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1 Halloween Event Prize List on Sun Nov 06, 2016 5:27 am

The White Snake


Goals and Prizes!

Welcome to the prize section! Here you will find the wide array of goods that can be yours upon trading event points gained within this event, or left over from others. These event point prizes are limited to the duration of the event and will be locked and removed after the event comes to its final closing on January 7th. Any prize attained from this list cannot be used retro-actively on threads created before the event.

Achievement Rewards!

  • Scavenger Rewards:
    The goal of the 'Survivor' is to seek out and collect seven of the coveted idols which are scattered across the expansive island. Each found within various trap filled shrines of all different shapes, sizes and cultures. The collection of an idol is simple enough, simply complete a thread that has a total of twelve posts, with each post being at least 300 words. Be aware that this must be done for 'each' idol, and ninja who work together will need to accomplish this goal twice within the same thread. (only one idol can be attained per ninja, per thread.) Those who complete the goal will be awarded with an exclusive powerful A rank event item at the events conclusion. Additionally, Survivors get 2 EP per relic.

  • Word Count Rewards:
    For every 2000 words written in any thread, all participants receive 1 Event Point (EP), beginning from the posting round in which they entered. (So keep count of each other's totals and keep your allies close!)
  • Hunter Rewards:
    For every successful kill a Hunter is a part of, they receive 1 Event point for any ninja of lower rank, 3 Event Points for a ninja of equal rank, and 5 Event points for a ninja of one rank higher.

All prizes should be linked in your jutsu library / item locker with links to the thread where they were claimed as long as they are available and should be removed once they are used. (in the case of 1 use training / cost reduction prizes)


1 Event Point:

  • 200 Ryo
  • Throwing weapons pack. [5](E-Rank Kunai / Senbon / Pinwheels/ Arrows etc.)
  • Free D-Rank Library Jutsu

2 Event Points:

  • 10% Cost Reduction (Any Item, Single Purchase)
  • Free D-Rank or lower Jutsu.
  • Free D-Rank or lower Item (Item/ Weapon/ Armour)

3 Event Points:

  • 20% Word Count Reduction (Any Training, Single Training)
  • Free C-Rank or lower library Jutsu
  • Free C-Rank or lower catalogue Item. (Item/ Weapon/ Armour)

4 Event Points:

  • 20% Word Count Reduction (Any Training 1 Thread)
  • Free C-Rank or lower Jutsu
  • Free C-Rank Item (Item/ Weapon/ Armour)

5 Event Points.

  • 20% Cost Reduction (Any Item, Single Purchase)
  • 20% Word Count Reduction (Any Training, Single Thread)
  • Free B-Rank Library Jutsu
  • Free B-Rank Catalogue Item (Item/ Weapon/ Armour)
  • 1200 Ryo

10 Event Points.

  • 40% Cost Reduction (Single Item/ Stat/ Jutsu)
  • 50% Word Count Reduction (Single Training.)
  • 3 Free C-Rank or Lower Jutsu
  • Free Item Reforge/ Upgrade (S-rank Max.)
  • 3000 Ryo

15 Event Points

  • Chidori (Free Chidori + Unlocks ability to app Chidori variants)
  • Rasengan (Free Small Rasengan + Unlocks ability to app Rasengan variants)
  • Permanent 10% Training Reduction of one subject (Specs/Elements/Jutsu/Stats)
  • Permanent 10% Ryo Discount of one subject (Items/stats/jutsu)
  • Free Rank Up Spec / Element.
  • 3 Free B-Rank or lower Jutsu
  • 5000 Ryo

30 Event Points.

  • Remove a Negative Special Characteristic
  • Permanent 20% Training Reduction of one subject (Specs/Elements/Jutsu/Stats)
  • Permanent 20% Ryo Reduction of one subject (Items/ Stats/ Jutsu)
  • 3 Free A rank or lower Jutsu
  • Free S rank Item (Item/ Weapon/ Armour)
  • Free A rank Companion+2 mods/jutsu (Pet/ Puppet/ Summon)
  • Increase maximum rank of spec / element by 1. (Ie. 4th spec can be trained from B to A rank.)
  • 12000 Ryo

45 Event Points

  • Free Legendary Item/Weapon/Armour (Canon/Made by staff)
  • Free Legendary Pet (D Rank)

60 Event Points

  • Add A Notable Location (Add a location to a Village! w/ Kage approval.)


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