yet, he was still on an official mission so he made sure to not spend too much time loitering for nothing.

The path continued on, with the occasional intersection that either ended in a dead or would lead back to the main road. As he approached what he reckoned to be the end of the main road, it seemed that it led into the mountain, as he was faced with an opening that seemed to be clawed out of the mountain face. Mapping this out, Takamura realized that had covered the area requested by the mission brief. “Shame, he thought to himself. I wonder what lays ahead. An Adventure for another shinobi, I guess” he thought to himself as he turned to go back to the village, to punch in the mission brief and receive his payment. The Sun was already begging to set, and having started the mission so late, he knew that he had to rush back home so he can begin his shift back at the tavern. He broke into a hurried pace, still trying to be mindful to not overexert his muscles and end up damaging them.

In about an hour and half’s time, Takamura stood at the doorway of his home as he made sure his Rose tinted glasses were clean. His mission brief has been signed and punched in along with his map and his pocket was filled with some hard-earned ryo. The roadwork wasn’t much training but seeing as his legs and arms had yet still to recover, at least it was something. Pulling off the weights and putting them with the rest of the training equipment, he took a quick bath and dressed into fresh clothes as he went downstairs to begin his cooking shift.


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E-1 to E-2 (Strength, Reaction Time and Perception) [450]
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