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1 Burning(Private/NK) on Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:53 am



*Heavy Breathing*

His eyes were burning, and as they'd glow red and fade to black again the boy suffered. Dante sat down to breath as the pain ceased. Crimson was out here for more training. He didn't receive any messages from his friend Misoka, and was worried about her. However, right now she was in her village hopefully safe and sound. The crimson eyed boy would glare around him and wonder where he was. He was planning on training but when his headache faded and he came to his senses.

Twitching in were the images of a rainy battlefield filled with corpses and  blood.  The young boy wondered what in the bloody hell were these visions. These visions that cause him such immense headaches. The young man Opened his eyes as they were back to normal nothing crazy or insane about them, and no pain stinging his eyes making him want to rip them out.

The young man was in pain, yet despite everything he continued to train and not give a damn. He began by testing his taijutsu and practicing his punches on one of the trees around him, before long he darted to another tree. He kept darting between trees and practicing his physical attacks. Dante realized he had this strange force within him, but it was as if he was chained. He wanted to break the chains holding his power back. He kept training, punching, kicking, spinning, and jumping. The young boy was interested in unlocking his hidden strength, or the strength crawling underneath his skin. The Strength he had before he lost his memory completely.

The boy was done after a whole sixty minutes of training and decided to take a break to ease his breath. As his breathing became steady once again. He took off his shirt, and began preparing himself for the second round of training. Crimson placed his hands on his hips as he realized he had two tantos. He clenched the hilts and wondered if he should train his combat with the two blades. Crimson dismissed the idea for now as he had to focus on his physical condition. However, it wasn't long before the young man named Dante glared into the woods as he stopped training and focused his senses towards the area he sensed a sound hail from.

"Who is there?" He spoke in a sharp cold and cruel tone with an observant eye prepared for an attacker. Crimson moved his hands to his tantos, preparing himself to attack at any given moment. Should the enemy be too strong for dante he could always retreat. Crimson anticipated to find out who the person out there is. 

Dante armed himself in a  battle stance as his eyes began burning once again. Resisting the pain caused by his eyes he didn't even blink. He was focused to an insane extent. Death was always around the corner and he knew that fact firsthand...? Crimson caught in thought wondered how he knew such a fact firsthand. As he asked himself that question his eyes burned more as he felt more movement coming from the shadows. 



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Izayoi H


A walk through the woodlands of his native home, shallow breaths leaving mist in the cool air. The temperature was dropping, the leaves of Hi no Kuni growing a multitude of warm colours and hues, the air crisp. Autumn had arrived. One such leaf, a vibrant auburn, fell from one of the tree’s as the strange genin travelled, stopping to watch the almost elegant fall. The boy, Izayoi of the Hyuuga clan, held a hand out to gently stop the fall of the leaf as it traversed towards the ground, looking at it for a moment, as if prospecting it, determining its worth. Any expression that could be deemed as soft was gone, the shinobi crushing the leaf in his hand in an instant, a frown on his face. It was imperfect. Impure. Truly a leaf that deserved to fall, so misshapen and asymmetrical. It boiled Izayoi’s blood.

So, the short Hyuga walked through the woods, his façade of happiness dropped. He cherished alone time for this reason; he could stop pretending to care. Just him and the silence of the woodland, clad in his basic blue kimono, hair neatly done back as always in a ponytail. Just Izayoi, and the dead silence of the- Wait, what was that noise? Birds began flying through the trees, perhaps startled by something. Or someone. With a sigh, the Hyuuga adjusted his forehead protector, making sure it lined up neatly at his forehead, before making his way towards the source of noise, a growing smile across his face. Not because he was happy, oh no. But because if it truly was a person, it would be a shame for this stranger to see Izayoi without his persona. Years of work would go down the drain.

As he approached the source of noise, Izayoi noticed that it instantly fell silent. Without a doubt, it was the sound of a person. No animal nor creature would make sounds that were so… Unnatural. With a sudden snapping sound, a voice echoed through the woods, clearly directed at Izayoi. Who was he? Oh, the many answers he could give to that question. But no, the Hyuuga shook his head, stepping out into the clearing with a carefree smile, waving slightly and allowing his posture to grow purposely slack. “Hello sir! I hope you do not mind, I am Izayoi of the Hyuuga! I was out for a little stroll and heard a noise, so, well, here I am!” he let out a laugh, the softness of his grey eyes hiding a silent malice for the stranger who had disrupted the quiet. Without leaving pause, he spoke up once more. “So! With that said, you don’t seem like you’re from around here! At the very least, you don’t wear the metal of Konohagakure on your persons! So, stranger, mind telling me who you are?” His voice was cheerful, light, completely stark in contrast compared to the situation. So, as the man adjusted his posture to one of battle, eyes swirling into the recognisable form of the sharingan, Izayoi would simply keep smiling, keeping roughly ten metres away from the stranger. Then his veins began growing, bulging at the sides of his face as his byakugan activated, so as to keep an eye on the man and his actions without being obvious about it. So, he was armed with a couple of short bladed weapons? If he was hostile, oh, Izayoi would look forward for the chance to drop the façade.


