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1 Clarifying on Sat Nov 05, 2016 7:31 pm



Not leaving, just clarifying because people keep asking me to mod. For the moment, I'm on temporary hiatus as a Mod.

Mental health was/is bad, been self harming, was suicidal. Not in a good enough place to be a mod at the moment, but I should only need a few days to a couple weeks. Still around for posting, just don't want to be in charge of dealing with other people's things.


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2 Re: Clarifying on Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:30 pm



That sounds terrible; please focus on your health before attending to Saga, as you are much more important than a few words on a screen.


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3 Re: Clarifying on Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:16 pm



Special Jounin
Self-care is important. You're very brave for putting yourself first. You are the most important investment you'll ever make, and you remain important to us.

Wishing you well,



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4 Re: Clarifying on Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:27 pm



Focus on you. Maybe more/all mods should take a few weeks break to catch up.


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5 Re: Clarifying on Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:58 pm



<3 <3 <3 Hit me up on skype whenever you need to. You know I'll be there for you. Take care of yourself. Okay?


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6 Re: Clarifying on Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:34 pm

Kenta Inuzuka


No. No be in bad place. :[

You know where I am if you want/need to vent/talk/whatever. <3


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7 Re: Clarifying on Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:23 am

Yanagi Yusuke


Thank you for the clarification. Take all the time you need to recover. RL comes first, you come first. Pay more attention to yourself and whenever you're ready, you can continue your duties as a mission.

Please be well.


8 Re: Clarifying on Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:51 pm



Can't wait to RP with you more Nozo! <3

9 Re: Clarifying on Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:37 am



Take care of yourself and we're all here waiting for ya

My skype if you need me for anything : Zedzeddyy





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