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1 Pirate Island on Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:01 am



Mission name: Pirate Island
Mission rank: S-rank
Objective: Eliminate all 50 pirates
Location: Surrounding Islands
Reward: 1000 ryo
Mission description: there is a large band of highly skilled pirates that has been on the surrounding islands for awhile, whoever scared of kirigakure's military might, they have never caused any trouble for kiri. However with the up and coming invasion, they may pose a possible threat. Hachiko, and one other person of Hachiko's choosing are to go to the surrounding islands and eliminate them.
Mission details: There is about 50 pirates, at all B-rank stats, utilizing A-rank suiton, bukijutsu and ninjutsu alike, knowing all techniques from the suiton library, and being able to coat their weapons in suiton chakra to allow them to cut cleanly through a person. Kill them all.

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