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1 The Search [S Rank Mission - WIP] on Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:45 pm



Mission name: The Search Begins
Mission rank: S
Objective: Find out the meaning behind the increased amount of raids in the area surrounding Kumo.
Location: Kumogakure no Sato
Mission description: There was been a sudden increase in bandit activity in the small towns and mountains around the village. What's more, it follows a startling pattern that, when examined closely, shows evidence of an entire underground army hiding in its surroundings. Investigate what the source of the activities before the bandits become a bigger problem than they already are.
Mission details: Kuroka Hiroyuki - older brother of Kuroka Gin - has served as a lieutenant for his father's band of mercenaries of years. Recently, they have been focused on tracking the presence of a former member of the Shichouza who has been attacking their members. His tracking has roused some suspicion and a spike in the mercenary band's usual activity. Though their target is the main cause, the blame is falling on them.

It falls to Gin to find the truth of what is going on behind the scenes while reconnecting with her brother after so many years apart.

[This mission is the first part of a chain of missions which aims to hunt former Shichouza member, Momo.]



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