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Yanagi Yusuke


It was a sunny and bright and beautiful day and Yusuke was out searching for a few flowers and a species of insect. A few days ago, he had found a scroll in the library while studying about random things. He had learned about a certain flower that appealed him, it’s beauty was well sought after. And the insect was said to be in love with that one flower. So Yusuke wanted to see this romance between a flower and an insect himself. Therefore, he had decided to venture into the wilderness and search for this rare yet beautiful flower. And here he was, in the not so lush mountainous surroundings of Iwagakure; searching for flowers and insects. Some may even consider that as stupidity since Yusuke didn’t even made sure whether the flower was local to Iwagakure or not. That was simply due to Yusuke’s complete inexperience with flowers and insects. At least he deserved points for trying though.

Dressed in his usual casual attire, Yusuke had chosen a green top and a black colored bottom. Paired with his necklace that he never took off, the shirt actually looked pretty nice on him; specially because it matched his eye color. Yusuke hadn’t brought along any supplies because he didn’t plan on staying in the wilderness for more than a few hours. He didn’t want to invest all of his time in searching for flowers and insects. The library still had a ton of books and scrolls that needed reading, so he couldn’t be away for too long. ”I probably should spend some time outside.. I think”, he thought to himself out loud as he realized the constant nature of his routine. If he wasn’t on a mission, Yusuke was always in the library studying about random things. To be fair, it was his nature, he just loved learning.

For an hour, the inexperienced adventurer searched every nook and cranny he could find. Finding no clue about the flower or the insect. Finding either one would lead to the other but finding any of them wasn’t proving a task that Yusuke could do. ”Probably should’ve read something about finding flowers or insects”, regretted Yusuke realizing his predicament. Slightly frustrated, he found a rock to sit on and sat there with a slight frown. ”I could’ve trained a jutsu or something. That would’ve been easier… probably”, once more he was thinking out loud. It was odd of him to do, he really wasn’t the type but his current adventure was odd too. Was Yusuke the type to go searching for flowers? Well, there’s a first time for everything.

With the frustration of not being able to find what he had come looking for, Yusuke sat on the rock; thinking about what to do next. Should he go back? Should he continue searching? Should he go back, read some stuff and then come back? Should he give up? Well, he had a ton of options but he really couldn’t decide what he wanted to do at the moment.

Word Count: 521.




The fall...

Tsumimaru's golden eyes scanned over the horizon with a dully boredom as his eyes wandered. The fall. There was so little he remembered about his previous life, but falling was something he clearly remembered. Simply being cast out of pargatory, or atleast that's what he remembered refering to it as.. The fear that consumed him as he experience real emotions for the first time, and as he felt himself perpetually falling endlessly in the void of night. Then pain. When Tsumimaru Awoke after the fall, all he knew was that he knew nothing but pain and that he had created the crater he woke up in. The shinigami had had his memories sealed. Locked behind a wall so he wouldn't remember a thing about a his previous life, and so he wandered. Just walking. Walking in whatever direction he felt more encouraged to go, but this quickly lead him to the compound. To something familiar. Even though he knew nothing, the burning rubble and ash, and destruction he had found simply wandering he felt he knew. It was only when he saw the face of a body, a face recognized, did the wall that had sealed away his memories crack. But only did it crack, leaking only a little bit of information, but enough for him to recall the events that had transpired, his actions, what he was, and what was in his mind. Everything else was... hazy.. at best. But he knew that the desctruction of that compound was entirely on his own shoulders and a weight he must bear, and so he set out to redeem himself. To find these bandits that had laid waste to this compound.

