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P.S.: When I refer to Nothing, I'm referring to an NPC character who is not actually met in this round of plot missions.

Mission NPCs
Lost Soul:
Name: Lost Soul
Age: Dead
General Appearance: Dark ghosts that wear black robes which conceal their appearance.
Personality: They used to have a personality when they were alive, but now they're dead, festering down in Earth controlled by Nothing.
Motivations: Creating more lost souls to bond with by killing humans; they are all bonded through invisible chakra strings to Nothing, who sits in his cave in the Land of Fire and guides them.
Fears: None
Abilities: They have stats equal to their rank (ex. a C-rank lost soul will have C-0 stats) and can perform basic strikes; however, contact with a weapon or jutsu of its rank or higher will destroy the spirit. As a passive, they can walk on surfaces as if they were using the Supernatural Walking Practice, as they hover slightly above the surface that they're "walking" on. While they have no chakra of their own, they can perform the Spirit Ball Technique with the aid of Nothing, who provides them energy to mold into an attack of their own.

Spirit Ball:
Name: Spirit Ball
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: Equal to that of the lost soul (ex. a B-rank lost soul will fire B-rank spirit balls).
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: Until it hits something
Specialty: N/A
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 0 posts.
Description: The lost soul molds the energy that Nothing provides them into the form of a high intensity ball that they fire at 20 m/s, causing damage equal to its rank upon impact (ex. a C-rank will cause major bruising). Even the slightest contact with a weapon or jutsu of its rank or lower will immediately dispel the spirit ball without damaging the weapon or impeding upon the jutsu.
Other: N/A
Buma's Samurai:
Name: Buma's Samurai
Age: They are middle-aged.
General Appearance: They are men armed from head to toe who wear gas masks and have red slits for their eyes to see through.
Personality: Their individual characters vary, but all of them are extremely loyal to Buma and their peope.
Motivations: They serve to protect the people and their lord.
Fears: They fear that innocents will be killed in the attacks.
Abilities: They have C-0 stats and are armed with katanas.
Other: N/A

Lord Buma:
Name: Lord Buma
Age: 29
General Appearance: He is a black-skinned man with blonde hair. He wears a sleeveless black jacket, displaying the black tattoo on his left
Personality: He seems lazy and languid, but he is truly a powerful advocate for world peace, as a Master of the Order of the White Lotus.
Motivations: He seeks for harmony between all the Great Nations and their people.
Fears: He fears the outbreak of war between the Great Nations.
Abilities: He is a jonin with A-0  stats who has S-rank ninjutsu and S-rank raiton, with black raiton as a subelement. He has access to all raiton library jutsu, except the genjutsu, and can use them all as a black raiton variant as well with the same buffs and drawbacks as any standard black raiton jutsu.

Lightning Style:
Name: Lightning Style: Flicker
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: Raiton
Range: 70 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 6 posts
Description: The user moves at 45 m/s in a straight direction, able to dodge jutsu and rescue allies through the use of this technique.
Other: N/A
Name: Kitsune
Age: 45
General Appearance: A man with long, grey, braided hair and a brown robe.
Personality: A loyal jonin of Konoha, this man was put under Zuko Uchiha's Kotoatsukami and has thus become his slave.
Motivations: He now works solely in the interests of Zuko Uchiha.
Fears: He now fears nothing except for displeasing his master.
Abilities: He is a jonin with A-0 stats who has S-rank Kuchiyose.

Name: Summoning: Triple Rashemon
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty: Kuchiyose
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: Five posts.
Description: The user summons three Rashemon gates in front of them, which can defend against three C-rank jutsu, two B-rank jutsu, or one A-rank jutsu.
Name: Summoning: Great Dove
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: N/A
Specialty: Kuchiyose
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: Once per thread.
Description: Kitsune summons a great dove who has A-0 stats and can fly at a speed of 30 m/s. It has A-rank fuuton and A-rank ninjutsu and is able to use all fuuton library jutsu up to A-rank using its beak.
Other: N/A
Zuko Uchiha:
Name: Zuko Uchiha
Age: 14
General Appearance: He is a teen with black hair that has a slight bluish tint to it. He always has on a black leather jacket.
Personality: He stresses that hatred and raw power is the only way to keep people in line, wanting the world to be bonded through fear of him. He is very dismissive of those that he considers weak (basically everyone).
Motivations: He dreams of uniting the world under his iron fist, ruling it through fear and hatred.
Fears: He hates the idea of mutual respect and cooperation, considering himself greater than others and the only one fit to make decisions.
Abilities: He is an A-ranked missing ninja with A-0 stats armed with a B-rank katana who has S-rank ninjutsu, S-rank bukijutsu, and S-rank katon. He has access to the entire katon jutsu library. He also possesses one set of Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan in his eye sockets.

