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1 Tori Clan on Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:59 am

Alwen Sangotatsu

Alwen Sangotatsu


Clan: Tori (Bird - 鳥)

Kekkei Genkai: The perfect Falconers

Elements: Fuuton

Specialization: Seijutsu (Birds with capability of flight only)

Location: Kumogakure

Clan History: Originally from the Land of Birds, the Tori clan were infamous for being exceptional falconers, and almost ruthless shinobi, some members going so far as training carnivorous birds to allow them to feed on their foes once a battle had ended. Of course, this wasnít all of them, or even the majority. But negative representations spread. Soon, the name of the Tori throughout the ninja world, especially within the Land of Birds, was a terrible name. A name associated with such vile deeds so as to make one think twice about being friends with one. And this reputation was most strong within the borders of the Land of Birds, their home.

The clan found themselves socially outcast due to the actions of the few. For years, the clan became migratory, avoiding the politics and goals of the great nations as they worked towards their own agenda, sorting out the issues within the clan first and foremost. Of course, the first act of the clan was the ban the practice of feeding their pets on fallen shinobi, a moral act that caused several to flee the clan. The next step, the clan hunted those that fled, killing them before they could spread more negative name to the Tori. The birds of the now deceased were taken under the wing of veteran bird keepers within the clan, a practice that is long held within the clan.

After years of being perpetually moving, the clan finally settled somewhere, a location to roost as it were. In the Land of Lightning, the Tori clan found themselves accepted into the ranks of Kumogakure, welcomed by the Raikage for their great bird potential. And so the Tori clan settled down. Perhaps they will flee once more, as the nature of the clan is to take flight. But for now, the clan is still, at Kumogakure; their home.

Kekkei Genkai Description: Members of the Tori clan are always born with similar features to those of their bird companions. Members of the Tori clan are born with lithe, thin bodies, talons in place of nails, and feathers spread sporadically throughout their body. The talons of a Tori clan member grow to a maximum length of 2 inches.

Members of the clan must take Agile (And Frail) as SCís

Due to working with such fast animals, members of the clan have a passive +1 to their perception stat. The talons, found on the hands and feet of the Tori, deal cutting damage equal to the following chart:

  • Genin/ D-Rank: 1/2 inch cuts
  • Chuunin/ C-Rank: 3/4 inch cuts
  • Spec Jounin/ B-Rank: 1 inch cuts
  • Jounin/ A-Rank: 1 1/2 inch cuts
  • Sannin/ S-Rank: 2 inch cuts

Members of this clan begin with a free E rank bird at character creation.

Drawbacks: Due to the Tori clanís terrible reputation, clan members only receive half of a missions ryo reward. (E.g. if a mission rewards 200 ryo, a clan member only gets 100)

Due to their lithe nature, members of the clan suffer -2 endurance

Members of the clan have no understanding of puppetry mechanics or other types of animals. They receive +1 rank of damage from non-Tori clan Seijutsu and from Kujutsu

Members of this clan can never have the Mighty or Bulky SCís

Members: (Members of the clan can be updated here)

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Art of Perfect Falconry (Kanpekina taka kari no geijutsu - 完璧な鷹狩りの芸術)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E-A
Type: Supplementary
Element: Fuuton
Range: Self
Specialty: Seijutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Duration +3 posts
Description: A secret technique passed through the falconry community of the Tori clan, this technique is an adapted version of the chakra strings technique. The user attaches a chakra thread to the leg of their bird, and sends their Fuuton chakra along the thread, which the bird companion uses while in sync to increase its speed. Depending on the rank this technique is used, depends on how much Fuuton chakra is sent down the thread, and as such varies how fast the bird moves.

  • E-Rank: The bird flies at 5 m/s at a maximum altitude of 3m
  • D-Rank: The bird flies at 15 m/s at a maximum altitude of 5m
  • C-Rank: The bird flies at 20 m/s at a maximum altitude of 10m
  • B-Rank: The bird flies at 30 m/s at a maximum altitude of 25m
  • A-Rank: The bird flies at 40 m/s at a maximum altitude of 50m

Name: Two Birds as One (Tan'itsu no ryōhō no tori - 単一の両方の鳥)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Seijutsu
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: Once per thread
Description: The user of this technique and their bird companion act in unison, their chakra becoming one for a moment. When this technique has been used, the bird and the Tori clan member merge, becoming one entity. The merged duo has the features of both the bird companion and the clan member, becoming a humanoid with wings, feathers, and bird like eyes. The colour of these feathers varies depending on the bird companion merged with. The clanís passive stat bonus to perception is increase from +1 perception to +2 while the two are merged. The wingspan of the userís wings is equal to 1.5 times the userís height. Both the user of this technique and their bird companion must pay 35 chakra to use this technique. Because of these wings, the user can fly at an altitude of up to 25m at a consistent speed of 15 m/s. alternatively, the user can fly at 25 m/s for 3 posts, however then they cannot fly for the rest of the transformation, and receive a -2 tiers to their speed stat for a post afterwards due to fatigue. Any wounds on either the pet or the user become the wounds of both, even after the transformation has ended. When the transformation is over, chakra is split evenly between the two.

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2 Re: Tori Clan on Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:39 am



On your last jutsu, make 2 minutes 3 posts, jjust mimic the sprint rules in the speed stat at higher levels :) and how that drawback works.


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