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Dameon woke up in the same guest bed that he had been for quite a while now. He would sit upright in bed and carefully stretch and look himself over making sure he was recovering like he had hoped. As he stepped onto the floor and raised himself up to his feet it became painfully obvious that he wasn’t quite at a hundred percent but was damn close to it. He turned his neck to the side, cracking it to relieve tension as he looked at himself in the mirror still finding it hard to accept that this was what he looked like now. He had lost a good seven years of his life due to being tortured in the northern mountains of Kiminari. He slowly made his way to the bathroom and cleaned himself up before he put on his new outfit that he had custom made by a local tailor. Today he had other plans than to just sit around and do nothing. He had no interest in sitting back waiting for the Shikyo Four to complete whatever it was that they were planning and as long as Dameon stayed within the village of Kumo than it would continue to remain a target for the group. In Kiri nearly a year ago they had gone so far as to tak hostages and plant bombs at key specific locations all the for purpose of leverage of when they “legally” captured Dameon, all planned by the Daimyo to take away Ayakashi’s top support.

He had learned his lesson from the last encounter though, he would not plan to go by himself but if it ended up that way than so be it. He took out a couple scrolls of paper from the kitchen and wrote two separate letters. One he would leave on the counter with a bottle of alcohol to lure Gin into reading it. The second letter he would hand to one of the Kumo guards and tell them it was to go the Raikage urgently. Dameon would leave the mansion and head toward the northern exit hoping that at least one of them would meet up with him on the way to his old village. He wanted to see if the Shikyo Four had left the area, if they had left any indication of where their primary base of operation was, and with any luck see if there were any survivors; although he doubted that he would be so lucky. It was still very early in the morning and the sun hadn’t even started to rise yet but the dew on the grass kept the ground slick that he walked on. He wanted to make sure he would arrive at the village early so as to not be caught by surprise. It would also help him spot enemies as most people were not up so early so he could easily tell whether or not he was walking into a trap. He would continue to walk onward waiting to see if anyone would join him along the way.



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It was rather early in the morning when a knock on the door to his estate could be heard. Yawning loudly from his study, the Raikage dragged himself out of the room. The door opened to reveal one of his guards with a scroll in his hands. "Raikage-sama." The guard announced with a bow before handing over the scroll. On the scroll was a seal that looked rather familiar to the silver haired man, but he didn't know what. It was something that he was sure he had seen in the past before, probably a few years ago. This definitely needed a more closer look.

Breaking the seal of the scroll itself, Sanosuke read the details of the scroll itself so he knew what exactly he was getting himself into. The questions he had were answered as he realized just why the seal looked so familiar. It was the seal of the Shikyo Clan, and the person who wrote it was none other than a young shinobi he had met during his time in the Seven Bells War of Kiri. He hadn't heard from him in years; almost as like he vanish from the face of the earth afterwards. He also learned there was a matter that had to be dealt with from the letter; his old friend's sanity and this threat to the village called the Shikyo 4.

"Send word to the administrative office that I shall be handling this business personally." Sanosuke ordered his shinobi. The guard nodded and disappeared with a hand seal and a poof of smoke. That being said there was much to prepare in a short amount of time before he rendez-vous with Dameon. That being said he could hear the movements of a certain nosey silver haired woman as she was most likely attempting to read the contents of the scroll with that mechanical eye of hers. "Well since you read the scroll already you might as well come along." Sanosuke sighed as he walked up the stairs into the room where it would be time to get ready for the mission. He didn't like putting Gin in danger, but he needed the fire power if the mission was going to be this dangerous. Besides she would have gone even if he did tell her not to.

It didn't take long before the two of them reached the village gates. Navi had come along as well, she was his partner and so sitting her out on this mission would be wrong. In his henged black cat form, Sanosuke found traveling rather easier to do through the crowds. Everyone wanting to talk to the Raikage about the state of the village was just going to slow him down. At the moment, his red eyes were focused on the mission at hand: to defend his village from the threat of the Shikyo 4.

A few years have passed since he had last heard of Dameon, he currently had no idea what he looked like. Gin most likely did, but it was rather quicker to alert his comrade of his position. Chakra pulsed through the golden rings that marked his black fur that pulsed with small static pops. Being a Shikyo member, Dameon was most likely going to know exactly where he was. Once he met eye contact with the individual he was looking for, Sanosuke would make his presence known. "It's been a while hasn't it, now what trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?" Sanosuke mused from his feline henged form.


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