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Kira Okasami


Clan: Okasami

Kekkei Genkai: Akumagan, demon morph

Elements: dark and wind

Specialization: demon possession

Location: on the brink of the waterfall and steam villages

Clan History:
Rule: Okasamis still rule with a monarchy and are traditionally violent and are usually polite and respectful to those who deserve it.
Names: Okasamis living in the Okasami base/village/mansion/town/laid/whatever! Will have a demon name (eg. Pan Agramon, Pytho Tchort).
Birth/Infants: if a child is born with only one chakra type, is weak or impeded in any other way it is culled. Children aren't exactly accepted in Okasami society and are raised strictly.
Demons: Demon soul integration in okasamis is performed on children of the age of seven. This procedure is very dangerous and 35% of children don't survive.
•Okasamis draw energy/power from darkened areas and shadows.
•Okasami night vision is flawless.
•Okasamis have very pale skin.
•Okasamis are of a German origin and most can speak German fluently.
• Scares over one eye mark that they are officially adults.

Kekkei Genkai Description: akumagan: (possessed demon eye) shows the user a foresight of events or someone's intentions.Eyes
One eye will always be 'possessed', the possessed eye will vary and change from right to left randomly. The pupil colour will be the personas original eye colour.
Example of in use eye(these will always be black and white):
(Kiyoshi's) (like the sharingan these will vary between different people)
Abilities: each persons powers vary.
Example: Kira's eye power is to see people's future intentions and skip through time like a mother-f**king leprechaun!(this uses up a shit ton of energy btw)
Okasami eye colour is purple with a slit pupil.
Demon morph: Okasamis can shift into demon form and use dark magic like powers. These demons that have been integration are an individual being and have their own form and are much like a tailed beast with the ability to interact and speak with their host.

Drawbacks: fighting in unshaded areas in broad daylight will weaken the greatly, after they use their kekkei genkai they will have a throbbing head ache and will be disoriented for a short period of time. Demons are unpredictable and can disobey its hosts orders and may end up getting them into serious trouble. They also have very light sensible eyes.

Members: Abraxas Valafar, Kiyoshi Okasami, Kira Okasami, Pytho Tchort, Pan Agramon, Loki Malaphas, Arik Okasami, Yuki Onna

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu: the ability to use dark magic(this does not draw from their chakra but just their energy),

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