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Was he compromised by staying here in Kaze no Kuni?


Yuudai knew the moment he came across the man to whom he gave Setsura to, the man who had (probably still is) been an ally, that staying in the Endless Dunes wasn’t an option – not when he wanted there to be no trail that could lead anyone to Yuudai. He didn’t want to be found by anyone and he’d only be satisfied being found on his own terms. Considering the majority of people he knew in his life had all been from Kiri or had some relation to the village Yuudai had once called home, there was no one in the world that he knew that he wanted to come across. All they would do would remind the former Sannin and Seven Swordsman of the Mist of his home and all the negative events in his life that had passed on by. Whether it ranged from the loss of someone he knew from the ffirst moments he could remember to the one faceless child that had never officially entered the world, Yuudai no longer wanted a part of that. To remember those moments would mean to engage with anything affiliated to Kirigakure no Sato, thus Yuudai’s only conclusion was to cut all of those ties entirely, to no longer be associated to the Village Hidden by Mist in any way, shape, or form.

Perhaps his beliefs were clouded by judgement that couldn’t be deemed objective. Perhaps his decisions were the wrong ones entirely. But, at the end of the day, he was now alone and he had to do this for himself. For the first time in his life, Yuudai had allowed self-preservation to take over; to no longer worry about a village, but rather his own physical, emotional, and mental well-being. While Yuudai wasn’t a psychologist, nor well-versed in human emotions and patterns, this was what he deemed would help him. In the end, that was the only thing that mattered now, since everything else he had to his name was lost.

Pulling the hood lower upon his head, Yuudai’s orbs roamed the endless dunes, though greenery could be seen in the distance. In just a few minutes time, the native from Mizu no Kuni would be travelling across the border of the Land of Wind and into the Land of Rivers. The Land of Wind was compromised to a degree, even if it seemed Kaguza remembered very minor details. Yuudai simply could not take the chance that he could potentially be caught or happened upon by another shinobi of Kirigakure no Sato – they were sure to be in various countries as far as he could remember. While geographically both Kaze no Kuni and Hi no Kuni were the closest to Mizu no Kuni, the lands were vast enough that it would be near impossible to find a single person when there was absolutely no trail for one to follow.

With his tattered cloak covered in various particles of sand, Yuudai’s feet took him closer to the border, the sweltering heat of Kaze no Kuni’s daytime hours would be behind him. Hi no Kuni, the Land of Fire, would be a bit calmer and forgiving in terms of weather, though Yuudai had no issue dealing with the physical effects that Kaze no Kuni’s heat had on his person. With the majority of his person hidden by his clothing and no person in sight, nor within miles of him, Yuudai began to make his way towards the border. There were so many places in the world he could go, but Yuudai likely would never attain the real answers he needed; and he was the only one that could provide them.

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