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Mission name: Build a Bridge (Repeatable)
Mission rank: C
Objective: Aid builders in completing a bridge.
Location: Kiri
Reward: 180 Ryo
Mission description: “We need paths between our islands as well as to the mainland. But, with the reins of power slipped after the last Kage’s death, they’ve either become complacent or are having trouble. Aid them, and get progress back on track”
Mission details: Builders charged with building a bridge have been stalled, be it by attack from local mercenary groups, or having not received orders in a while. (Your choice) The ninja are to get the teams back on track ASAP or eliminate the groups.

Name: Saboteur
Age: 20-30
General Appearance: Tall hooded men wearing brown cloaks and black clothes
Personality: Aggressive, Proud
Motivations: Anarchy, Anti-Kiri
Fears: Death, misery, pain, loss, death of friends and family
Other: C rank privateers, each carry a C rank blade and a Molotov Cocktail able to deal 3rd degree burns and coat an area in 4m squared of fire. Each having B rank bukijutsu

Missions are something peculiar in a shinobi's life. As weapons of the village, it is expected for shinobi to fight for their village. However, missions can be pretty much anything- the village takes on anything the mission giver gives them, from finding animals to getting ingredients. As such, the shinobi is generally ready for anything life throws at them. They have to be, of course. Being ninja of such high caliber is extremely important to any village. Especially one as bloody as Kirigakure, who pride themselves on their fighting abilities as well as their military might. For shinobi like Kairyu, it was extremely important to be considered useful to the village. Putting oneself in many different situations was vital to grow as a shinobi and as a weapon for Kirigakure.

Kairyu was in that point in his life where his growth was exponential- he was constantly getting better, he was constantly getting stronger, and he was constantly getting faster. His skills with both his blade and his ninjutsu were sharpening, to the point that anyone would be wary when around him. Kairyu would soon become a formidable shinobi, but it would take time for him to gain the experience and knowledge of one. However, for now, his strength would do- he would be finally able to take C rank missions by himself with less discomfort then before.

Kairyu emerged from the mission office with a new scroll- his new mission for the day. It was an interesting one at that. Much like the previous mission he went on, he would have to protect builders from the dangers of saboteurs. Of course, this was a type of mission Kairyu was very well suited for- as an accomplished swordsmen, he felt as if he was strong enough to take on anyone with lesser swords skills then he. Kairyu knew that he would be able to protect these builders easily, and now, with new-found strength and power, he would be able to do it more efficiently. In his last mission, he was able to protect builders, but actually gained a bunch of new scars on his body (especially his chest and forearms) because of it. Kairyu thought these scars were just him making a name for himself- the battles he endured would forever be etched onto his body. It was his prizes for those missions. The fact that he would carry with him the scars of battle for the rest of his life would be a reminder- to never take anything less then serious.

Kairyu started travelling towards his destination, his mind flying. He wanted to be sure he was ready for another battle, another test that will enable him to see whether he was in fact making it easier for himself to do things. Kairyu was training diligently everyday, awaiting opportunities to test his strength. Yet he felt as if he was not amounting to much compared to others around him. But he knew it wasn't fair to compare himself to others- he would need to compare himself to his previous self, and he knew he was improving. This mission would be a great test for that. It would show where he stood amongst his allies, and even amongst his enemies.

As Kairyu travelled on, he recognized he was getting closer to his destination. He also started recognizing the places around him, as he would go there with many friends he has acquired recently. As he walked by them, he felt a feeling of a guardian, understanding and knowing that he was going to one day protect the entire land of Kirigakure, not just the builders that he was going to protect today. One day, he will be an important cog in Kirigakure's battle plan. It will all start with these simple missions, helping out different parts of Kirigakure. Until the day war comes and he is needed, Kairyu will continue going on these missions to support his village.

Kairyu finally arrived at the designated location. The half finished bridge lay there, waiting to be finished up by whomever had the courage to do so. However, Kairyu started noticing the burn marks around the work area around the bridge- evidence of damage. The reports mentioned a group of saboteurs who are anti-kiri- an idea that isn't even fathomable to Kairyu. How could someone love the land that birthed greats such as Ayakashi? The village that protected the land around them with fervor, with such due diligence, that he couldn't even imagine people disliking the village.