Chakra: 145/ 150 (-5 for base byakugan active)


Taijutsu [S] ~ Genjutsu [B] ~ Suiton [A] ~ Fuuton [B]
~ +1 Reaction Time ~ +1 Speed ~ +1 Perception ~
Stats ~ Jutsu ~ Locker

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Veins protruding  from both sides of his eyes all the way to his eyes. A Hyuga clansman. Did he come for revenge? Dante did invade the Hyuga’s property, and not only that but unleashed his flames in order to escape. From that point the princess helped him…. Before she went missing. Perhaps the bpoy before him associated her disappearance to Dante. Crimson glared at the Hyuga before him as he dismissed his friendly gesture. A carefree tone, and a friendly tone. That’s how one could describe the Hyuga kid’s tone. However, crimson had encountered that hidden intent to destroy hidden within the boy’s tone. It was a strong desire that Crimson felt rush in within him and rush out before he could grasp the reason for that killing intent.

It was a shard of his past. Dante would let the burning feeling consume his eyes as his eyes burned from one form to another. Becoming the widely known Sharingan. The eyes of hatred. The crimson eyed stared daggers into whatever was in his sight. As Dante’s consciousness collided with his past identity, a side of him took over his body. His eyes full of hatred, and yet his aura was much more calm, much darker, and even more wicked.

A war veteran,

Crimson sild into a battle stance as he drew the two blades from his hips commencing battle. As crimson glared at the Hyuga his eyes didn’t flinch keeping a sharp eye at the man before him. The slightest twitch would be seen, and he didn’t plan to hold back. The Uchiha felt a strange feeling, as if his powers were weaker. Much, much weaker The person Dante was now is no genin, and it was why he felt strange as if his powers were locked away at the weakest rank. Still, the crimson eyed would enjoy this battle between two blood thirsty fighters.

With his weapons drawn and his battle stance set. The young Uchiha would observe the Hyuga and await his attack. Crimson’s legs were planted lightly on the ground as he prepared himself to move as fast as he can to avoid an attack or a problematic situation. The crimson eyed young man repositioned his grip on the blades holding them upside down as he held them in front of him in an “X” shape.

The Hyuga and the Uchiha, two of the most formidable clans in Konohagakure. Yet the young man didn’t know who or what the Uchiha clan is. However, he now knew one thing for sure. He can see better. His eyes felt as if they held chakra. His whole body felt energized and his eyes felt heavier too. He clenched his weapons strongly, and remained waiting calmly, and with his burning eyes he was fully ready to face his foe. But was he a foe? Crimson did not waver despite the doubts. He would eliminate anyone in his path, or that was the mentality he has going on at the moment.

Chakra: 145/150

Stage I Sharingan


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Izayoi H


Izayoi noted how instead of answering his question, the stranger instead unsheathed their weapons, posture dropping into a clearly offensive stance. A shame, although for who, Izayoi couldn’t tell. So, as the nameless stranger raised their weapons in front of himself in an X pattern, Izayoi spoke up once more, saying the last piece in his façade. “No name? I see… Well, in that case, I’ll just…” his silly, upbeat voice trailed off, words hanging in the air for a moment. After a pause, he spoke up again, the softness of his eyes replaced with the realistic harsh grey, voice stern, emotionless, as if a lifetime of cruelty lay behind every word. “Make you sing.” He threatened, hand moving to his weapon satchel at his side. Swiftly, he removed a total of five of his six senbon, leaving a kunai and a senbon within the weapon container. To Izayoi, it seemed the man was waiting for him to make the first move, and it’d be rude to disappoint, no?

Shifting one senbon from his right hand to his left, Izayoi threw the lone projectile to the ground in front of the stranger, clattering against a rock and then flying off, way past the man. A grin of satisfaction spread across Izayoi’s face. This was one of Izayoi’s favourite genjutsu styles, the Historia arts. Specifically, this was Historia: Skipping stones. And hopefully, the target would be caught, having heard the clattering of the weapon. If he was indeed caught, then it would be great as a start for Izayoi, slowly drowning the hearing of the stranger in the genjutsu. It’d be easy to notice, of course, but a little start couldn’t hurt. Besides, on the off chance of him not noticing, Izayoi’d be able to do plenty of surprise attacks.

Of course, regardless of whether the genjutsu worked, Izayoi had to take initiative, since the stranger was so kind as to offer it. Shifting half of his senbon to his left hand, Izayoi quickly began applying chakra threads to the projectiles, holding two senbon per hand. From there, maniacal grin still spread across his face, Izayoi threw all four senbon, two to the left, and two to the right, chakra threads trailing from weapon to finger. The weapons sailed through the air, directly parallel to the intended target, before Izayoi pushed his hands forwards, the senbon following suit and redirecting in course towards the stranger who had incurred the wrath of Izayoi. Four senbon were flying through the air, the Hyuuga staring intensely at the Uchiha whose eyes blazed with the hatred the clan always carried with it. Oh, how he loved the organisation of battle as his weaponised needles began to thread towards the stranger, synchronised in their attack, no senbon being out of place. Perfection and balance. Izayoi’s blissful view of harmony.

