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Izayoi H

Izayoi H

A rather basic, not particularly exciting morning. The sky was clouded, grey, but not akin to the clouds one can imagine with a storm, or rain of any kind. Light filtered through the blanket of grey in a way that was neither sad nor artistic, as if the sky itself only knew how to produce just enough light, nothing more. The gate of Konohagakure was empty, lonely, people either not awake yet, or going about their business in the usual solitude that was work. Yet, standing at the gate, equally as alone as the emptiness of the streets, stood a genin, a piece of paper in his left hand, a pencil in his right.

Clad in a rather casual attire, this genin was short, standing at a mere five foot five. His kimono, blue and white, contrasted starkly with the deep, near black colouration of his hair, which dropped long behind him in a rather neat ponytail. His pale skin was smooth, and on a rather soft, almost androgynous face, lie two eyes that stared out with hatred behind a façade of joy. Perhaps most notable of this young person’s eyes, would be the colour. Grey. The colours of the byakugan, to be more specific. Hailing from the Hyuuga clan’s branch family, here now stood Izayoi. And today, on a morning that most people would consider an average day, he had a rather underwhelming job to perform.

With a silent sigh beneath his breath, Izayoi let out a forced grin, stepping beyond the gate. Of course, he had to smile. To pretend he was incompetent. To keep up the façade of happiness they had made as the persona people would know. A daft, silly, happy, easily pleased person. Of course, realistically this wasn’t Izayoi, but he had to do such an act to attain his goal, his dream. And just like acting, there were other tasks that he had to do, to get over and done with, and to reach his goal. The most current, in the moment such task? A pathetic excuse of a D ranked mission, walking around his home for no reason other than to map out a location that surely, the village had already mapped out. But regardless, he would get paid, and that was what mattered about this mission.

So, the next few hours for Izayoi went by rather averagely, passing as if mere moments. Getting into the routine of this mission, walking with his byakugan active so as to be able to draw while keeping an eye of his surroundings, creating a rather accurate map. The details. The intricacies of cartography. The sheer order and organisation required by this simple task made Izayoi quite pleased. Not the persona of Izayoi, but what little personality there is of the real Izayoi. It was tidy, and in such firm order and control, he took a silent delight in the task as he carried it out, even allowing his grin to become, for once, sincere. It was as if he was doing a task for pleasure. Like juggling. Something truly harmonious.

Having explored some nearby woodland for the recent hours that had passed, Izayoi looked to his completed maps with satisfaction. Yes, it was a dumb mission, a dumb satisfaction that didn’t befit him, and things such as that, but sometimes things just worked. Symmetry at its finest. So, the Hyuuga nin walked back into the village hidden in the leaves, paper documents in hand. Grinning again, this time back into their façade rather than out of enjoyment, they made it towards the administration building, to hand in their reward.



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