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"A ninja is a blade to be used by those strong enough to wield them. Should a blade dull, they become trash to be discarded and forgotten. My blade is the blade that shall one day wield itself and bring a true peace to the world>'

Teammate 1:
Teammate 2:

Tashima had never had much luck with his ninja squads. Even from the academy level, Tashima has had trouble relying on a 'team' and saw them as nothing more than a deterrent from his goals or at best tools to be used selfishly by himself. Because of this he was sent back to the academy for special training to get along with a team pushing him back a year. Upon returning he went through 3 more squads before getting his last chance. Tashima's former squad, led by Zanka, was the only squad Tashima seemed to get along with and even then it started rough. Their squad was traveling one day and was ambushed by unknown assailants. In the ambush, both Tashima's teammates died and his jounin leader was also found dead. Tashima was found three days after the ambush nearly dead spending almost a full year recovering. Returning to the ninja world and finally recovered enough to officially resume service to Kirikagure, it's time Tashima was taken in by a new squad.

Goals and Desires:

Tashima is rather linear in that sense. His parent had raised him to shut off emotion and seek only power so that he could become a powerful ninja for his village. Upon the ambush that killed his former squad leader, Tashima's goal shifted from purely wanting power to specifically wanting HIS power. Mastery over the water element was a trademark of his former jounin and after witnessing such strength, Tashima wanted to gain his jutsus and surpass him.

Just shortly before returning to service as a ninja of the mist village, Tashima had a spar with Lady Solstace, who is now the current Mizukage. It was during that fight Tashima saw not only a jutsu that he craved, but he saw a defining strength that he lacked. Lady Solstace at the time was going to train him but in his stubborn pride he didn't take her up on the offer more than expressing his desire to learn from her. It's because of her he also suddenly took interest in learning the Ice Element's Advanced Techniques.  

Tashima's most expressed goals are to become powerful enough to not need to rely on anyone or any village. He believes that to achieve this he'll have to first surpass the Mizukage, who is now Ayakashi the woman he both respects and looks up to. His secondary goal is to master the water element and learn the jutsu of his former jounin teacher. Tashima secret goals are to hunt down and kill the shinobi that ambushed and killed his squad and once that's done amass so much power that peace is attained even if it is through fear.

Combat Focuses:

Tashima is a member of the Aisu Clan, meaning his chakra natures are water, wind, and the advanced ice element release. While many of his clan mates focus on their advanced element.  Tashima focuses more on the water element using the ice element for supplementary skills and saving it for more of his trump card in battle. Many of Tashima's offensive jutsu are either versatile enough to defend or used to bind the enemy so that he can finish them with a lethal attack. His signature jutsu Flowing Tendrils of the Water Goddess, is his trademark jutsu allowing him a near perfect versatility in the water element.  This jutsu was created by Tashima focusing most of his training into Chakra Flow Control. The boy is next to kin while around water. So much so that he's developing a set of technique to allow him fight underwater just as well if not better than he does on its surface. Tashima also focuses on perception and speed in combat. A long to mid ranged fighter preferably Tashima prefers to fight his opponent from a comfortable enough range he can quickly adapt to any changes in battle. After his fight with Lady Solstace, Tashima changed his secondary specialization to taijutsu so that he could hold his own better on land. Which in time will also serve him in battle when the enemy gets too close. Though specializing for defensive and even minor offensive purposes, Tashima openly admits to disliking Taijutsu and would prefer to handle things at a distance, because of this and the fact that he currently is extremely weak to taijutsu combat, Tashima jutsu seem to have a trend of being anti-taijutsu. His water tendrils are proof of that alone. Fighting against him while he's using that jutsu is like fighting someone with extra limbs. Grappling puts the enemy at a disadvantage.

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