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Tashima stood still like the statues in front of him has he let his eyes take in the scenery around him. He stood on hallowed ground to his people. The Aisu clan temple was what you’d expect from a clan that used ice as their element. The ground was covered in a thick snow and the grounds appeared as if they were formed from a deep aqua colored limestone. There was a large staircase leading into the temple. Tashima enjoyed the scenery it was aesthetically pleasing to say the least. Tashima took a step closer towards the temple leaving prints in the snow. The coldness of the wind carried flurries of the loosely packed snow with it. Tashima wasn’t dressed in any sort of winter outfit, to him this felt natural. Sad that he had no care for clan ties or traditions. Even more so it was rare to see Tashima speak with anyone from his clan or visit any sites like this. Their history, their culture, none of it meant a thing to Tashima. There were times he wished himself a clanless shinobi so as not to have to trifle with such things, though his clan did possess a powerful kekkei genkai and that, that alone, was what made him care even as little as he did.

These ruins were normally off limits to genin since they weren’t well guarded and many were laid with monsters, traps, and potential missing ninja liked to use them as hideouts. Because of that fact, Tashima came fully armed with his kunai, and shurikens. Getting into the area was simple for him. As a member of the clan he was allowed entry to the grave site without any hassle, from there it was just a matter of slipping away after making the necessary stop to appear mourning the loss of his parents. Everyone always acted like it was a touchy subject to speak of the death of his family. They were hunter ninja, elite hunter ninja at that. They failed their mission and died, it was a sad fact of the life of a shinobi. Not everyone returns home. They drilled that into Tashima at a young age. They never made an attempt to be paternal or even kind to the boy. They were teachers, drill instructors of the harshest variety. Tashima did not resent them for it, it made him stronger but because of the detachment, he neither mourned nor missed them. He did however respect them. They died doing what they believed was the best they could for the village. To that end he did bring a single lily to place on their gravestones before continuing on the real reason he left the village to come here.

The ice element was something Tashima had a basic understanding of. He could use the ice prison technique but that was it in terms of the element. He had trained with Lady Solstace, the clan head before she took the role of Mizukage and witnessed the power his clan could tap into if only channeled correctly. It was because of that he came here in hopes of learning more of his clans techniques, or at the very least to train the ice element. Tashima began to press onwards climbing the staircase when he turned suddenly, “My apologies, here I thought I was alone.” His gaze looking behind him in the direction of the newcomer.


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