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1 Burning Ash Jutsu Training on Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:20 pm


Seme arrives back to his personal training grounds in the small forest. He has targets set up everywhere and they're are singed and dirtied from his last practice here. With the jutsu he was gonna practice he had to be careful, one of the Sarutobi clan's favorite jutsu, the Burning Ash Jutsu, he couldn't explode although he could work on it and try to master it. His father, Semmei Sarutobi had already taught him how to form the ash but that's all so Seme took it upon himself today to learn the jutsu. Last time he did something this he ended up with the scar on his right hand. Seme stared at it for a moment with a solemn look but then smiled, I live for this, Seme immediately closed his eyes and performed the and seals necessary for the jutsu, "Fire Style: Burning Ash Jutsu!" Just as he yelled this a puff of Gunpowder expelled from his mouth and he started to cough viciously "Damn that sucked." He immediately spit out some left over gun powder and proceeded to make than hand signs again, but again to no avail. He begin to rest because this jutsu was a lot stronger than any he had tried before, he began to meditate. He imagined his fire chakra at the center of him, he tried to match the chakra needed to release the technique without any excess chakra, this comes moderately easy to Seme but the level of the jutsu is a B-Rank while Seme is a Genin. But it's long been said the Sarutobi's were great ninjutsu users and this inspired him to keep pushing. Seme leaped high into the air and spun 360 degrees and started performing the hand seals, he tried firing the gunpowder out but only an extremely small trickle came out of his mouth and made a small ball of gunpowder, about the size of a bubble. Seme got excited and lost focus on maintaining it and the gunpowder dispersed in his face. "DAMMIT!" Seme lifts up slightly cough's a few times. This is bull shit, I should be able to do this.... "You're kidding me right?" Seme looks up shocked and sees his father, Semmei, standing above him "Am I going to have to teach you everything?" Seme grinned "I guess so! Now what am I doing wrong?" Seme's father grinned as well "You aren't doing anything wrong, you just aren't focusing." Seme gives a blank look to his father, thinking you got to be kidding me. "This is the last bit of speaking either of us will do till you master this jutsu. You need your full focus on it and us talking will only get in the way. Just work on controlling your chakra at a steady rate until the gunpowder leaves your mouth then raise the chakra level and expand it. Now shut up and do it!" Semmei kept his grin towards his son and then jumped to a tree to sit while watching his son. Seme nodded towards his father and performed the hand seals and was able to re-create the small bubble of gunpowder, he then increases the chakra flow to the gunpowder and has he does this the bubble disperses gunpowder everywhere and hits Seme in the eyes, Seme remains silent but vigorously rubs the gunpowder out of his eyes and stands up again. Seme frustrated through some of his kunai into a tree and then walked over to them and took them from the tree. He performed the required hand seals and instead of releasing his jutsu he did his best to hold his chakra level at a steady pace, he continued this chakra control technique for several minutes before releasing the hand seal and deciding to sit down. He crossed his legs and began meditating, doing his best to stay calm and focus on the jutsu. Just as he opens his eyes he realizes his been meditating for hours and it is now dark outside. Seme's dad jumps down and motions for them to go home for the evening. They arrive home and notice that Mie is already sleeping, so still without saying a word both men sneak into the house and go to bed for the evening. Seme lies in his bed wide awake thinking about his failures of the day, and kept trying to imagine why it wasn't working out. No matter how many times it played out in his head it never worked out and he couldn't just figure out the problem. He started to nod off and he knew why he couldn't do the jutsu but he couldn't grasp how to fix it, maybe he wasn't supposed to learn a jutsu of this level so soon despite his clan's heritage of handling advance jutsu despite their skill level.

Eventually Seme dozed off into his evening of sleep, but just as he fell asleep it seemed he woke up due to the sun blasting it's rays into his face. He sat up to see his father staring at him, he proceeded to be dragged by his father to the place they were training at the day before and tossed them into the same positions as the day before. Seme and his father had yet to speak since the agreement the day before, some people would see this as insane and Semmei didn't actually mean it literally but after seeing how serious Seme took it he decided to play along with his son. Seme was pouring sweat from the heat of the day, it was easily 97 degrees, Seme knew this would be a torture to train today as he was training a fire jutsu and the heat combined with this would most likely be torture but he was still just as excited to learn the jutsu, he began his meditation this time before attempting the jutsu. He sat down and closed his eyes and imagined a ball of fire at his core and mentally pictured himself molding the chakra into several different forms and variations just to re-establish his intimacy with his Fire elemental nature. He also imagined molding his Earth chakra, he decided to do this to see if it would help any with the jutsu due to the nature of creating the gunpowder, he had some trouble focusing on both types of chakra but he managed to barely keep it in check. His father watched from a distance curious to as why his son wasn't frantically firing off attempt after attempt of ash only to get plastered in the face by it. Semmei started to lay down but as he did he started to slip off the tree, and almost fell but caught himself by one hand and pulled himself up onto the branch, he chuckled slightly seeing as Seme didn't even notice due to his meditation. Seme was still sitting cross-legged and now was imagining a flow of chakra and concentrating on flowing his chakra and expanding at just the right point and maintaining the control, this is how he would expand the gunpowder into the cloud that would act as a smokescreen or the source of an explosion if ignited. After picturing this over and over again, Seme stood up, much to the surprise of Semmei who had started to doze off from the lack of movement, but he had snapped himself back to consciousness to observe his son. Seme performs the hand seals required for the technique and released the gunpowder, it started as usual but this time instead of a small bubble of gunpowder he begins to form the large cloud required but it looks severely shaky and not stable enough to hold, but he is proud that he was able to get to that point but he knew it wasn't enough to speak again in his mind. He again closed his eyes and pictured what he had earlier, the chakra stream and his fire molding, he then proceeded to attempt the jutsu again. He performed the hand seals again and immediately shot out the stream of gunpowder, after reaching the 11 feet he then proceeded to expand the cloud and in a giant poof an area of 30 to 40 feet covered with gunpowder, his father started clapping from a distance. "I'm impressed, it took me a week or two before learning the technique to that extent. You did it in just 2 days." Seme chuckles and puts his hand behind his head "Well you know, I always was better than you." Seme stuck his tongue out at his father being obviously playful. Both people smiled and Semmei jumped down from the tree to his son, and offered him a handshake which is met and both father and son head home to their mother and wife Mie. Both men looked their mother in the face, she was furious that Semmei had been assisting his son in a dangerous jutsu, even more furious when she found out what jutsu it was, both guys continued to smile as she ripped into them while walking back to the kitchen and finish cooking dinner.

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