Zuko's Kotoatsukami:
Name: Zuko's Kotoatsukami
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Eyes must be 1 meter apart.
Specialty: Genjutsu | Dojutsu | MS
Duration: Until the genjutsu is dissipated by an outside party.
Cooldown: Zero posts.
Description: At a cost of thirty chakra, Zuko can immediately enslave an NPC of A-rank or lower who looks directly into his eyes and is powerless against him (captured, defeated, etc). However, another A-rank shinobi who is not under the genjutsu,aware that the other person is under genjutsu, and is touching the victim's back can dissipate the genjutsu from the outside by paying thirty chakra.
Name: Amaterasu (天照)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon
Range: Up to 25 metres from caster.
Specialty: Ninjutsu | Doujutsu (Mangekyou Sharingan)
Duration: See Description
Cooldown: 25 posts.
Description: Amaterasu is one of the "legendary" doujutsu techniques unique to the Sharingan. It is known as the ultimate expression of reality, as well as the ultimate Fire technique. This sits in direct opposite to it's sister technique, Tsukuyomi, which is known as the ultimate illusion. This technique can only be used by someone with an Amaterasu path Mangekyou Sharingan, or by a Tsukuyomi path user with Mangekyou Sharingan and Ninjutsu of S rank. To perform this technique requires that the Uchiha have their Mangekyou or Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan active for at least two posts. To prepare for this technique, the Uchiha merely has to consciously start pooling their chakra to their left eye, and state [not aloud] in the post prior to casting it that they are preparing to cast Amaterasu, they can still take actions while doing so. Once these conditions are met, Amaterasu can be cast. There are very few visual indications that they are preparing this technique ahead of time, but people that can see chakra can see an increased flow to the left eye, and in addition moments before casting, the veins around the eye will bulge and their pupil will dilate. As well as this, there can be seen a thin flicker of black flame about a quarter of a second before the attack is launched.

To perform this technique, the Uchiha merely has to lock their eyes on their intended target for a few moments, then state "Amaterasu!" As this is declared, the flames will appear at the intended focal point. On the post that this technique is cast, the flames will follow where the Uchiha looks with his left eye, with a maximum effective area of five square meters total. The flames move at a speed of 45 m/s, guided by the eye of which the flames originate. These flames cannot be extinguished by any conventional means. They will burn even without oxygen or when completely drenched in water. There are, however, a few ways of dealing with this technique. First, these flames can be sealed by an A rank elemental sealing technique. Otherwise it will fade after five posts. Another user possessing Mangekyou Sharingan can also put out the flames by paying the same base chakra cost of Amaterasu.

This technique has no chakra cost until the flames are created [so if you prepare and don't cast you don't have to pay any fee as you're not actually expending that chakra], but once they are created they cost 60 chakra.

Once a target is hit with Amaterasu beyond the initial period where the Uchiha can manipulate it, it spreads at a rate of one meter in every direction per post, to a maximum of five square meters. On the first post it covers an affected area, it will instantly burn through B-Rank or lower armor effortlessly. If the armor is A-Rank, it can withstand Amaterasu for one post before being eaten through by the flames, while S rank armour can withstand Amaterasu for two posts. When exposed to flesh, on the first post it will cause third degree burns, on the second post, the flesh will melt from the bone and on the third post, the bone will be reduced to ashes.

Removal of the flames one they have touched flesh is only possible by removing the afflicted limb. Another Amaterasu user however, may quell the flames at the cost of the jutsu activation (counting as an activation of Amaterasu).
Name: Tsukuyomi (月読)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: 50 meters from caster.
Specialty: Genjutsu | Doujutsu (Mangekyou Sharingan | Tsukuyomi Path)
Duration: See Description
Cooldown: 25 posts
Description: Tsukuyomi is one of the "legendary" doujutsu techniques unique to the Sharingan. It is known as the ultimate expression of Illusion, as well as the ultimate Genjutsu. This sits in direct opposite to it's sister technique, Amaterasu, which is known as the ultimate reality. This technique can only be used by someone with a Tsukuyomi path Mangekyou Sharingan, or by an Amaterasu path user Mangekyou Sharingan and Genjutsu of S rank. To perform this technique requires that the Uchiha have their Mangekyou or Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan active for at least two posts. To prepare for this technique, the Uchiha merely has to consciously start pooling their chakra to their right eye, and state [not aloud] in the post prior to casting it that they are preparing to cast Tsukuyomi.  Once these conditions are met, Tsukuyomi can be cast. There are no visual indications that an Uchiha is preparing to cast Tsukuyomi, however those who can see chakra will see the chakra pooling in their left eye. About a quarter of a second before the technique is cast, the Uchiha's pupils will visibly dilate. If the intended victim is looking into the Uchiha's left eye when it is cast, they are caught in the Tsukuyomi.

