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1 Kumonosu Zinan (Tracker) on Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:10 am




ぜ ク
な モ
ん の

Kumonosu Zinan

Ninja Information Card

Age: 19

Current Rank: Genin

Date of Birth: April 5th

Current Location: Konohagakure no Sato

Specialties: Ninjutsu: S-rank | Bukijutsu - Kenjutsu: C-rank

Elements: Raiton: S-rank | Suiton: C-rank

Favorite Food(s): Sukiyaki with nihonshu

Least Favorite Food(s): Pork

Missions Completed: Social: 1 | D-Rank: 5 | C-Rank: 1 | B-Rank: 0 | A-Rank: 0 | S-Rank: 0


Friends: Nara Shinako, Hyuuga Izayoi, Uchiha Kyohei, Sarutobi Poe, Hyuuga Supaku

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: N/A

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2 Re: Kumonosu Zinan (Tracker) on Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:32 pm



Ninja Scoll: Kumonosu Zinan

第 一 章

中 に 追

Chapter 1: Race to Chūnin

Episode 1: Biding Time - After his graduation from the Academy, Zinan found himself without direction. Sure, he was assigned menial jobs throughout the Village, but it was nothing of consequence. He helped old ladies find their pets, painted buildings, and even helped train Academy students. But it was all boring and did nothing for him. Zinan even tried to incorporate some training into the chores that he was assigned. But it was not enough. That was, until a hawk came for him one day.

Episode 2: Through the Gates - Zinan received a message from the Hokage's office. He was needed to go and scout out a foreign village for any sort of escalation of forces or suspicious activity. Zinan was even allowed to face off with shinobi from the other Village, as long as it would not cause an international incident. Zinan, excited for once, quickly set off for Kumogakure. Once in the Village, Zinan was approached, aggressively by a girl with Hyuuga eyes. She had attacked him, without warning or provocation. Not one to roll over and take a beating, Zinan responded in kind, until a shinobi from Kumogakure got involved and ultimately broke up the fight. Zinan, knowing that it would be foolish to stay in the Village any longer, turned around and headed for home, even though he had just arrived at the Village Hidden in the Clouds. He was not happy about not being able to truly complete his mission.

Episode 3: The Formation of a Team... - After his return from Kumogakure, Zinan took a few days off. He spent most of his time away from his clan's compound; his father and brother had been released from prison and he did not want to be near them. One day, when he was in the forest, he stumbled across a massive bear. Too large for him to handle, he was trapped until the bear wandered off. However, a Nara kunoichi came to his rescue and the two of them killed the beast. The conflict made Zinan realize that he needed to have a team to train and fight with. With a letter petitioning placement sent to the Hokage's office, Zinan was shortly placed on a team.

Wanting to take the initiative, Zinan sought out his sensei, Uchiha Kyohei, prior to their official meeting day. After conversing with him and the Konoha Military Police Force's chief, Zinan felt his convictions about being a shinobi reinforced. A few days later, Zinan met Uchiha Kyohei once more, but this time he met his two teammates as well.

Episode 4: ...Or So He Thought - Shortly after the formation of a ninja team under the guidance of Uchiha Kyohei, Zinan's sensei disappeared. Some rumors said that he defected to another village, others offered that he simply left the village for good, while some said that Uchiha-sensei had been killed on a classified mission. Regardless, Zinan and his teammates were separated as the team was disbanded and Zinan found himself alone once again.

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