473 + 571 = 1044

Chakra: 120/ 150 (-15 for C rank technique, -5 for Puppet Technique, -5 for Byakkugan)

Jutsu used:

Historia - Skipping Stones:

Name: Historia - Skipping Stones (Hisutoria - sukippusutōnzu ~ ヒストリア - スキップストーンズ)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 30m
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: The user throws an object directly in front of the target, as if throwing a stone across water (E.g. an actual stone, a shuriken, a stick, etc). Anyone that looks at this technique that isn't the user gets caught in the genjutsu. For the first post, those caught in the genjutsu hear the faint sound of stones on stones. For the next two posts, those caught in the genjutsu cannot hear anything that is not this sound, auditory senses blocked by the continuous, dull echo of stones clattering.
Puppet Technique:

Name: Puppet Technique (Kugutsu no Jutsu ~ 傀儡の術)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: 30m.
Specialty: Kugutsu.
Duration: -5 per post
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: This jutsu generates long, fibrous, malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. They are partially intangible to prevent tangling; this jutsu cannot be used to bind people. The condensed chakra takes a hue of variable color depending on the user. Use of this technique on puppets is only available to those with the Kugutsu specialty. However, people without skill in Puppetry can still generate chakra strings to control weapons they have the specializations to wield, within 30m. This consists of whipping them around like a flail or yo-yo, or controlling their path of travel when thrown. Unless durability is enhanced by a separate technique, these chakra strings can be broken by any D rank technique that causes blunt force, cutting, or piercing damage.

This technique cannot control living people; it can only control corpses, or Human Puppets currently in the user's locker.

3 Types of Strings:
The following applies not to the rank of the jutsu, but rather the rank and the skill level of the user.

Multiple control:
The chakra strings at this rank are more tailored to controlling the base functions of many puppets as opposed to putting an astounding amount of effort into the control of few. Using this technique depending on the user's rank they are able to control up to 10 puppets, though the trade off is each of them operate at the user's speed and reaction time, -1 rank. (Stat increases from items and jutsu do not count towards this. However, those from clans do.)

E rank = 2 puppets
D rank = 3
C rank = 4
B rank = 6
A rank = 8
S rank = 9
SS rank = 10

Balanced Control:
Using more focused control on the puppets the user wields they are able to focus more into their puppets movement, and therefore they no longer receive the negative influence to their speed that the mass control strings had. However, the puppets still receive -1 to reaction time and less puppets are able to operate at this capacity per rank.
E-C rank = Max of 2 puppets
B-A rank 4
S-SS rank = 5

Focused control:
The user, with these strings, is able to literally control their puppets with such mastery as if they were basically human themselves. The concentration at this level requires they dedicate themselves into only one or two puppets, but they operate without any negatives what so ever, and move at the user's speed and reaction times.
E-C rank = 1 Puppet max
B-SS rank = 2


Taijutsu [S] ~ Genjutsu [B] ~ Suiton [A] ~ Fuuton [B]
~ +1 Reaction Time ~ +1 Speed ~ +1 Perception ~
Stats ~ Jutsu ~ Locker

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Dante's Battle Theme

"The five nations of the shinobi world have deployed a single squad made up of shinobi from each village, and their mission is to annihilate the child-soldier squad. You bastards have brainwashed them, and we cannot let them kill more people."

All of them were killed in front of us, and you plan on fooling around more? We were the child soldiers, and your friends, your one and only sister, and even me your true self. We were all erased. They've murdered them all, and left you without your memories, and thus, Your powers. We will burn the world to the ground. Whether you like it or not, Crimson. You will disappear, give back my body you coward. Dante spoke as he stabbed Crimson within his head. As the annoyance of random sounds of stones beating against stones was induced in his ears. Dante ignored it and rushed towards the Hyuga punk. As multiple senbons were thrown towards the young Uchiha he awaited till there were five meters between him and the hyuga, but the senbon were facing him barely a centimeter away from the boy. However, he then launched a roar of wind, a blast of wind the deflected all projectiles and rushed to damage the Hyuga and as it reached the hyuga Dante entered his beloved form. 

Fire king's form and before the wind fades he unleashed a popular technique, the destructive Phoenix Sage fire. A combination of Jutsus that was quite draining, however, he now created a technique of A-rank, and a technique of destructive speed and power, far more faster than what any chunin or genin could hope to escape or withstand. The Hyuga before him would take a destructive blow that could kill him, and should he survive a hit such as that it would boil the uchiha's accursed blood coursing through his veins. 

The distance between them was 5 meters, and the annoyance of sounds was a clear indication of it being a genjutsu, however Dante still chose not to use his Kai. It was an obvious facade. Should he perform Kai he would be struck with another genjutsu, and should that occur he would have no way of  escaping another Genjutsu. An old tactic used by an old comrade. A comrade that died.

The young boy released all jutsus in one second, there were five meters between them, his six fire-balls absorbed the wind and were strengthened by his fire king mode. The speed, strength, and range were increased to the basic speed, the basic damage, and the basic range of an A-rank fire technique. The speed was beyond anything that a genin or even a chunin could handle, however, if the Hyuga is higher ranked this should be a breeze to dodge. However, even then Dante would never let up. He chose the Phoenix sage fire for a reason. They were multiple strikes, six in total, and they were controllable. 

As the balls hit him they will cause third degree burns all over his body, and should he avoid the first one with substitution technique he would have the rest of the balls chase him. Crimson kept his Fire king mode on as he prepared to launch more fire techniques to kill the Hyuga. However, if the Hyuga does indeed withstand the crazy damage. It would certainly be an eye catcher and a shocker. Either that, or he's a high ranked shinobi. He'd manipulate a herd of crazy fireballs if he used substitution and chase him till he's defeated with his now A-ranked flames.