After being caught within the genjutsu, every victim will become paralyzed. Every victim of this technique will then be locked into a world of pure illusion, where the caster controls every detail of the universe including space, physics and sensation and everything else imaginable. Presuming the Uchiha decides to torture the victims while they are inside this Genjutsu, for every post they are bound their speed, strength and reaction time will be reduced by one tier, which will last for 3 posts after they are freed from the illusion. There are few ways someone can break free from this Genjutsu: Either by Kai, inflicting severe pain on the victim as a third party [cutting off a limb, fourth degree burns], or finally, if a B rank or above technique manages to connect with the caster, the pain will break their concentration, shattering the illusion.

When used by a Tsukuyomi Path user with Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, even time itself can be manipulated within the genjutsu, making it inescapable. The only exception to this is if another user with Mangekyou Sharingan is present; in that case, that user is able to break free of Tsukuyomi by paying the base chakra cost (This counts as an activation of Tsukuyomi).

The cost of Tsukuyomi is as follows:

60 chakra to cast and 10 additional chakra for each victim beyond the first.
Other: N/A
Name: Ashlee
Age: 13
General Appearance: She is a brown-eyed girl with long brown hair tied up with a pink string into a ponytail. She wears a skimpy outfit consisting of a white brassiere and short shorts that reveals her stomach and legs. On her feet, she wears open-toed white boots.
Personality: She is usually bubbly and playful; however, the suffering that she has witnessed Zuko Uchiha undergoing has caused her to remember her past as an orphan. After repeatedly observing him and his pain from the shadows, her interest turned into love. Eventually, she started working for Zuko and the Black Dawn in order to stay by his side.
Motivations: She wants to help Zuko in whatever way she can; even though she knows that what he is doing is wrong, she doesn't want Zuko to feel lonely like she did.
Fears: She fears loneliness, as she was once an orphan.
Abilities: She is a special jonin with B-1 stats who has A-rank taijutsu (speed/striking) and A-rank medical ninjutsu. She has access to all of the jutsu in the medical ninjutsu library.
Other: N/A

The Siege of Buma's Manor:
Mission name: The Siege of Buma's Manor
Mission rank: A
Objective: Defend Buma's manor from the invaders.
Location: The Wilderness of Kaminari no Kuni
Reward: 500 ryo
Mission description: One of the masters of the Order of the White Lotus, Lord Buma, owns a large manor in the Land of Lightning gifted to his family by the previous daimyo. He recently sent a message to other chapters alerting them that his lands were being raided by foul spirits and requesting backup as soon as possible; however, no further communication has been sent. As you have decided to travel to Kumogakure anyway, Professor Ivan has tasked you with making your way to the manor immediately and helping out with whatever has transpired.
Mission details: You reach the manor without any disturbance. Although you find relatively stable fields with abundant crops, there will be no one out there. You will reach the castle in the center of the manor to find about fifteen samurai guarding the front of the moat. When you tell them that you would like to seek audience with Lord Buma, they hand you a scroll and ask you to seal your items as a precaution since they cannot risk an attack from the inside, considering that this is the only safe place left in the entire manor. Once you seal all your items in and hand one of the samurai your scroll, they will hesitantly lower down the drawbridge for you to enter accompanied by the samurai who is holding your scroll, closing it back when you enter. Because all of the farmers living on the outskirts of the manor have been evacuated into the castle, it is densely packed with people.

You are brought to Lord Buma's office where you will explain to him, privately, your membership in the Order of the White Lotus and the reason that you came. He will then authorize the samurai who escorted you there to give you back the scroll with your items so that you can wear them again, as he now trusts you. In a few minutes, a loud boom will be heard in the office: that's when you know that there is an attack.

By the time that you and Buma reach the front of the castle, you will find that the chains that held up the drawbridge have been broken, all the samurai in front of the moat have been killed, and that twenty C-rank lost souls have successfully used the broken drawbridge to traverse the moat. They will rush in to the castle as the first offensive wave in an effort to kill as many people as they can.

