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Mission Being Taken - Herb Hunt (A-Rank):

Mission name: Herb Hunt
Mission rank: A
Objective: Deep in the wilds of the country exist patches of extremely rare herbs that the local medical ninja are in dire need on for medicines. Hunt them down and bring in a fresh stock.
Location: Hi no Kuni
Reward: 450
Mission description: Retrieve the important herbs from somewhere in the wild areas outside of the village. You may get a map from the medical team who is in need of the herbs.
Mission details: Along the way, you must encounter one of these: two A-rank rogue ninja, four pirates, or 8 dangerous animals. They will need to be killed within the course of the mission with the herbs intact. The Ninja have basic A0 stats, carry 1 B-rank tanto each, as well as 6 D-rank kunai, and are proficent in Taijutsu and Ninjutsu. One uses Katon, the other Doton. Each has access to the entire library of their respective elements, as well as Ninjutsu. The pirates are equal to Chunnin in power, with C2 stats, and each carries a C-rank knife and scimitar. Two have access to C-rank Suiton, and Suiton jutsu up to C-rank. The animals may be a mix of beasts, but they will all be roughly equal to Chunnin with C0 stats and no jutsu.

Note: We're going the 8 dangerous animals route: roughly equal to Chuunin in power with C0 stats and no jutsu.

When you needed a task such as this done it was always best to leave it to the professionals, and by professionals she meant medics. They were experienced in the area, they knew what to look for, and would take less time doing so than the average shinobi. It was the simple truth. Of course, Amaya knew better than to go out there by herself. She could have, she really could have, but she believed it was always best to take someone along to watch her back in a manner of speaking. Which is exactly why she chose Ryoka in the first place. She trusted him with her life and knew he wouldn't let her down. Plus, since he was still listed as her student it would give him more experience to have listed under his belt for later.

For now though those thoughts were not what was on her mind, instead waking up was. Or trying to at least. With a yawn and a grumble Amaya turned over and winced as the sliver of light streaming through the crack in her curtains hit her directly in the face. While mumbling something along the lines of "Fuck you, sunlight." Amaya picked up her pillow and shoved it on top of her face, holding it there for several seconds before the need for oxygen began to out weigh the need to banish the sun into a place where it no longer existed. "Ugh, note to self: get better curtains..." Amaya grumbled as she uncovered her face, eyes squinting shut against the harshness of the light. The female then made quick work untangling herself from the sheets long enough to finish pulling the curtain the rest of the way closed so that her room was once more cast into a near inky blackness. "Much better."

With the sunlight no longer assaulting her Amaya took the moment to yawn again before stretching: toes pointed toward the baseboard of her bed while the tips of her fingers were stretched high above her and aiming toward the dark oak colored ceiling. "Mmm...." A glance next to her at the digital clock with the blue colored glowing numbers told her she was running ten minutes behind schedule: if she wanted to shower before going off to search for these herbs she was going to have to do it quickly. "Bleah... whose idea was it to go this early...", she grumbled to herself as she pulled the sheets the rest of the way off of her naked flesh and made her way into the bathroom where her outfit for the day was already picked out and waiting. She started the shower before pulling the ponytail out of her long white hair and setting it on the counter. She stepped beneath the warm spray, doing her best to make quick work of washing and conditioning her hair, and then washing the rest of her body. After rinsing herself off thoroughly enough she dried and then dressed: her typical outfit of a white tank top that showed off her toned mid drift, green capri length shorts, and black opened toed shinobi sandals being put on. Her hair was brushed then and pulled back into a ponytail before she added her Konoha hitai ate around her left leg and her pouch of weapons and items around the right.

After another glance at the clock, and purposeful ignoring of her messy bed, she figured she had roughly three or four more minutes before she absolutely had to leave so she took the time to hurry into the kitchen and grab a banana out of the bowl of fresh fruit on the counter. After a quick peal job she deposited the outer skin into the garbage and then devoured the thing. A quick pop into the fridge to grab a bottle of water, and then a pause by the door to grab up her sunglasses and keys - the sunglasses being put on her face, and the keys in her back pocket - and Amaya was out the door and heading toward the meet up location she had given Ryoka the day before: the eastern gate of the village, closest to the location where they'd be searching for these much needed herbs.

Given her sunglasses did well in keeping the harsh sunlight from bothering her she was relatively calm and mutter free as she made her way to the gate, stopping to lean on one of the posts when she got there, arms folded across her chest with the bottom of water dangling by its cap between her index and middle finger of her left hand.

Wordcount: 1,028 / 2,500


Medical Ninjutsu: SS ☆ Ninjutsu:  SS ☆ Taijutsu (Kyusho-Jitsu): S ☆ Fuinjutsu: S
Katon: SS ☆ Raiton: SS ☆ Fūton: D
Stat Boosts
Speed +3 (Due to Tai) ☆ Perception +2 (Due to Gaunyin)


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