This One Tomoe form has very few abilities compared to the other stages of the Sharingan. It merely improves their reaction time, allowing the Uchiha to react with +1 tier efficiency. This means a genin has the visual reaction time of a +1 during this mode.

When active, the One Tomoe Sharingan consumes Five chakra a post.
Wind release:

Name: Wind Dragon Roar
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-B
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Element: Fuuton
Range: 35-55
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration:  Instant
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: The user inhales a large amount of air and fuses it with his chakra, multiplying it's amount and breathing it out in the form of a blast that blows everything in its path, causing a serious amount of damage to all opponents in range. This technique can be used with a fire based technique in order to strengthen the fire, widen its range, and strengthen its effect This jutsu can only deflect, and block, what's in it's path, in other words attacking user from above or from behind with a projectile will work. any katon-enhanced projectiles will have a +1 against your defensive properties.


Due to this Jutsus intense strength it requires five more chakra.
Fire release:

Name: Fire Style: Flame King 
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: 20 Meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration:  Maintainable(5 chakra per post)
Cooldown: 3 posts+posts maintained
Description: By focusing their whole chakra towards their Katon element the user can envelope their body in red hot aura, the user while in this state receives +1 to all katon techniques. This technique however has a major drawback, while in this state, the user can't use any of his/her other elements. Suiton gains +1 during this mode.
Fire release:

Name: Fire release: Phoenix sage fire
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: 15 meters
Duration: instant
Cooldown: 4
Description: This technique creates a volley of small fireballs, which are sent flying in an unpredictable manner assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled one by one with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely difficult. This technique is used as a distraction. Still these flames can cause second degree burns. There are six balls.


Reaction Time: D3-Rank+1(Sharingan)+1(Reflexes)

Strength: D3-Rank+1(Taijutsu)

Endurance: D-Rank

Perception: D-Rank+1(Ace Eye)

Speed: D-Rank

(Due to complications my stats were not changed, however, have been re-requested for change. Thanks for your patience)


6 Re: Burning(Private/NK) on Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:00 pm

Izayoi H


Chakra. Izayoi couldn’t say he saw it clear as day, but what he saw was a shift in the stranger’s chakra. They were acting calm despite the multitude of senbon flying towards them, so it was clear something was about to happen. Suddenly, the stranger looked to their left, exhaling a large amount of wind, the two senbon being propelled off course. In an instant the Hyuga began pulling the strings to return the senbon to him, body beginning to spin as the man turned to use the same stream to deflect the second pair of senbon. As the rightmost couple went flying off, Izayoi pulled them back towards him as well, mid spin clicking his fingers together, this motion having been done while the Uchiha opposite was looking away. To the Uchiha, who had yet to name themselves, Izayoi would seem to shift a miniscule amount to the side. Odd. Still, he span twice in total, pulling his senbon back in front of him as fire chakra seemed to coat his foes skin, building up intensively at his throat.

With warning only of chakra, a precise total of six fireballs shot themselves towards the Hyuuga, each quite intense in size and shape. With sharp hand motions, Izayoi propelled the four senbon into four of the fast moving projectiles, the balls of flame exploding and sending the projectiles off into the distance, lodging them in trees and the ground. The chakra strings fell limp to the ground as Izayoi began his advance. Two attacks remaining, and realistically, no way to avoid them both. So, he took a step to the side, just enough so that one of the balls of flame would seem to clip him in the arm, whereas realistically it would hit the illusion of him and go past. Of course, this left one more problem, the remaining fireball.

Unable to escape the incoming danger, and running out of time to think of a plan, Izayoi instead decided to not waste his time with dodging. Fuuton chakra built up dramatically in his tenketsu, a large burst of wind erupting from his limbs and body from behind him. With an explosion his right arm contacted the fireball, skin peeling and melting away to become a fleshy, flaking away like the leaves that fell from trees as the pink, red of his burnt flesh lay bare to the wind. Yet still the projectile Hyuuga moved forwards, second fireball whizzing past and exploding at a tree, fire blazing from both in front of and behind the rapidly moving man as he flew towards the Uchiha.

Feet planted firm, smile all but gone, Izayoi now stood mere inches from the strangers head. Carrying the momentum from his sudden approach, the Hyuuga smashed his forehead into the nose of the man who had dared to inflict such a vile wound on his persons! Yet through it all he didn’t whine. Fierce determination, an almost lethal degree of such, and it would be shown that Izayoi didn’t give a damn about the pain on his arm. Or at the very least, he ignored the pain. His will was iron, and it didn’t matter how long he’d have to endure such a burn. This stranger would bow and sing for such insolence.

