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Sore woke to the sun shining through the leaves of the canopy above him. He laid and listened to the sounds of the forest a few moments before he sat up. "Well. Guess i better find something to do." Sore rolls off the branch he was layong on reaching up last minute and catching it with left hand, he uses the momentum from his fall to launch himself through the air. He grabs a hanging vine and kicks off of a tree as he passes to keep his speed going. He continues bounding through the forest looking for a good source of entertainment before he remembers a trap he set yesterday morning. Sore catches a branch and swings himself up onto it, then looks around trying to remember which direction the trap was in. He froze at the sound of a nearby screech, recognizing the sound he smiled menacingly and drew a kunai. "Eizo Animation." His form began to shimmer before splitting into two. 
 Eizo looked at Sore awaiting orders. He could sense that they werent being threatened through the telepathic link between him and Sore but couldnt pick up on the exact reason that he was there. Noticing the kunai in Sore's hand he drew one of his own looking around. *Are we training?*, he asked through their link.
 "No", Sore responded out loud, "we have an issue. A monkey issue." He scanned the area around them looking for his sworn enemies, but they were hiding well. "Im going to stay up here. You head down below and see if you can spot them from the ground. And keep your guard up. You know how tricky they can be."
 Eizo knodded his head before swinging from the branch and dropping to the ground below. He slowly walked through the trees, scanning the branches for signs of trouble. Then he heard it behind him. The sound of a branch stressing under added weight. He turned just in time to catch a pile of crap square in the middle of his chest. *Found one.* He alerted Sore just as a furry mitt grabbed his left wrist from behind. Eizo spun bringing his knee up where the monkeys chin would have been, if it wasnt doing a handstand, hitting nothing but air. *Found more than one, and they're quick.* he broadcasted to Sore along with his location.
 As Eizo fell through through the trees heading for land Sore began launching himself from branch to branch until he was about thirty meters above his original position then began searching around where he had been for any disturbances. After a few moments he began to see leaves rustling. "They must've spotted Eizo." He decided he'd tail them and wait for them to attack Eizo before making himself known. He followed the movements of leaves and branches waiting for his oppurtunity. He got the first report from Eizo and stopped, "If theres only one with him i should probably stay back and wait for more to show." He said to himself quietly. Eizo's second report came through and got him moving again. Him and Eizo were faster than any monkeys he had come across before. How fast would a monkey have to move for Eizo to consider it quick? Sore caught up just in time to catch one of the monkeys do a back handspring. Now that he was with Eizo he opened their telepathic link fully. This way they would each know what the other was doing as they made their move. *Eizo double suicide now!* Sore threw a kunai at the monkey closest to him drawing his attention and pulled another one from his satchel. Ready for the primates attack.
 As Sore threw his kunai Eizo retreatd behind the tree that the first monkey was still standing in about 5 meters away. It appeared to be confused by the sudden appearance of a new enemy but was still at work making another missile to launch. *Earth Style: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique* He sunk into the earth and using his telepathic link with Sore caught the monkey by its rear leg just before it made its attack. He pulled the creature under burying iy to his neck before popping out of the ground a  couple meters away.
 Sore has already dismissed the monkey charging at him before it got anywhere near him. He began prepping his next jutsu. Exhaling water vapor from his mouth and gathering it around him. Just as Eizo broke the surface and grabbed the monkey he focused the vapor into six balls. He let them hover around him  a moment before launching them at the second monkey still staring in amazement at his friend. The exploding globes frightened the monkey and it took off into the forest. He turned towards the other monkey still stuck in the ground. The way it was buried it could see him but Eizo was hidden outside its vision. *Dinner* he shared, turning away.
 Eizo understood the simple command and he began to creep forward quietly. As he approached the buried primate he pulled out a senbon in each hand. When he got close enough he struck quickly, jamming them both into the base of the creatures skull and into its brain, killing it instantly. He then reached down and grabbed it by the scruff of the neck pulling it out of the ground. *Dinners served. Who gets the brain?* he asked, smiling.

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