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Hyūga Shinosuke


Hyūga Kaori is five and is always worried about the fact that Shino-oni San has no friends so every once in a while she will toss out some food or hide something she knows he will need so that she can force him  to go out and take her with him. today she decided to give all the wayward kitties in the neighborhood some milk, and some of their leftovers from the day before while Shinosuke was asleep. When they were done eating she collected the dishes and went to clean them in the sink, She wound up missing the sink entirely and dropping the plates on the floor and starts to pick up the pieces as she hears her brother start to rouse himself from the  couch across the room. Shinosuke looks down at his sister now sitting on the floor patting around the ground beneath her for broken bits of plate. "Kaori you shouldnt be doing that you could hur..."
"Ouchies!" yells Kaori
"See i told you so now let me see your hand" Shinosuke looks at Kaori's hand and sees that there is a small cut across her palm, he sighs, "you're lucky this isn't worse Kaori" he then hands her a roll of his bandages and sets her in her wheel chair, wheeling her into the bathroom he says, "please be more careful sis you should have let me pick those up you know i get upset when you are hurt. . . now clean up your hand and bandage it I'll clean up the broken glass then we are going out." Kaori's face lights up as she yells " HURRAY A DAY OUT WITH ONI SAN".

A short while later Shinosuke is wheeling his sister through the market place when suddenly they bump into......

(WC 303)

Izayoi H


A long day. Most days tended to be such a thing, after all, das were several hours in length. But this day in particular was deemed far too long and slow by the easily irritable figure known to several as Izayoi of the Hyuuga branch family. But, there’s a contradiction there. For Izayoi was clearly walking through the market place, smiling and humming, quite happy. An odd sight, as the happy, pleased form of Izayoi walked through the street with his kimono dishevelled, forehead protector slightly askew in its placement on his forehead. The entirety of his right arm was wrapped in excessive amounts of bandages, and all in all, it just didn’t seem like the sort of situation anyone should be smiling through. Izayoi’s façade and persona of joyfulness.

Yet he wasn’t walking through the streets for the sake of finding it pleasurable, at least, not today. In-between the smiles he showed outwardly were grunts of discomfort and pain, lines of sweat trailing down his face as signs of exertion. His eyes, grey and empty, scanned about as if expecting something, giving an altogether queer sight. The short genin, standing at a mere five foot five, squinted for a moment as he passed the various, assorted stands and shops of Konohagakure, a beam of light reflecting the sun from a plate of metal. It was harsh and sudden, but altogether a minor annoyance that couldn’t stop the perpetually smiling Hyuuga, instead just causing a squint reaction. Still, wordy exaggeration aside, Izayoi wasn’t just going for a walk today. Today, his path was set for the Konohagakure hospital, to get his wounds tended to.

So, Izayoi walked through the semi-busy streets, the few clouds in the autumnal sky providing little relief to his exhaustion. As the warm hued leaves fell from the trees scattered about the village, Izayoi merely walked onwards, bandages unbelievably pristine and white contrary to his wounded arm. Yet as he walked past numerous faces that he’d surely not recognise, there was something he didn’t expect to see. Two people with the same eyes. Two fellow Hyuuga’s.

Curiosity overwhelming him, Izayoi waded through what few people were in the way to quicker approach the duo. From his observation, one was a child, who couldn’t have been older than five or six, and the other was the child’s carer. Furthermore, the child was in a wheelchair. Injured? Izayoi couldn’t exactly ask if it was permanent injury, but for now, he wouldn’t make assumptions and just let the thought drift off. Posture slack, a grin across his face, the genin waved to the duo. “Yo! It’s a nice, fresh sight to see a couple of fellow Hyuuga for once! Nice to meet you!” he called, giving a thumbs up with his bandaged arm. “The name’s Izayoi.” He added, since it was common courtesy to give ones name at the start of a conversation.



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