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1 Mishima Clan on Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:46 pm




Clan Name: Mishima
Location: Sunagakura
Specialization: The Mishima clan focuses on the melding of synthetic and organic into techno-organic beings and objects which are harnessed in battle. The Mishima clan is the most technologically advanced clan in the world focusing on Kugujustu and Kuchiyose, but are known too diversify on Kugujustu but never Kuchiyose.
Elements: any

Clan History: Clan members are born with a natural attraction to Owl's and Butterflies. Seeing the the butterfly is the occult symbol of mind control and the Owl is the symbol of wise and all seeing and knowing. These qualities allow clan member natural use of these beings to their advantage when it comes to scouting and recon. Clan members are born with Black or White hair, ranges from all different types of lengths. Clan members eyes are typically red, black or blue and somewhat dilated. Whatever the color they eyes are, it appears that they have a tinted glow behind it which makes it slightly harder than normal to hide in the dark from opponents.

Clan members are all unique in character and all of them serve a purpose in life, their individual purpose is of them choosing or finding as they live their life. Clan members are wise and have a nag for seeing the darker side of things. They intentionally dwell in darkness for whatever motive they believe is true to them. They are philosophical, helpful, intelligent, cunning and strategic for the most part. It was how they were all secretly taught. They can hold their own and with their  unique golems, they don't need much to win a battle.

Sunagakure mostly use the clan's ability for fodder and assualt  purposes however, they can be used for much more. The clan's most feared nickname is the "Machine clan" because of their SS-Rank Golems only held by clan heads at the peak of power.

The clan was founded in Sunagakure by a man named Kazuya Mishima, he was not a known shinobi and in terms of physical abilitity he was average if not somewhat frail too the other men of the village. However he made it too chuunin and since the start of his shinobi career had been perfecting his own brand of fuinjustu in which he would use too hold things much more effeciantly. He called it the Digitize formula and upon completing it found it too be a egde in battle and something he could not share openly. Instead he began working on a skill too help with his average ability at the start of his jounin career he began work on the Golem Project going into puppetry and eventually forming hulking masses which he somehow got too attune too his chakra. Now he was known throughout the village taking on the most dangerous missions alone with the help of the golems he would wreck through enemy lines and eventually spread his seed forming his bloodline into the Mishima clan.
Members: Kazuya Mishima(Deceased at 55 Jounin Rank, Founder)

Kekkei Genkai Name: No Name
Kekkei Genkai Description: Clan members all have the unique ability too make machines called Golemss

Golems are constructed completely out of organic metal and are hulking masses which are attuned to a Mishima member's chakra signature. Golems have their own plane of existence where they exist in stasis until they are needed again and each Golem possesses varying tiers. Due to being controlled by the user Golems are immune to genjutsu based techniques as they have no mind to effect. The Number of Golems that can be out at once concur with the number of clones that can be made at once. Mishima clan members can summon and unsummon their Golems for one rank less of blood or chakra at speeds equal to their rank at the highest tier.

Golem Info:

Rank---Weapon Slots----SubTiers added based on golem rank---Height/Weight

  • Genin- 1- equal- 5ft/150p
  • Chunin- 2- Equal, Spd +1 or Str +1- 5'5ft/275lbs
  • Jounin- 3- Equal, Spd +1 or Str +1- 6ft/ 315lbs
  • Sannin 4- Equal, Spd+ 2 or Str +1- 6'5ft/ 350lbs
  • Kage- 4- Equal, Spd + 1 or Str +2- 7ft/ 375lbs
  • SS-Rank Clan Head- 5- Equal, Spd +2 or Str +2- 7'5ft/ 400lbs

*All Mishima clan members have learned to access a unique network which allows them to transmit physical items into digital code within a unique sealing network. It typically is located in a bar-code on their body and by cycling chakra to or merely physically tapping or placing ones blood on the bar-code the network is able to be accessed. This network allows them to store weapons, armor, consumables and  golems being able to manifest them into this plane at will in combat at equal rank speeds at the base level. At Academy Rank one can Digitize 5 items and with every rank this increases by 5 capping out at 25 items at Sannin rank.

*Members all have frail bodys giving them +1 damage against taijustu and blunt Bukijustu techniques.

*Frail bodys likewise give members less strength than others equaling -2 sub tiers.

*Members without puppetry skill cannot add weapons too their golems.

Golem Chakra Cost:

Golems cost one rank(according too their rank) less of chakra and they also cost chakra too move and keep them going every post with that being said. Golems cost one rank less chakra than their rank and stack with the amount of golems making for example two B-rank golems and one C-rank golem cost 2-C ranks and one E-Rank of chakra per post too maintain. Upon users runing out of chakra they pass out and their golems are desummoned.

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what does P mean? Pounds? I think the thing for them is Ibs. Also, i don't know about organic metal, i feel like that creates too much to be abused, i don't want these golems ending up like the T-1000 from terminator 2. So, are the golems a living thing? Being in their own dimension and all, or are they made?

I feel like they would require chakra to summon, as they're in another dimension, you'd need to be able to summon them from wherever they are, and that would cost chakra.


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The organic metal cannot be altered they are puppets which would look metal in a sense but move as if humanoid via the integrated organic metal making them more complex than say a human puppet in a sense when ones adds weapons.

I added a chakra cost one rank less too Golem too summon.

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"The Number of Golems that can be out at once concur with the number of clones that can be made at once" - not a defined number, you'll need one.

"Mishima clan members can summon and unsummon their Golems for one rank less of blood or chakra at speeds equal to their rank at the highest tier." - This also doesn't really make sense, what is a 'rank' of blood? how do you summon at a speed defined by a rank and tier?

I'd also prefer the bio-steel altered to something else, i just see too many issues coming from it, even with a touch of mad science. possessed, sure, but i don't see this in concept being okay as it is.


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