547 + 1044 = 1591

Chakra: 80/150 (-5 for Byakkugan, -5 for Puppet strings, -30 for 2 C rank jutsu)

Stats for this fight (Should have posted these earlier, so, my bad)

Strength: E-0
Speed: E-1 (+1 for Taijutsu)
Endurance: E-0
Perception: E-1 (+1 for Ace Eye)
Reaction Time: E-2 (+1 for Reflexes, +1 for Byakkugan)

Jutsu used:

Sudden Approach:

Name: Sudden Approach (Totsuzen no apurōchi - 突然のアプローチ)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Element: Fuuton
Range: 10m
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user releases a sudden, sharp burst of Fuuton chakra from the backs of their tenketsu, propelling themselves forwards for 10m in a straight line at 25m/s.
Historia - Where Was I?:

Name: Historia - Where Was I? (Hisutoria - watashi wamashita ka? ~ ヒストリア - 私はましたか?)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Defensive
Element: Suiton
Range: 6m Radius
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 4 posts
Cooldown: 8 posts
Description: The user spins around in a circle, clicking the fingers of their left hand as they spin. Anyone within 6m of the user hears a loud clicking sound, while anyone outside of this radius is unaffected entirely. To those caught within the radius, for the duration of this genjutsu, the user appears to be exactly 2 inches directly left of where they actually are.


Taijutsu [S] ~ Genjutsu [B] ~ Suiton [A] ~ Fuuton [B]
~ +1 Reaction Time ~ +1 Speed ~ +1 Perception ~
Stats ~ Jutsu ~ Locker

7 Re: Burning(Private/NK) on Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:35 pm



He rushed and attacked, he dodged and deflected, he reacted and moved. The Hyuga was no simple kid. Dante felt a rush of excitement, and although he saw the man's attack coming with his eye. His loss of his hearing bothered him and not knowing he was hit by a second genjutsu he used his Kai of C-Rank disrupting the genjutsus. However, by then the Hyuga planted his head into Dante's nose eventually breaking it. Dante angered by the rebellion against him made sure to grab the man's collar as he headbutted him.

Collar grabbed, Dante wasn't letting go as his nose bled the young uchiha's hands and legs burned with flames as a taijutsu he invented was strengthened by his fire kind mode. The punk would drop to his death now for such insolence. Dante with not a centimeter between them, began a barrage of punches at his highest speed, and with the help of his fire king Jutsu his fire punches and kicks were strengthened to C-Rank in damage. Dante unleashed a barrage of kicks and punches at incredible speeds.

Dante held back no punches and kept unleashing them at the Hyuga. He would pull the man's collar down moving his head down as he launched his knee into the white-eyed's face. Punched him with a left hook, pushed him back and rushed towards him before delivering a kick to the kid's waist, using the momentum he rotated into a launched attack of a punch directed at the boy's face, should the boy dodge Dante would rotate to his left side and launch a triple punch combination. If the boy would dodge Dante would use his burst technique to chase at an immense speed combined with his own speed. Delivering a right hook, and uppercut, flipping over the Hyuga and launching a leg sweep to drop him off his feet. He would then deliver a flipped kick towards the Hyuga's stomach if he fell. If he attempted to escape the kick Dante would burst once more away from the position of the Hyuga and relaunch himself  at the Hyuga intercepting any attack of his with more of his Jutsu.

The Hyuga while his shirt's collar was held by Crimson would receive heavy punches enhanced with katon chakra that would certainly leave serious burns . Dante would deliver an uppercut followed by four punches to the stomach and a rotated side kick that would drop the opponent off his balance. Enraged and adrenalized Dante would chase the boy should he escape, burst, duck, uppercut, deliver four strikes into the abdomen, and follow with the rotatory kick to sweep the opponent of balance. Should the opponent jump Dante would throw a tanto burst upward with his other tanto and execute the combo mid-air. Should he dodge to the left Dante would launch a fireball and hurl it at him before appearing from it and executing his combo. Should he dodge to the right he would do the same. Assuming the boy ducks, Dante would plant his tantos piercing an inch into the Hyuga's back and pulling them away with the strings as he uses the momentum to push himself away and launch a fireball from a point blank. 

Dante was a reckless bastard, should the Hyuga take his hits Dante would hold him with both hands and launch a C-Rank fireball that would be boosted to B-Rank from a point blank position. This will deal third degree burns to the both of them and knock both Fighters out. Dante would prepare himself accordingly and react as fast as he can. He would never mind killing himself to end the life of a punk that dared stand up against him. He was no longer the sweet crimson. Crimson had faded into Dante's abyss. Crimson was now the Child soldier that murdered and destroyed villages alone ending troops of soldiers. However, this is why it all felt so strange. His body was much weaker and so were his eyes.

Dante smirked as he bled from his nose, his eyes communicated one sentence:

"I will destroy you even if it takes my own fucking life"

chakra 20/150:

Name: Devastation Barrage  
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive 
Element: Katon
Range: Melee
Specialty: TaiJutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description:  An uppercut followed by four punches in the abdomen, and a rotating side kick that throws the opponent off-balance, while preforming these multiple strikes, the user's foot and hands are surrounded by fire, which adds a burning effect to his strikes, these strikes can bruises and mild first degree burns.

Fire king maintained: 5
Sharingan turned off at the start of the post no reduction

Name: Genjutsu Dissipation (幻術解 ~ Genjutsu Kai)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Defensive/Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Genjutsu.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description: A technique taught at the Ninja Academy requiring chakra control. By using Kai, a ninja disrupts their own flow of chakra, then starts it again. This allows a ninja to escape from illusions, provided he or she has figured out that a Genjutsu is active. Ninja can use this ability on their comrades to save them from genjutsu. It is possible for this technique to fail, if the user misjudges the power of the genjutsu and does not put in enough chakra to stop their chakra flow. 