Unfortunately, Tsumimaru wasn't as fortunate as the stroke of luck which lead him to regain but a portion of his memories would seem. Tsumimaru lacked knowledge of the world which surrounded him, and how to go about it, although he couldn't tell if this was because his memories were sealed away, or simply because he had never interacted with this plane of existence before, but the issue still faced him, he had no idea where he was, or what was laying ahead of him, or as a more pressing issue, how to find these raiders, and so, on the peak of a mountain Tsumimaru sat. His catalyst resting in between his legs and leaning against his shoulder, as he watched. His golden eyes scanning the horizon looking for anything. Any sign of life, or conflict, or just.. anything. The Ex-soul reaper sat like this for quiet some time. Letting his mind wander and try to further dent the wall in his mind as he looked, but to no avail. Having spent a few hours of his first day or so in his new life simply sitting and watching, Tsumimaru grew bored. So the man sat up and stretched. His body still ached from the fall, as well as from whatever they did to him before he fell. He knew he used to be power, and the sword he held in his hand as he stood was a direct connection to that power, he just didn't know how to utilize, and he knew that as he currently was, he was weak. But, not that that mattered, as it currently stood, sitting around and waiting, even though he could do it for all eternity was getting nothing accomplished. So Tsumimaru stood. Pulling his white hood over his pure white hair. Letting the chains ring as he took a small leap off the mountain and unto the sloop. Letting himself slide, and gravity take over and carry him down the mountain. He didn't intend to go all the way down to the valley below, as there was an advantage in higher ground, but he wasn't getting anything accomplished on the peak, and as he hit a plateau, he took off, using the momentum from the slope to carry himself forwards, running along the higher grounds. However, it didn't take long before he slowed himself, and than came completely to a stop. His eyes caught something. A being full of chakra. The man was sitting on a rock and contemplating, much as he was doing only moments ago. Tsumimaru was behind the man, his sword in his sheathe attached to the man's left hip so he could easily pull it out with his right hand. With his hood still on, he approached the man a little bit more. The man seemed to have black hair and a green top, but that was really all Tsumimaru could tell at this point. Currently he was about 5 meters behind the man, and it appeared that the man hadn't noticed Tsumimaru approach, and so Tsumimaru cleared his throat, so the man would easily notice the man in a white and black with gold behind him, and so tsumimaru wouldn't appear as a threat. In his weakened state he currently wasn't really looking to fight anyone. That would be inviting death... people whom he'd rather avoid at the moment.

WC: 858
Total WC: 858


Just because I was exiled doesn't mean I've forgotten how to reap souls...
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Yanagi Yusuke


The grey haired genin was still questioning his reason to come there. It was then that he heard someone clearing their throat from behind him. The sound ended his trail of thoughts and brought him back to reality and he turned to face the source of the sound. A young boy dressed in white and black with a sheathed sword stood behind him. Yusuke realized that he hadn’t sensed his presence until he had made that sound. For a moment, he was slightly angry at himself for being so ignorant. Out here, by himself and just day dreaming; wasn’t the smartest of things to do. Being a genin, what would he be capable of if faced with real opposition? Not to mention the fact that he had no battle experience; like completely, zero. Never had he ever been in a battle before. That’s obviously doesn’t include the spars that were a custom at academies but they didn’t count towards actual battle situations.

Regardless, Yusuke’s gaze didn’t allow him to see a headband. And the fact, he couldn’t recognize it; was this individual from Iwagakure? If so, he had never seen him before. Well, it was safe to assume that this individual was no threat. It was obvious because if he meant harm, he had ample opportunity to inflict it. However, it may also mean that this individual was so strong that he wanted Yusuke to find him out and then strike. ”Hey there” greeted Yusuke as a friendly smile appeared on his face. He deducted that it would be wrong to think ill of someone he had just met. So what if he didn’t have a headband? Maybe he wasn’t a shinobi, a sword wielder or a passing by smith. By reading so many stories in the library, he understood that jumping to conclusions was never the smartest way to go about things.

”I’m Yusuke Yanagi, a genin at Iwagakure. Are you from around here? I haven’t seen you around”, he introduced himself to extend a friendly gesture. He assumed that this would be the appropriate way to respond to someone who appeared from behind but made sure not to startle him. So even though appearing from behind may have been shady but alerting Yusuke of his presence was rather a gentle gesture. Yusuke wore no weapons, the only weaponry he had on him were the standard shinobi equipment: a kunai and three shuriken. The equipment stashed away in a small bag that he was carrying. As a genin, he had developed a habit of carrying it around. It was what he was expected to do. He didn’t want a senior to find out that he didn’t carry it around; what if that was not an acceptable by shinobi standards?

Meanwhile, in the distance, some smuggling bandits were transporting a certain kind of loot. The loot that they had acquired through questionable means. Little did the two strangers know, that this band of smuggling bandits passed through where they were standing. It would take the bandits a bit of time to get there, so the unaware individuals (including Yusuke); had some time to themselves.

Word Count: 538.
Total Word Count: 1059.


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