Kairyu walked up to the builders, stationed in their tents. He walked to the main camp, the area where the manager was in. He approached the tent, ducking under the shorter doorway. Inside was a table, sat with the bigwigs of every part of the campaign. They all seemed incredibly worried as they saw Kairyu. He was young, younger then they thought he would be. They needed an experience fighter to deal with the calamities that have been falling onto the builders. From supplies missing, to builders missing, it was turning into a tragedy that this bridge might not be finished on time.

"Don't worry... I can do this.", Kairyu said, the determination on his face evident. This didn't really appease the worries of the managers, but the tension in the room eased a bit. They simply nodded at Kairyu, and started explaining the circumstances around this mission. There was a group of saboteurs who were doing everything they can to stop the construction of the bridge. Because of this, the bridge workers have  become increasingly wary around the bridge, and have even stopped working on it completely. They informed Kairyu that his mission would be to stop these people from continuing their destruction, as the build did have a date onto which it needed to be finished by, and this was heavily delaying that. The builders were already overworking, and with these delays, many of them could drop dead from the amount of work they would have to encounter.

Kairyu bowed, and left the camp. Once again, he was on patrol, waiting for his moment It was a very boring job, but Kairyu wanted to have a successful mission. It was something he strived for- perfect mission success. He wanted to be known throughout the lands as an extremely capable shinobi. This mission was just going to be the start of such a task. His thoughts carried him through many hours of the day, allowing the time to pass quickly. Evening came as fast as he could think, and soon enough, the sun started coming down. Kairyu knew that something would start occurring. This was about the time the cowards were going to start fighting anyway.

Almost like clockwork, a group of 5 men came rushing forward, holding something in their hands that looked like bottles. Kairyu tried assessing the situation, but he could only tell basic facts about them- they were tall, strong, and moved with purpose. It was incredibly difficult to tell any weapons they had, but Kairyu knew he had to waste no time. He wanted their to be less casualties this time around- although enemies died before, the building he was supposed to be protecting took the brunt of the damage. This time around, he was going to make sure that there was even less damage.

He felt his blood pressure rising- his muscles screaming for the blood that will be used to charge these men. He jumped from his perch, the sheath on his back dangling in the air. He spread his arms and legs out wide, stretching, as if he was catching the turbulence around him to perpetuate the strength of his fall. He was sitting on a rather large mountain overlooking the camp, so that he may see any troubles that may arise easier. He pulled his limbs in, and front flipped into the middle of the group of men. Bewildered, a second's silence rang through the air. The ground that buffeted his drop leashed out but a single sound, a thwump that resounded through the saboteurs ears. Confusion rang through the group- they had no idea what just occurred. But as soon as the sword that came from nowhere appeared, the 5 knew exactly what was going on. Before they knew it, however, the man disappeared from sight. They looked down, and saw that he was getting ready for a leg sweep, intending for the saboteurs to fall down and have a disadvantageous place. However, they seemed a bit too experience for that. The group of men jumped, and Kairyu's leg sweep missed. Because they were in the air, they couldn't move, and 2 of them were instantly gone. The slashes on their body seemed to just appear there, but it wasn't as if Kairyu moved too fast- he was just an incredibly capable swordsmen, and the movements he made were too tricky to catch with human eyes. They didn't seem to be dead, because as soon as they landed, they screamed in pain. The fear in their eyes was evident- death seemed to be arriving soon. However, Kairyu knew the truth. He only cut the tendons in their arms and legs, so that they wouldn't be able to fight back. The other three, however, seemed to grow angrier. How dare the village send the wretched shinobi against them? They all unsheathed their weapons, standing in a way as if to seem completely hopeless in a battle. For however many seconds, Kairyu could see the fear in their eyes.