This is an E-ranked technique, but has variable chakra costs. 

  • Genin: 15 chakra for a D-ranked Genjutsu, 30 for C. Genin cannot dispel B-ranked Genjutsu.

  • Chuunin: 25 chakra for a C-ranked Genjutsu, 40 for B. Chuunin cannot dispel A-ranked Genjutsu.

  • Special Jounin: 35 chakra for a B-ranked Genjutsu, 50 for A. Toku-Jou cannot dispel S-ranked Genjutsu.

  • Jounin: 45 chakra for an A-ranked Genjutsu, 60 for S. Jounin cannot dispel SS-ranked Genjutsu.

  • Sannin/Kage: 50 chakra for an S-ranked Genjutsu, 80 for unboosted SS. Only Genjutsu that specifically say that they cannot be Dissipated (such as Tsukuyomi) are the exception.

~Kai can dispel multiple genjutsu at once, but only on the user or another person, not both. The highest-rank genjutsu costs the normal amount to Dissipate, then the second costs the normal amount -5, the third -10, and so on. So, if a genin was caught under a C-rank and two D-rank genjutsu, it would cost 30 chakra to dispel the C-rank jutsu, 10 to dispel the second, and 5 to dispel the third.


8 Re: Burning(Private/NK) on Sun Oct 23, 2016 10:08 am

Izayoi H


As his head-butt landed firm on the Uchiha’s nose, a satisfying cracking sound signalling its damage, Izayoi couldn’t help but let out a wild grin, eyes revealing to him the ever dwindling chakra of his foe. Whatever that fireball technique, while it had done its damage, was far too risky to use as an opening move. An amateur, perhaps not in damage, but in stamina. While the genin can’t say he’d seen damage that severe from a genin before, the mere fact of how dwindled his foe suddenly was gave it all away. Furthermore, the man’s chakra had become normal, albeit drained. The genjutsu clearly had no more effect. That was good. Perhaps now this stranger could grovel on the floor and beg for mercy, tell his name, then suffer.

What little chakra the man had left seemed to flow and intensify at his hands and feet, light flames flickering from these limbs. More jutsu? The Hyuuga couldn’t help but keep smiling. No matter how much he was burnt, he’d keep fighting, the Hyuuga maintaining consciousness through sheer hatred alone. Izayoi watched as the man grabbed his collar, leaning back for a rather sloppy head-butt, fatigued from his dwindling chakra reserves. Of course, Izayoi wouldn’t leave the poor guy waiting, head-butting back so as to leave a major bruise across the foreheads of both the fighters. Izayoi could live with pain. Could this Uchiha?

The first sign of how this man would fight was the touch of his hand to the collar of Izayoi’s attire. In a moment, the genin crossed their arms in front of their face, right arm outwards so as to minimize the locations that are damaged, scarred and burnt flesh still warm as it peeled away more. With a sudden jerking motion Izayoi found himself pulled down, the man’s intentions clearly to kick him in the face. A crack and singe as the blow landed, albeit not the intended target, the burn on Izayoi’s arm now so severe it began bleeding, splatters landing both on the floor, and the leg of his foe. Damn, it hurt. A lot. And Izayoi would have to rush to the Konohagakure hospital after this, whether he liked it or not.

But it’s not as if Izayoi taking the hits had been for naught. Through what he could see, the man’s movements were growing sloppy with fatigue. As the man moved his left fist at almost rushed speeds, Izayoi made his counter attack, not allowing the Uchiha to retreat or defend. Gritting his teeth, Izayoi swung his bloody and burnt arm beneath the Uchiha’s withdrawing leg, left arm moving to intercept by twisting his body, spinning around as he lifted the attacking leg, back now temporarily to the Uchiha. Of course, only an idiot would turn their back on the enemy without reason. Izayoi’s reason was simple.


By striking with his foot while in such a fatigued state, chakra reserves at a low, the Uchiha fool had left himself off balance, and given the Hyuuga the perfect place to counter from. If it was anyone else, it probably wouldn’t have worked. The pain in the arm would have been unbearable. But Izayoi’s sheer hatred and determination was terrifying in itself. As he spun around to block the left hook, forearm meeting forearm, both hands left in the air, harmlessly touching nothing, Izayoi continued with the momentum, following the falling Uchiha as he pulled his burnt arm up as much as possible, the leg going with it. The intense grey of his eyes stared daggers, scanning the falling Uchiha in an instant. Sweat. Breathing. It all but reconfirmed the suspicions of exhaustion. Izayoi wasn’t in exactly top physical form himself, but in the case of attrition, the Uchiha was losing, Izayoi’s breath still at a comparatively consistent rate compared to this stranger.

All in all, the situation was rather estranged. The Uchiha truly had done the most damage, yet the Hyuga had used the least energy by far. Another jutsu by the Uchiha and he would fall unconscious from sheer exhaustion. Izayoi, if he’d a more advanced repertoire, could go on for longer. Some might say it was an even fight, which began in the Uchiha’s favour, yet now was in the Hyuuga’s. And Izayoi would agree with that view, halting his momentum and instead just watching the stranger fall. Looking down at the Uchiha who now lay on his back on the ground, Izayoi spoke up, allowing the melting, scarred, bloody flesh of his right arm to just hang at his side now. “You have two choices. The first is to tell me your name, Uchiha, and stop your feeble attacks.” He paused, a twang of pain shooting through his arm and into his whole body. He was determined, sure, but there was only so much pain sheer determination could endure. “Or” he continued, voice as stern as it had been before. “You die. I can see your chakra. You can do no more without knocking yourself out. To continue this would be a war of attrition you would lose.

