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1 Paws of Fury (NK/Private) on Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:00 pm

Inuzuka Makoto

Inuzuka Makoto

Makoto walked slowly, with Gina trotting behind her. Rumors of some kind of training grounds were much too tempting for her. She could finally get in some much-needed training with Gina, as well as pull the rust of off her own muscles. But when the terrain changed completely after a few minutes of walking, Makoto felt like regretting her decision. Gina let out a small whimper as she put her paw to the uneven ground. Makoto turned around and saw the puppy test the ground, as if it could swallow her whole any minute.

"Come on now, it's not that bad, Gina," Makoto cooed, causing Gina to charge towards her without any concern in her steps, as if showing that she wasn't afraid. "I see someone's ready for combat training."

Gina let out an excited bark, and Makoto cracked her knuckles, thinking of something she could put together. Perhaps they could race? Racing actually didn't seem that bad. Gina seemed to pick up on Makoto's change of thought, now wagging her tail excitedly as she stared up at Makoto. The area they were in was surrounded by rocks, big and small. Though, the boulders had large distance differences, as the closest boulder was probably 24 meters away. But something sparked in her head, this was combat training, they could run any other time.

"Gina, let's spar, and I'd like if you wouldn't hold back or bite my chest, crotch, or head off thank you," Makoto teased, matching Gina's wild like stare with something slightly more motherly. Gina growled playfully, as if she had been aching for such a battle for years. When Makoto went into a taijutsu stance and growled, Gina charged under the young woman's legs, causing Makoto to force herself downwards in an attempt to grab her.

Gina, however, had a different idea and jumped onto Makoto's back before biting into her hair, leading Makoto to attempt to push Gina off. Makoto shoved Gina off, but the dog quickly hopped back onto her paws and ran off in the other direction, so Makoto followed without a second thought. "Come back here Gina! You aren't getting away that easily!" Makoto shouted, charging after her. They were almost neck and neck when Makoto caught up.

While Gina had gotten the head start, she was terrified to see Makoto had easily torn away the entire meaning of the word. Makoto picked up the small shift in Gina's attitude, as well as her subtle movement closer. Makoto jumped a bit ahead, crashing the front of her body just inches away from Gina. The puppy went for Makoto's left hand, biting into it. The action startled Makoto, who instantly retracted her hand in attempts of protecting herself, only bringing Gina a bit closer. Gina let go and dug her nails and teeth into Makoto's shoulder, leading Makoto into tumbling towards the ground.

The two began wrestling, though Makoto was playing for the most part. When Gina seemed less violent in her biting or thrashing, Makoto would hold her in a grapple that hardly allowed movement. But when Gina became more violent, Makoto would have to shove or claw at Gina to get her away, sometimes into the open area, or rarely a nearby rock. When the infighting ended and the dust settled, Makoto could see the blood that stained the uneven terrain, bits of hair and fur dyed with the crimson that filled most creatures. While most of it appeared loose, there was some stuck to the crevices of the ground, in her nails, and even clothing.

The wounds hurt, that was no doubt. Her body ached from getting kicked, losing blood, knocking into an occasional rock, and shoving Gina away. Her body burned from the wounds, blood staining her shirt, hair, and even a bit of her teeth. But when the small figure of Gina limped towards her, Makoto went from violent to a motherly bear. She raised from her position, limping towards her before collapsing along her side. Gina nuzzled into Makoto's neck before laying down on her arm and licking her wounds. "Let's head back to the village, alright?" Makoto sighed, petting Gina gently before placing her on top on her brown ruffle of hair and getting up to walk back, though slowly and meticulously.




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