They were afraid. Of what happened to their comrades, of the deaths that might be received to them through the reapers of the village, the shinobi. Their imaginations seemed to let loose, and they started shivering. The man before them, his strength, made him seem more like a demon god rather then a regular shinobi. However, they couldn't let their fear consume them- they had a mission to complete. Their comrades back at their base relied on them to continue this attack, to show the village they meant business. A single shinobi wouldn't be able to stop them- or so they thought. Kairyu stood in a stance they have never seen before. They all attacked him at once, but Kairyu started his weapon's dance. He was a dancer, a fighter, ready to destroy all those before him. He was a much more accomplished swordsmen then these guys as well- They didn't even seem to stand a chance versus his swordsplay. One by one they fell, all clutching various parts of their body as their tendons were being torn by Kairyu's sword. They screamed in pain, as if they wanted to escape this awful situation they were in. In reality, the pain was not as bad as they were making it seem, as they weren't dead. But the fear in their eyes showed why they were screaming more- it was because they feared dying. Kairyu made sure none of them died, as he knew this was only a subset of the main force. He wanted their to be prisoners so that information could be divulged as to who or what was behind all these acts of terror. Kairyu understood how valuable the information was in this day and age, and these people would be able to give it.

Within minutes, it came down to just Kairyu and one other person- the man who seemed to lead this little pack of rebels. He also seemed to be the most experienced, with bits of grey hear showing through the cuts in the hoods. Everyone else was much younger then the man, and seemed to follow his orders to the T. Kairyu knew this one would give him more trouble, as he was faster and stronger then the others as well. The two men stared each other down, both breathing heavily. Many times, these fights would be glorified as if they would take hours, but in reality, they would take seconds, and at most, minutes. Here they have been fighting for at least 10 minutes, going at it against each other with their entire strength. Kairyu felt he as much better at bukijutsu then the man, but the man was faster, stronger, and more experienced then Kairyu. There would need to be something Kairyu could do to inflict more damage on this person- otherwise, everything he was fighting for in this mission would be done for. Kairyu was breathing in heavily, hoping for his body to be able to last for just a bit more. Kairyu charged in with a scream, the low rumbling of his voice shaking through the older man. The older man charged in as well, and the sound waves met with the clash of the swords. There were no words in the exchange, only feelings through the weapons they held in their hands. However, it became clear that the older man was having issues with the complex movement Kairyu was using. Minutes passed, and both of them jumped back, breathing heavily.

Kairyu knew he had to end the battle with the next move. He charged in, and this time, used something he hasn't used the whole fight - his chakra. He charged his energy through his blade, and used his Heaven's Sword Style: Thunder Clap jutsu. The blade was extraordinarily fast, and went straight into the waist of his opponent. The man fell, clutching his stomach. Blood was pouring out, but Kairyu knew he had won. Judging from the expressions of the other people, this man would run away as well. And in seconds, he did. Kairyu smiled, then fell back, right onto his back. He was exhausted from the fight. But he was finished. He had finally finished his mission, and with great success. He was just exhausted.

After resting up a bit, Kairyu picked up his weapon and walked into the battle tent. Even though he was dirty and covered with blood, the men thanked him. They could finally start working on the bridge again, with no interruptions. The people rebelling would have more troubles trying to find ways to disrupt construction, all thanks to Kairyu. As Kairyu received the signatures of the manager on board, he knew the last thing to do now was to go back to the mission board and turn in his signatures, to confirm that he was completed his mission. Kairyu looked at the night sky, and noticed how beautiful it looked that night. He was proud to be alive, with barely any injuries. He was growing strong and more powerful, and it was all due thanks to his training that he does every single day.

Kairyu walked back home with a smile on his face, as well as a slight limp. he got hurt from moving around so much, but knew with sufficient food and rest he would be fine. After all, he was becoming quite a capable shinobi, and he would soon become even one of the best shinobi in the world.


WC: 2524

C rank Mission = 2524 - 1000 = 1524
Fire D rank -> C rank Element training = 1524 - 1500
24 Words going to Waste.

C rank Jutsu Reward instead of regular mission reward.


S rank | D rank | S rank | C rank |

D:1 C:1 B:0 A:0 S:0 SS:0

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