Taking a few steps back, Izayoi just continued watching, veins still prominent on his face. He was bruised, but other than that, the damage was entirely focused on his right arm, which would require serious medical aid as soon as the fight was over. Never blinking, the Hyuuga added almost second handedly. “The choice is yours.

906 + 1591 = 2497

Chakra: 75/150 (-5 for Byakkugan)


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9 Re: Burning(Private/NK) on Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:04 pm



Dante’s memories were jumbled he, however, still remembers his last fight. It was against a sealing master. His powers were reversed to nothingness with a time-reversal seal. The seal reverted the Reaper to a mere child. Neither his Mangekyou, nor his wide array of techniques was with him. He had to train to become stronger. He had to return. The world was still full of filth. Full of trash, full of scum to eradicate. The accursed Uchiha left for the rolling hills. He started by focusing on his physical attributes. His perception was far weaker; he could barely perceive anything with his eyes. His strength was nothing compared to his true strength; he used to tear limbs, crush rocks, and destroy areas of land just with his hands. His speed was pathetic; he was not even capable of crossing twenty meters a second. His endurance? A fight with Izayoi cleared up how easily he gets hurt, and how he was a lot less resistant to pain.

The crimson-eyed hated his weakness. The strength he claimed over the many years was all gone. It was frustrating, however, he remained calm. This is how he always was, calm and calculated. The man struggled to continue his training as an insane headache tore his head apart. The young man held his head between both hands as he struggled to stand. He dropped to his knees as the pain grew. Dante stood up with extreme difficulty as he started punching and hitting his head against a tree. Blood streamed in a line from his forehead down his cheek, His knuckles bloodied, and his eyes sharp. He continued hitting the tree as he suffered from the intense pain of an annoying personality within wanting to surface. 

Pinned down, Crimson was pinned down but the Hyuga forgot one thing, despite the exhaustion that surprised the young man. Crimson still had his incredible strength. Crimson broke through with his brute strength that surpassed a genin, and darted away from the Hyuga rotating as he opened his Sharingan for one last time before dropping to the danger zone.

With all of his strength every ounce of power in his body, defying pain and exhaustion. Crimson dashed with his bursting speed to launch a powerful punch towards Hyuga's face only to realize his face was just as exposed. His hand holding his rage and hatred. "Damn Hyuga!!!" He yelled as he ragingly glared at the boy before throwing his punch like a raging bull.

Chakra left: 15

No jutsu used but sharingan.

WC: 3273
Speed: D->D3
Endurance: D->D3

words remaining: 923


10 Re: Burning(Private/NK) on Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:28 am

Izayoi H


The Uchiha stood up. Despite being at his last straws of energy, he stood up. If nothing else, Izayoi had to admire the hatred within him. As he stumbled to his feet, the Hyuuga leapt backwards cautiously, adjusting his posture, back of his left palm facing the Uchiha while his burnt, fleshy right arm hand limply at his side. Damn it hurt. He wouldn’t be able to pretend to smile with how much it hurt. Oh, he wanted to rend this person apart, limb from limb. To chain them upside down from their neck and shins, and to simply carve into his face with a senbon. But logic calmed anger. He was not yet strong enough to make enemies out of everyone. Not yet powerful enough to act out his desires, as his parents would dislike him to. If they were even still alive anymore, not that Izayoi would care. He wasn’t their marionette anymore. He was that of Konoha’s. And perhaps one day, he would be his own puppet, pulling the strings of his own fate. No, of other people’s fate. It was as much as the world deserved.

The Uchiha stood up, understandably angry. Whatever that technique he had used before was clearly meant to kill Izayoi. But, Izayoi too was angry. If anyone caught him in such a state of distress, such a state of anger… His entire façade would be ruined. The little puzzle piece’s he’d laid carefully in place, the building block’s he’d been stacking… All for naught if caught. So, as the Uchiha charged, Izayoi simply stood there. No, perhaps standing there is the wrong phrasing. He did move. He spun, kicking off with his right foot while pivoting on his left, bringing around the back of his hand in an attempt to make contact with the Uchiha. He didn’t care about getting hit. He could avoid getting hit, sure, but this was personal. The Uchiha could no longer kill him, as it was, Izayoi could see he was barely standing. One more hit was fine. Even if it knocked him out. Because the Uchiha was also one hit away. Just a single push until he was down. And a double down was fine to Izayoi, as it would satiate his wrath. So he spun as the enemy charged, bringing the back of his hand down to contact with the charging Uchiha’s face, although in doing so the man’s fist contacted with Izayoi’s face. The impact propelled the already injured Hyuuga backwards slightly in a stumble, while Izayoi’s own impact would likely push the Uchiha to the side due to the momentum of his spin. The perfect Hyuuga bitch slap. Well, perhaps not perfect. But good enough.

