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1 Bullies are intolerable [Private,Mission] on Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:48 am




Mission name: Bully Beatdown(repeatable)
Mission rank: D
Objective: To find and dispose or detain of some bullies roaming the streets of Russia.
Location: Russia, The city
Reward: 85 ryo
Mission description: Some academy students have been being picked on, and brutally beaten. the last victim's injuries were almost fatal. find and take care of these bullies. show them that  Russia will not stand for these actions..
Mission details: There are three bullies with E-3 stats acrossed the board, who know one D-rank technique from the library(up to the writer which ones) however each of them have a different one.  they also know basic taijutsu.

you will find these bullies surrounding and kicking a small kid. once you arrive they will attack you instead. you can do whatever you like to them, besides maim or kill them. if you manage to knock the leader of the group, then the other two will surrender. maiming or killing them will result in a mission failure.

There were a few things that Mikori found unacceptable in this world. Okay well there was more than a few, but she honestly couldn't think of all of them off of her the top of her head. Either way, among this list of things she couldn't thing of at the moment, one of them that definitely stood out was bullying. Or, more aptly put, the picking on the innocent and weak simply because you can or it makes you feel better about your self. She found it gross, and disgusting how any sort of human my possibly commit something like that. Shinobi existed in this world to protect people whom couldn't protect themselves, and so if you had a even a small amount of control over your own chakra, you should be honor bound to commit yourself to protecting people who don't have access to that, or that sort of control. Not use it to hold yourself above others and beat down on them because it felt good, and you wanted too. There was all kinds of something wrong with that.

The reason this topic specifically was on Mikori's mind was the simple fact that she had been given her very first mission. And honestly, she'd be super duper excited if it wasn't for what the mission entailed. Not that she was going to do anything wrong, but why the mission existed in the first place. Apparently there had been a small group of academy students, going around and beating up other academy students. Now normally this sort of thing really isn't the biggest concern of the likes of Russia as a whole, and to this point it's not that much either, as Mikori was sure Putin had bigger things to be concerned about, like the recent mass arrests of Russia no Sato Civilians and Shinobi in Kumogakure no sato. But, it had become enough of a concern to recently to warrant a Genin take care of the issue, as one of the kids was recently beaten so bad that he nearly died. And that thought alone mad Mikori sick to stomach, and also excessively angry. As stated before, she believed chakra existed for the sole purpose of protecting those you loved, not to hurt those whom were weaker than for no reason. It had been noted that Mikori could not kill them, even though she really really wanted too. She couldn't even imagine what the mother of these poor kids felt, especially the mother of the one kid that had nearly died. Her being the one to employ the mission its self. And so in anger, cold radiated off the girl, as she made her way through Russia no sato, in search of the bullies. She had a bit of information on them. All of the attacks generally happened near the academy and in a semi-hidden place like an alley way or a back street, or in the playground out of view, and in places like that. And so Mikori was on her way to the academy in search of these little assholes whom had decided they wanted to use chakra to harm others.

In didn't take but a few minutes after mikori arrived at the academy to her the words "Please, please stop, i'll do anything" The voice was coming from a small kid whom was sounding noticibly in pain. Mikori walked around the corner, cold radiating off of her as though winter had rolled through the rather warm and sunny day. Cold enough that it caught the three boys whom were currently kicking a little kid on the ground, to look up and turn around. They noticed Mikori standing there, her face filled with silent rage. The three kids immediately noticed the headband around her neck, and one of the smaller ones said. "S-she's a genin. what do we do boss?" the kid said a tiny bit nervously. HE was obiviously talking to the big one in the middle, and he simply said, "Shut up and do the technique." he said, as he began o weave hand signs. The other kid than nodded, and simply said "R-right boss, she's just a genin, we've beat genin before." he would say making the tiger sign, and inhaling. Then all three of them exhaled together, and a massive fireball that mikori probably owuld have assumed would have been classified as B-rank, and she was actually rather impressed with their teamwork. It's a shame their teamwork went to this, and it's much rather a Shame Mikori was from the clan she was, or else this fireball may have actually posed a threat. The genin konuichi, simply held up her hand, and shield of ice appeared instantly before her, directly clashing with the massive fireball, until it had ended. The genin could feel the heat from the fireball, and it was probably enough to do some serious work on people, but the Aisu remained unaffected. Fighting fire was her specialty and it would take a hell of a lot more effort than that to bring her down. Stunned and shocked, the three boys look as the girl remained unaffected when the fire had faded away. It was not her turn to attack. She threw her hand up into the air, throwing ten needles which quickly turned into small birds. These birds began flying around in the air, and like mikori thought it would the academy students immediately took their eyes off of the kunoichi, and looked up into the sky. Mikori then greated four diamond shaped objects in her hand. She threw two straight down the middle. These diamonds than immediately burst into hyoton chakra, and directly went for the two younger boys on either side of the one in the middle. These boys completely caught off guard got blinded sided, and the large spear punctured into their stomach, albeit not very far, and slammed them into the wall behind them. The boy in the middle caught off guard by this, his eyes danced around either side of him, wondering where his friends went and, by the time he remembered to keep his eyes on his opponent she was already in front of him, in the air the kick connecting with his jaw before he even had time to react,  Right before he had looked at her, mikori had thrown the other two diamonds into the air, creating two more spears. As her kick connected to the jaw, mikori let herself drop all the way to the ground. she than made a quick spin move, sweeping the legs out from underneath the eldest boy, putting him into the air parallel to the ground. It was at this very moment, that the two missiles of ice, dropped down right on top of the boy Slamming him into the ground with even greater force than it had slammed the previous two boys into the wall. All of the boys had fallen unconscious at the moment of impact having been slammed so hard into an object. However there was someone Mikori had forgotten about. As the girl began to pant, having expended a fair amount of energy, she felt a small tug on her skirt, and she turned around to see a boy with noticeable bruises forming on his face and arms, and dirt covering his body. As she turned around, he immedaitely hugged her close, and said "thank you for saving me, miss." Mikori was taken surprise by the hug, but as she looked the kid over, and and the words came out of his mouth, she couldn't help but pet his hair, and say nothing but "You're welcome."

After that, the boy went home, and Mikori dragged the three boys back to the academy where they were severly punished, that was of course, after mikori helped treat the wounds she had caused all of them. And, as she treated their wounds, they were all noticeably afraid of her. In fact the three had probably never been beaten, much less seen someone shrug off their ultimate combo like that before. After, the whole mission. Mikori felt rather good aobut herself, and so she went home. Having been exhausted from the day, she ate dinner rather quick, and then went to bed. All the while her mind on the gratitude from the boy whom she had saved. muttering the words to herself before she drifted off into sleep "See. That's what having chakra is all about" as if those three boys from earlier could still hear her.

WC: 1446
Mission Complete! 600/600 words.
Words left over: 846
Reaction time E -> D: 750/750
Perception E -> E-1: 75/75
21 words discarded

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