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Yanagi Yusuke

Yanagi Yusuke

A bright day had begun and Yusuke was standing under the shade of a tree, rereading the scroll he had just acquired. Today, he had decided to volunteer to help with exploration. It was a D-rank mission to explore the old district of Iwagakure and help out with the mapping. The idea of exploring old structures, exploring caves and mapping them yelled new information and the possibility to learn. Yusuke’s learning senses were super tingled and he was hooked right away. And now he stood with a scroll, detailing the requirements of the mission and instructions that he needed to follow. He had been supplied with the necessary equipment that he would need to map all the places he was meant to explore. ”I’ve got the information, I’ve got the instructions and I’ve got the tools. The only thing that remains is food and then I’m set to depart on my exploration expedition”. Saying “exploration expedition” sounded so cool to him that he smiled widely, almost creepily.

Yusuke carefully rolled up the scroll and placed it in the bag he had gotten for the expedition. Then he went to the Iwagakure bazaar. He hadn’t had breakfast yet so he enjoyed a healthy one then he packed up some food for the way. This being his very first expedition, he had little idea how much time it would consume. So he packed for at least a day’s worth of food. Coming back just for the sake of food would reduce the efficiency of how he would be able to get the work done. For a moment, Yusuke felt smart for thinking in such a manner. After an hour of spent in eating breakfast and packing food, Yusuke would finally depart on his expedition.

It would take Yusuke a few hours before he would finally arrive at the old district. Yusuke sat down on a rock, as he opened up a can of water he had brought along. He took a few gulps of water as he looked around the rocky terrain. The sun was shining brightly and it was afternoon by then. ”I should’ve probably left earlier in the morning so I could get here in time. Leaving late in the morning was a mistake”. The task hadn’t even started yet and he had already begun to make mistakes, typical.

Then Yusuke took out the mapping equipment and drew his current location. In front of him was a tunnel and he needed to make sure to map its location. After drawing, Yusuke ventured into the tunnel. As he walked, the sun light behind him began to disappear. The tunnel seemed to go on forever, it seemed like a man made structure. What had been the need for such a tunnel? Was it a mining tunnel? Were there some metals or was this an old diamond or gold mine? There was a possibility but no such information was written in the scroll he had. It got so dark after a little while that Yusuke had to light up a lantern. He felt relieved that he had brought one just in case. Not that he had thought he’d need one, the city planning commission had provided it. After travelling for what felt like almost an entire day, Yusuke began to see the end of the tunnel.

When he finally emerged, it had gotten dark. He estimated that it had taken him in fact an entire day to track through the tunnel. It went straight through a mountain and could be used for a short cut. It may need some refining but the find would prove useful. With the provided equipment, he documented the location and estimated length of the tunnel. Satisfied that he had accomplished his task, he began his way back towards the village. Tired and hungry but satisfied.

Word Count: 648.
WC Distribution:

Mission WC: 600.
Discarded WC: 48.


A little Expedition [Private/Nk/Solo] Yusuke_signature_yato__by_dreamishlyme-dakhy23

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