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Izayoi H

Izayoi H

Autumn. A time of year where the air grows crisp, the sky grows a faded grey, and the leaves turn from green to varying hues and shades of warm colours. The cobbled stone paths were littered with the assorted foliage and leaves, scattered by the breeze at some point or another, yet neatly put into piles by store owners for their convenience. People went about their business, and all in all, it was a day people would deem as pleasant. Not too cold. Not too hot. Just pleasant. The population of the streets at the midday time further illustrated this, civilians and off duty ninja alike spread through the streets, going about their days. Store keepers organised their shops, greeted customers and sold merchandise. Ninja on duty moved from rooftop to rooftop, like shadows that if one were to blink would be gone. A busy day in Konohagakure.

And within the streets, among the crowds, one of many off duty shinobi walked, with pride seemingly swelling in his step. Long dark hair tied up neatly behind him in a long, flowing ponytail. His body was covered from neck down in a rather ornate and tidy kimono, a light blue with white details depicting various roses, thorn-like patterns trailing up and around the blue fabric. Wooden Geta clacked against the cobbles, both left and right arm completely concealed via bandage wrappings, from what little arm could be seen under kimono sleeve, to the very tips of his fingers. Grey eyes, a sign of the byakkugan, scanned the paths as he ducked seemingly flawlessly between the groups of people, his dojutsu keeping him just a tad more visually aware. Yet despite his prideful, carefree walk and the soft smile that accompanied his looks, something could perhaps be off about this individual. What it is, while not strong enough an oddity to question, is indeed strange. As if his smile, perhaps, were too soft. Or his eyes too distant, too vague. Perhaps posture too over pronounced? Whatever it is, this odd, cheery fellow was Izayoi of the Hyuuga. And today he was just going for a walk.

Between crowds and growing customer queues, he seemed to walk rather oddly, face turning from left to right, looking for something, or someone. Or perhaps for nothing at all. After all, why would one walk through the streets off duty with a goal? This was not a question the currently portrayed form of Izayoi would answer. Clack. Click. Clack. Click. Despite the bustling of the streets, the groups of people conversing, the Geta which were rather plain in design made noise still yet audible enough to hear, perhaps aiding in the lack of contact as he ducked and weaved. With a sigh, the short Hyuuga looked ahead of him, glancing around quickly as his smile faded, before taking a swift turn down an alleyway with picket fences and a lone tree leaning, looming over the path. Collections of leaves scattered over the pathway. Over all, not a much different aesthetic to the shopping district, aside from perhaps the lack of people and the tree. One step. Two steps. He strode much more prideful towards where the tree loomed, crouching down to the fence and picking up a total of four, small, round stones. Standing tall, or perhaps more appropriately short, he spun on his heel, facing the other side of the alley and smiling to himself. Holding two rocks in each hand, believing he was alone, Izayoi flicked his right hand, then his left, stones moving up and across, from hand to hand. Juggling. The odd individual was being further odd, juggling in the middle of an empty alleyway.




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