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1 Welcome to the Order [B-rank/Plot] on Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:12 pm



Mission name: Welcome to the Order
Mission rank: B
Objective: Join the Order of the White Lotus
Location: Diamond Heights University
Reward: 230
Mission description: Monk Iriku of the Fire Temple gave you a white lotus flower and told you to show it to Professor Ivan of Diamond Heights University, giving no further details about what will happen upon doing so.
Mission details: You will go to the Diamond Heights University and find Professor Ivan alone in his classroom. When you show the lotus flower to him and tell him that Iriku sent you, he will pat your head, casting a C-rank genjutsu on you without you noticing, and will challenge you to a game of Shogi which you will accept. When you play, he will manipulate your mind so that it looks like he is making moves that he isn't doing in reality by using his genjutsu. You will eventually notice a flaw in the genjutsu and will utilize Genjutsu Kai to break out of it and continue the Shogi game without the genjutsu affecting you. Whether you win or lose, Professor Ivan will congratulate you for overcoming his genjutsu and will explain what the Order of the White Lotus is, inducting you into the secret society as an apprentice.

Professor Ivan:
Name: Professor Ivan
Age: 42
General Appearance: Middle-aged man with white hair and glasses.
Personality: Serious and knowledgeable.
Motivations: Gaining more knowledge in this world and maintaining universal peace.
Fears: Wars that could disrupt honest intellectual exchange.
Abilities: A-rank shinobi with SS-rank genjutsu and A-0 stats
Other: Holds the rank of Master in the Order of the White Lotus.


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2 Re: Welcome to the Order [B-rank/Plot] on Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:08 am



Make this a C rank mission and follow the C rank mission reward prices and you're fine and dandy.


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