So he lay there on his back, staring at the sky. He was tired. In pain. Angry. Yet contrary to this, he grinned. A malicious intent of a grin. So, this stranger remembered how to speak? Even more so, Izayoi had angered him to the point of crying out in rage and rushing headlong into battle. The idea that someone as meagre as him could do such a thing… Oh it made him so, so happy. Turning his head to the side, the Hyuuga spat a globule of blood to the ground, before looking back up at the sky, seemingly framed by the ring of the tree canopies. Once more. He would ask, once more. But enough questioning. Enough asking. No, he would tell the Uchiha to state his name. He owed the puppet child that much. “State your name, Uchiha.” He spat, words filled with iron, words rattling, stuttering, with his words tasting like iron to him. He hadn’t tasted his blood in a long time. Not since family time, oh those years ago.

625 + 2497 = 3122

Chakra: 70/150 (-5 for Byakkugan)


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11 Re: Burning(Private/NK) on Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:13 am



A sinister laugh tore the Uchiha's face. Such hatred, such bloodlust, such murderous intent. However, he laid there incapable of shaking a muscle, and as he laid there he remembered the last time he fought such a fun fight. True he didn't have one ounce of his past power, but becoming powerful took away the pleasure of a worthy fight. The Hyuga stood up well, and his resistance to Dante's brutal attacks burned a fire within Dante's heart. Dante's smile faded as he was asked his name.... Dante Uchiha, the crimson reaper chased by all five nations, the destroyed of the sound village. Who would believe such hubris, but only the sage that placed that time reversal seal would know the truth.

Dante Uchiha enjoyed the bloody fight, and despite what his opponent may think he would tell the truth, Dante was not lying. Dante replied as the man coughed blood asking him his name. "Uchiha.... Dante." He paused before continuing"Heh, you're strong punk...." Blood dripped from the Uchihas nose and before long as they laid near one another rain would fall washing their blood away. Dante spoke once again thanking the Hyuga in his own way, and acknowledging him "You better not die till I kill you bastard." His feelings were sincere, the hatred within Izayoi lit Dante's once more.

Dante had found a rival, and he would enjoy their fights. Dante words of thanks were spat with a tone of gratitude and promise, a cold cruel tone of gratitude. He found the bastard to light his rage, his hatred, and his ambition.

Dante remembered his loved ones as the rain fell on his body cooling his wounds. A sense of excitement remained, however, what he felt at the moment was peace. He was awoken by the Hyuga's mighty bitchslap. Dante chuckled for an instant as he remembered their last collision.

It was truly a joyous fight....

WC TOTAL: 1250

PERCEPTION D->D3 1250/1175 words


12 Re: Burning(Private/NK) on Thu Nov 03, 2016 6:30 am

Izayoi H


Finally, after the entire fight, his foe spat his name, a name the Hyuuga child would make note to remember, not out of spite, not out of respect. Perhaps out of whimsical thinking that truly, Izayoi didn’t expect from himself. Dante. His clan the Hyuuga could have guessed, after all, he used a large array of Katon techniques and even the sharingan. No, the Uchiha part was not something to even question, to even consider, to even warrant remembering. He’d remember the Uchiha part from skills. The name, his given name, was something he’d remember through nothing more than sheer reputation. And to Izayoi, he had given himself a few reputations. Brash. Foolish. Strong. Weak minded. A crooked grin, white teeth red with blood that seemed to dilute in the torrential downpour of rain. He’d just found a wonderful puppet.

Clenching his bloody fist as Dante spoke, Izayoi kept grinning. The fool admitted he was strong. Izayoi sat up straight with a grunt, the hair tie keeping his ponytail neatly tied together falling into the sodden, wet ground. He spat out once more, less blood than just to clean his teeth a bit. He then swung his molten, fleshy, peeled and charred arm, holding it to his chest. At the Uchiha’s latter comment, Izayoi just continued to grin. So, this man wanted to kill him? That was good news for him indeed. Such hatred… Surely there would be ways to use it, to manipulate it. Voice stern between breaths, the Hyuuga replied in short. “I look forward to seeing where the strings of fate drag you, Uchiha.

Before standing up, Izayoi decided a priority was to minimize the risk of infection to his arm, taking his intact sleeve in his teeth, and ripping it. From there, he simply began wrapping it, like one would a bandage, around his overcooked arm. It hurt, it stung, but at least it would be protected from the rain long enough for him to get to the Konohagakure hospital. With a grunt, his blood quickly seeping into and staining the makeshift protection, Izayoi stood, glaring daggers at his foe. Yet this too faded, replaced by a gentler grin. “I have a play to act, and a role to fulfil. The village sees me as little more than a pawn of joy. I intend to keep it that way. We shall meet again, whether you like it or no, as you interest me. Whether we meet once more on the same side or opposite, I don’t care. The strings are attached. Good luck removing them.” And with that, he turned, walking off with his teeth grit and an almost maniacal laughter that seemed to echo slightly. He had to return to his act, his façade, his persona. But, well, surely the village would understand his persona’s lack of joy if he explained something along the lines of, perhaps, a bandit attack? After all, what they don’t know won’t kill them.

Not yet.

496 + 3122 = 3618



Words to use: 3618

Reaction Time from E-1 to D-0 for 675 WC
Speed from E-0 to D-0 for 750 WC
Perception from E-0 to D-0 for 750 WC
Strength from E-0 to D-0 for 750 WC
Endurance from E-0 to E-3 for 450 WC

Discarding 243 WC


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