Once you two take them down, one hundred more C-rank lost souls will have scaled the castle walls from all directions, due to their passive ability, and will begin trying to slaughter as many people as they can, including you, mercilessly. You must split up and go out around the castle to find and defeat all the lost souls. Fortunately, twenty C-rank samurai are scattered across the castle to help you.

Soon, a third and final wave will charge into the castle, composed of thirty B-rank lost souls and their general, Kitsune. While Buma fights Kitsune, you must defeat all thirty of the lost souls, who will focus on trying to pummel you with their spirit balls and will act as if they had a hive mind, as they are being guided by Nothing through its chakra strings. After you defeat the spirits, Kitsune will retreat by flying off on his Great Dove.
Destroy the Base:
Mission name: Destroy the Base
Mission rank: A
Objective: Destroy Black Dawn's nearby base of operations to end the lost soul raids once and for all.
Location: The Wilderness of Kaminari no Kuni
Reward: 500 ryo
Mission description: Intelligence suggests that there is a Black Dawn base nearby from which they are able to facilitate the raids on Buma's Manor. Destroy the base and their supplies along with it.
Mission details: You will be given ten special explosive tags by Lord Buma before you go out on the mission; when you say the word "Tori" and form the bird seal simultaneously, they will all explode.

When you reach the base, you will find Kitsune along with twenty B-rank lost souls at the base. Your goal is to set one explosive tag each on all four corners of the 20m x 20m hideout, escape, and then create the explosion; however, basic attacks and jutsu can destroy your explosive tags, not to mention that Kitsune and his great dove will be trying to kill you as you do this.
Zuko's Assault:
Mission name: Zuko's Assault
Mission rank: A
Objective: Fend off against Zuko Uchiha's attack, force him to flee, and capture Ashlee.
Location: The Wilderness of Kaminari no Kuni
Reward: 500 ryo
Mission description: Following the destruction of the nearby Black Dawn headquarters, a teen named Zuko Uchiha, who is thought by White Lotus intelligence to be the leader of Black Dawn, has come with his associate, Ashlee, to destroy the castle and kill Lord Buma.
Mission details: You will start off asleep in bed until a samurai runs into your room and informs you that there is an attack in the castle. When you reach the site of the attack, you will see Lord Buma battling Zuko Uchiha and Ashlee. Taking orders from Zuko, Ashlee will lure Lord Buma away, leaving you to fight Zuko.

He will be an extremely tough enemy; however, you must fend him off, without being killed or seriously injured, until Lord Buma can defeat Ashlee (which will take at least four posts). If any of the castle is seriously damaged (ex. houses are destroyed or people are killed in the fighting between you and Zuko), you will fail this mission.

Once Buma has defeated Ashlee and can come to your aid, Zuko will attempt to run over and kill Ashlee so that she cannot be interrogated. You must prevent the killing of Ashlee or you will fail the mission. Once you save Ashlee, Zuko will flee.
Kashizudoto v.s. Zuko:
Mission name: Kashizudoto v.s. Zuko
Mission rank: A
Objective: Stop the mass murder of people in the nearby border town.
Location: The Wilderness of Kaminari no Kuni
Reward: 500 ryo
Mission description: Residents of a nearby border town are currently being massacred indiscriminately by someone who reports seem to suggest is Zuko Uchiha. Lord Buma has sent you to put the mass murder to an end and find out any details that you can about Black Dawn's motivations.
Mission details: You will reach the village to find dead bodies scattered all around, with Zuko Uchiha in the center. You will challenge him to a fight, which will be tough although he will not use his Amaterasu for the time being. During the fight, he will explain to you how killing innocents allows him to build up his army of lost souls.

Once you are clearly winning the fight, Zuko will cast his Amaterasu on you. He will then get a safe distance away from you before dispelling the Amaterasu so that you won't take any permanent damage from it, though he won't explain his motives to you in doing so. Instead, he will flee without a word.
Sneak Out Ashlee:
Mission name: Sneak Out Ashlee
Mission rank: A
Objective: Sneak out Ashlee from the castle dungeon without anyone noticing.
Location: The Wilderness of Kaminari no Kuni
Reward: 500 ryo
Mission description: Now that you have successfully questioned her and found out her motives behind aiding Zuko Uchiha, you want your friend to escape.
Mission details: You will sneak in past the guards and unlock the jail cell with ease, freeing her from her captivity. You two will then sneak out again, only to find Lord Buma right at the exit. He will challenge you to a one on one battle: if you win, then the girl is freed, but it you lose, you will be kicked out of the Order of the White Lotus and Ashlee will continue to be imprisoned.

You will agree to the conditions. If you lose the duel with Buma, you fail the mission. If you win the duel, you succeed the mission.

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