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Yanagi Yusuke

Yanagi Yusuke

It was the gentle chirping of the birds on his window that woke him up. Yusuke sat up, emerging from the bunch of scrolls and books that lay on top of him. Not that he was using them as a blanket, he had a blanket on top of him. He fell asleep reading a bunch of stuff, as usual. As a person addicted to learning, this was the norm for Yusuke. He liked it like that, learning about new stuff, reading and thinking. Not only that, Yusuke also liked learning so he could make his own jutsu. Only learning about the details of other jutsu would he better understand the working of chakra and jutsu. With that knowledge, he would be able to make complex and better jutsu. Why make jutsu and strive to be stronger? That’s because he had realized that in his current state he wouldn’t be able to achieve much. So he needed it to be of more use. ”Time to head to the library”, said Yusuke as he stretched. Wearing only his shorts, he got up and began putting things in order.

It took him an hour to put his room back into a more sorted form. Then, he prepared his breakfast and ate it quietly. As an orphan, Yusuke’s morning were simple and quiet. He had no one to share his mornings with. It was a sad and lonely life but he had grown accustomed to it by now. It took him another half an hour to finish his breakfast and clean up after himself. After finishing up his morning routine, he put on his clothes. Today’s color was light blue and the theme as always was casual. All dressed up, Yusuke headed towards the library. It would take him a few minutes to get there.

”Yo! I’m here!” said Yusuke, greeting the old librarian. The librarian wasn’t visible but a large pile of books were present behind the counter. Slowly the pile began to move and from within, emerged an old man wearing glasses. ”Is that you, Yanagi?”, asked the librarian squinting a little. ”Hai, it’s me”, said Yusuke looking around and noticing the new books. ”New shipment?”, he said looking around; ”Yes and unsorted too. Getting them to their shelves and classifying them is still pending. I asked for some help to sort it out. Would you want to do it? I have yet to hear from anyone else and I really need this done”, explained the old librarian. A smile emerged on Yusuke’s face, sorting books? Oh what joy! ”You bet! Just sit back and relax, I’ll do it”, he said excited.

Knowledge was Yusuke’s passion, so sorting out books wasn’t a boring task nor a nuisance for him. He would know where every book would be by doing so. Not only that, he would be able to catch a sneak peak at the new books too. So he could make a mental list of the books that he needed to read. ”Alright then, start working”, the old librarian was late in saying that because Yusuke had already started. He picked up as many books as he could carry and spread them on the table. Then he would read the title and place it according to its category. First, Yusuke sorted all of the books according to their appropriate categories. There were books, scrolls and a lots of other reading material. It took Yusuke almost half a day to sort the entire shipment but he worked non-stop.

The old librarian kept reminding Yusuke to eat and not to over work himself but Yusuke was having too much fun to listen to the old librarian. It took him an entire day and he had to work till midnight but he managed to single handedly sort all of the books. Finally, too tired to go home, he fell asleep on the table of the library. The old man couldn’t help but smile at that, so he brought a blanket and lay it on top of Yanagi.


Word Count: 687.

WC Distribution:

Mission: 600.
Discarded WC: 87.


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